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  • 00:00: practically dangerous of all the exercises for brain lies lie cross movement but we let's start with the first exercise that I I do with children that I do do it myself and make japan in china in korea that is, this exercise it helps avoid say alzheimer's disease helps to prolong youth and rebuilding our nerve cells means how it works it took to the organization
  • 00:32: right and left hemisphere the brain that is we take the ears take cross your arms and take run out of ears and just start crouch just crouch crouch need a few times let's say and kids me squats 20 times when we do remove the exercise squat with them 20 times this happens almost every this is the first day of birth you have the there is this same number on the brains acting it is not only physical and here
  • 01:03: can the way the Chinese have a good saying the simplest exercises help to solve the most difficult tasks in including health, children start better go to school but the most important thing here this is the harmonization of right and left hemisphere of the brain on the world fine mode the second exercise is called the palm rib fist now we move even men don't move our kitty beautiful woman
  • 01:34: so look you can do it for table on the chair anywhere means first take the right hand left hand you can put back and do this exercise palm fist edge 85 and walk palm edge fist palm edge kula and do Tomsk so let's say minutes later change hands palm rib fist palm a la carriage i.e. doing by left hand
  • 02:04: we activate the plan right there balloon brain doing by left hand activating whether right brain can brain opposite then we turn in the job we harmonize the right and left do in two amir palm edge fist palm edge cool and then when you already master it exercise and it will be easy for you to do it you can do it very quickly tell within minute 2 well by the stopwatch or
  • 02:35: an occasion to an hourglass and then you will have get something like this I assure that it works very well try the next exercise it called uhonos it is also based on cross movements works very very harmonizes right
  • 03:06: you have left brain need to get involved in work before exam or in general could not matter what That meeting that is, tune in to the job would be good to do it idle hands do not clap your nose and nose then increases you can hold out need to take not from yoga this exercise
  • 03:46: I say I collected a lot of them in it and such brought us the movements so I would in itself the difference in release contributes to itself brain care the next exercise is exercise i would the invention of the world of physiologists said I
  • 04:18: want you all to take it up on armament it is called horizontal figure eight if it runs in combined with eyes and it makes you make you much stronger and stop Now let's stop the processes aging and spare you many concomitant diseases This process is what we do first that is, you can do it sitting and lying down or
  • 04:50: standing basically i prefer stand then there look we put forward the left hand in skip it is very convenient for me me red lacquer so very comfortable i I look clearly at my thumb stone compressed into a cam and i start draw slowly horizontal eight all the time moving up and left up and left at that pace and my eyes it is very important watch over big
  • 05:20: finger do so 4 times eyes are very important watched dressed exactly in such a tempo therefore they are called lines choosing shooting way slowly not I'm going to fade as if three and four I do not tear off the eyes of the thumb
  • 05:54: why am I cleaning up I get tired of walking and again have it very important up and left eyes all the time watching big think with your finger that I made three three eights here with about such amplitude 4th activated its left hemisphere right apart then I join hands
  • 06:24: blown look the same on the two fingers and you I we harmonize the right and left hemisphere brain I look with my eyes up and to the left 1 2
  • 06:54: [music] you [laugh] 4 stayed this awesome exercise at the simplicity Do very much in my own hope awesome efficiency and conclusion in fact I exercise a lot would not want to even if even if the
  • 07:26: will do this kit you will see result and conclusion would you like show a little meditation is her Doctors apply here work with older people in including not advise people that panic attacks alzheimer's disease and so on but need do for the prevention of some short I do meditation every morning I tell you I recommend paying and lying in bed obviously early in the morning she has such a funny
  • 07:57: title hooks or hooks and times hooks why because you lie down you can do feel better doing lying down in the morning in bed when you are still awake it means you put his feet like this cross legs I look like that cross It was so now Annushka set here there it is possible and hid like cry here I I say to get there in bed cross the legs then cut the legs you cross then you
  • 08:29: cross your arms here look east so you unfold them wrap and hold the chest lie with the following what you do This language bring to the upper palate as babes small vessel nipple to the top I can not the jaw will open and your eyes will open lift up like this
  • 09:00: it should be done about you if you do not where hurry for 3-5 minutes you can of course less method he generally here is some express method therefore you are lying and at this time when you have a language in the upper sky your eyes are raised look up and you tell yourself mentally of course suppose exhalation set up for the day and say i
  • 09:33: I am absolutely calm suppose you have a meeting today say the meeting today will be held great i mean you do setting on everywhere and how would predict yourself to such measures mystical programming myself and if you are to that picture of the words so to speak setting for this day add also the picture before the visualization is possible here
  • 10:04: whatever you want to come true you are not necessarily ahead today the picture then it will work even harder not necessarily thinking about how it is works how it works and so on it works it is checked gentlemen it proven by doctors and so would it made eyes up tongue on top loves and It took about 35 minutes here you are get in this state as it were admission ticket inward
  • 10:36: you program yourself and when after 35 minutes you have it all Oleg calmly you straighten legs then have become lie in your legs will be exactly hands connect all fingers put all your fingers together connect with revenge here Indian wise and chinese cuisine acupuncture i.e. it does n't work think about what it is and how it is
  • 11:06: your hands have fingers together here you can already look ahead and At this point, here's how to sending your application your message your tuning into the universe like here we are send email such listen and in the same way in this head your setting does not go into the universe if you need to be there in the hooks about 35 minutes it's a little here
  • 11:38: enough one minute that is in general of course all the question of faith is still as says the food at loss it will be given to you but in this work if you are to everything that's in order with the cashier this little meditation exercise is still and add and breath will of course great here at the time let's say edits your message better of course breathe breathe correctly breathing is very important especially if
  • 12:09: some kind of nervous tension becoming in the morning with bed can go to the kitchen or more saying somewhere is very important focus on exhale exhale should be much deeper than current if you will go from the bed in the bedroom to Kitchen sure don't forget to talk out about like that then a new on said whisper ie in for let's say there are a few seconds you are eating
  • 12:40: tell yourself first it relaxes secondly you yourself bracelet program same everything will be fine fine here it is you who make the choice and also if you go along the street or somewhere at home send them your message then you can breathe again two eights look like in this case inhale inhale four times inhale stop one two three four
  • 13:12: breathe out breath out breath out breath out six times two three 4 5 six setting delay times 1 2 3 4 delay 1 2 3 4 and then two three times 4 5 six exhale once two delay that is there 8 and back 84 breaths delay count 4 exhale six times exhale delay two times and so can
  • 13:43: let's do a minute or two and you will be calm happy what feel like a complete person cook so take care of yourself my dear value yourself catching i adore the expression Ostap Bender rescue drowning business hands themselves drowning so who will take care of us if not we are in ourselves therefore be healthy be happy to be
  • 14:14: beloved ones be always beautiful thanks great love when this video we finish all bye bye and see you next he will be straight very soon all the best [music]