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  • 00:00: and I just thought about it the day before nine exercises for brain development this like pushups for the brain who would have thought that special finger gymnastics can improve your memory will increase your attention concentration and basically give a push brain development before you learn what is this wonderful exercise subscribe to our channel and turn on and
  • 00:30: alert to join dme this gymnastics for the brain was designed and Sira Tsutsumi Japanese researcher and author of the book finger self-massage to her heart tommy start from scratch complex simple the exercises described in his work focuses on improving your physical condition and brain health if you do this short exercise every day stimulation fingers will help rejuvenate your body and
  • 01:00: make brain work more efficient there are over 3,000 on each finger mechanoreceptors that are directly connect with the brain especially with its king when you do an exercise for your fingers then improve the neural connections that has a beneficial effect on brain functions like any other training This complex also begins with warm up exercise number one deep inhale through the nose
  • 01:33: bend your elbows and lift your fingers at eye level your palms should be connected and fingers tightly pressed against each other to a friend breathe out through your mouth and a little lower your right hand at the same time bend the fingers of your left hand so that they covered the fingers of the right hand on top like you want to keep your right hand away fall now breathe again through your nose and straighten the fingers of your left hand lift
  • 02:03: right palm to the starting position and slide your left hand down covering her fingers with her right fingers repeat the exercise 15 times need to breathe a little more often than usual the main thing is to do the exercises smoothly pace and take your time don't try lower your elbows down and control breathing and arm movement exercise number two
  • 02:35: raise your hands to chest level your palms should be connected to each other a friend and wrists tight you should not be stressed you should be comfortable breathe and Exhale as normal this will help concentrate on the follow movements keep your hands at chest level quickly disconnect wrist and fingers widely dissolve so that they touch
  • 03:05: each other only by the tips then reconnect the palms and make short breath through the mouth your fingers should stay divorced to the sides sever the palms again so that only fingertips touched and breathe out when you press your fingertips friend friend make sure your middle fingers are at chest level and repeat exercise at least ten times
  • 03:37: Your breathing should be rhythmic and fingers maximally divorced exercise number three keep breathing quietly now bend your elbows and lift palm to mouth level they should look at you and fingers both hands make contact with your little fingers take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds then inhale through the nose
  • 04:08: bend your fingers one by one start with the thumb of the right hand and finish and little finger left after how you flexed all your fingers exhale through the mouth and straighten fingers one by one now start with your left thumb arms repeat the exercise at least ten times make sure your fingers
  • 04:39: tense and you bend as much as possible straighten each finger exercise number 4 for this exercise you four walnuts are required i will wait while you are looking for nuts you can use any other nuts suitable size or balls take one nut put it on your left palm and start roll tight with your right hand
  • 05:10: [music] you need to roll the nut with effort this exercise at least one a minute then change hands and start rolling walnut on the left palm tightly pressing his rights do the exercise for 1 minute now take 2 walnuts every hand and start roll in these fingers in your right hand nuts need to be rolled clockwise
  • 05:42: in the left hand counterclockwise do the exercise for at least 1 minute This is the most popular exercise with nuts circular motions calm nerves reduce anxiety and dissatisfaction and the most important they slow down the aging process of the brain and contribute to your longevity when the brain is aging memory concentration attention weaken happiness training
  • 06:12: helps to suspend this process by The following exercise will help you work on memory exercise number five is tight first squeeze the tips of the big and index fingers of the right hand index finger should be bent arc repeat the same movement large and middle fingers then ring fingers finger and little finger
  • 06:43: perform this exercise 20 times on each hand exercise number six the thumb of the right hand alternately click on the base index finger then middle fingertips ring finger and little finger with effort put your fingers down put not after you repeat this movement change hands twenty times exercise number seven is exercise
  • 07:13: improve your concentration and attention squeeze your left hand into a loose fist when this fingers of the right hand should be straight and tightly pressed together hold the tips of your right hand to left and click on the left palm the base of the little finger then change hands this time right hand to be clenched and fingers of the left hand should touch the right at the base of the little finger repeat it
  • 07:44: exercise with maximum speed accuracy at least ten times on exhale through each mouth every time you change hands as you probably guessed our brain directly connected with our hands and since most people have one hand leading the hemisphere of the brain associated with this hand is more developed than the other that's why left-handers have more active right left and right hemisphere
  • 08:16: to improve both hemispheres try the next exercise exercise number eight try brush your teeth hold cutlery open the door to write and do others non-lead daily activities it will strengthen the connection between both hemispheres of the brain and will improve the work less active hemisphere exercise number nine start writing more by hand this
  • 08:46: exercise perfectly stimulates the brain and improves neuroplasticity specialists recommend this method to people suffering from memory diseases including dymens and so if you for example lead diary then improve your memory and at the same time write down the most important points of your life is cool right and you know how else you can improve brain function and save mental acuity if so share your
  • 09:16: knowledge in the comments is also not forget to put this video like and share it with friends subscribe to our channel and join the bottom [music]