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Пасхальная курочка из газетных трубочек! Подробный МК!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends My name is Lada, we start preparing for the Easter weave of chicken This newspaper is my second wicker Chicken is the first choice we spun last year, we had our wings Leave the link in the description of the video this time for the chicken chose Classic blend of beige chocolate colors just like coated pipes I will show this chicken in a separate video I will leave the link in the description to start Work Of course we start the bottom round plexus put 3 to 3 tubes I cross and cross the entire structure with two rows of three tubes per and
  • 00:31: Third Grade Lash 1 When there are 8 rows, I take sticks and other tubes and put them in the shelves
  • 01:12: I'll be here at the place and the painting with this collection ends somewhere 2 rows here you are already guided by chicken sizes I perform a simple bending process where each tube will be looking for some
  • 02:02: Return to the second and hide in front of I make the final touches and chicken voila I am joking of course this is only the first
  • 03:01: A small stage in its fabric probably already guessed what we would do next Why weave this ship properly will be down the chicken like Now multiply each of these limbs a set of tubes I enter Two tubes we get double racks double tubes inside the drop So crepe so everything is kept well here is the sun we get I began to twist these double tubes by replacing two work tubes and a slab
  • 04:03: Here you need to weave a string into 2 tubes with extreme precision for you You see that the fabric actually happens on a horizontal level This is how they failed about grades 3 to 4 course of course these double classes The pipes that rise a bit this is normal then I will put The whip shape according to the model, that is, in this way we get the type of puzatika In such a position in the figure, I whip more rows 5 and now split the double
  • 06:31: Curls one after another one by one here is definitely the best in the lower fabric stage Divide the rack, but if it does, weave it when we weave It's hard to do walls but sometimes you have to do So I continue to weave on a plate with a rope in 2 tubes and no
  • 07:28: There will be no additional patterns here, but there will be nothing The other interesting, so we see the burner end slightly wider than my shape This is only because I like it better and this shape suits me I've already done many games, in principle, to rise, everything suits me, and now
  • 10:09: I finished weaving the walls that hid the work pipes Now I will do a curve for this to change all the tubes to another
  • 11:01: The color and cut off already exist in these places I enter new to this strictly Expand the space inside the rack and insert a new tube I notice that the tubes to bend I have been very wet too Now I do bend this time I decided to make a rod
  • 11:36: I have a reason for that. I suggest here that I have to make a separate video on its own texture link Description It is the only normal whip that we all end Hide inside and here you decide to leave them going to rotate one See something interesting beyond that I have finished flexing all carefully corrected alignment when necessary
  • 12:43: Now let's deal with the ends of the tubing of the penis concealed as follows See how it will turn into a double bottom here and there cracks Hole area of ​​only 12 pieces, we will be there in each hole
  • 13:13: Hide the ends of the pipe operations but the ends of the tubing of the rod 24 It turns out that in each hole we hide two limbs here First I get one end of the tube A story about this place is at the level of this bend that digs some beer Yes it turned out a bit and diagonally I do all this but its purpose is there I also hide the second party of the fixed in the pipe I do not have a line the main thing is It was dense and wet and did not dry and then bend this curve but from
  • 13:45: The fishing line will look great so be sure to experiment And that's what happened at this point we can actually stop to look beautiful
  • 16:10: According to Please write your opinion on comments such as coffee The puzatik turned but we spun the hen so we continue Now the neck plate and head here without a wire can not do not, you can of course But it will be difficult to turn the head and it will take more than that Time, will not appear in great detail weave chicken head It is in this video because as in that video we weave 1 chicken on it He showed in great detail and said I will definitely leave the link in the description
  • 16:43: In principle, I do everything as described in the neck of the tile and then the painting is very long Stripping the shield itself and then turning it all to vertical length It turned out Ms. 33 neck of this turned out to be enough And
  • 21:48: Her head dripping inside a moment turned crystal glue could be anything else
  • 23:11: Glue the polymer to take and tie all the gums so that everything is glued well and Now weave a tail in this there is nothing complicated with a tube by the way there is no The tail of the wire holds the shape of his chinz plate very well and here in this Stage you can already relax chicken almost ready Finally I make scallops in a chicken cut a small piece of pipe
  • 25:09: Fold in half and insert the limbs directly into the head in the center You can help yourself with scissors to expand the places to supply ends and beak I I did exactly the same thing Well, this is a wonderful Easter chicken, we have described it as smart
  • 26:06: Chicken because this style gives it a certain elegance as if it were Dress deserves to write your opinion in the comments Did you like the videos you liked about Easter itself? The chicken would be interesting for me to read Make sure to put your thumb if you love everything and Subscribe to the channel here you will find inspiration and wish you the easy fabric Happy Easter preparations see you very soon in the following videos and Bye for now