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  • 00:00: hello friends we welcome you welcome on our channel creative family hello today i will tell you and I will show how you can do these beautiful holiday tartlets [music] on
  • 00:35: [music] for this we need for the basics plastic bottles here this tartlet I made from 5-liter square bottles we buy water in such here or can of course and and make of 5 liter round sizes You can take any if for example this one
  • 01:08: a basket he made and two-liter bottles can and genital pipes you only or one and a half depending on such the size of which you wish us need glue i take on go and hot sharp knife scissors brush to basket we would have beautiful we need and they something to captivate and so I think you found such shreds too we look maybe at your home
  • 01:42: there is beautiful whatever would look optional guipure can take any other of little flower take that material which you like if you have nothing like that maybe somewhere you have a piece of scent beautiful have or use color paper also picture help is especially pretty nice and some duckers like i did I will tell this decor already in the process
  • 02:12: I will do the work of the 5-liter I can make a square bottle about such a basket that I will do i will apply guipure and I will measure and cut my ribbons bottle if for example you will have spent or you want more it depends on what kind of basket for example, you wish
  • 02:44: depth is not quite enough to start will do here and Japan in Odessa should be cut off I take a sharp knife and I push I will cut through and now already further I will be
  • 03:14: cut in a circle here i am a breeze now i'm I will level it so that it would not be exactly for round baskets and for square
  • 03:45: how should we get to the edge would not have been sharp need to take a candle and pour so that we are not scratched anywhere now what should we do next for us need pens need to take here what i have left we cut the strip width strip like what you want new
  • 04:15: here you have a fungus so i'm on it I cut it, cut it out, and here it is not there will be a pen as for such baskets i also had a bottle as far as centimeter about and cut off here with me pen for a small picture now what should we do next we should but i will show i so
  • 04:46: attached and measured height so put it measured the height did not fit I cut the size of so many sites with squares option that the same reconcile if you want higher handle business wallow so on the size of a high pen want shorter do so for example satisfied with such an average option so we will do next when he is already
  • 05:19: russian ready we must glue glue can hot glue need food stapler if you have a drink there is a strong spectrum that will take let me have a plastic bottle Stapler is very good if you do not have no hot glue stapler this option can also be You can make a hot mouth thin
  • 05:50: needle drill holes and tighten cork a party that will not cork see whether all not to worry and we will paste over all around matter therefore noticeably it will not be the only thing a little bit it will be noticeable 10 several rows to make and finish here we are then matter it's all close i
  • 06:20: i will take hot glue now i will I chose a place where he would not pen and so no regrets putting and pressing the same thing i I will do another country as well as me
  • 06:54: and spoke to any kind of banks which you cut out it will stick like this now now we will have to decorate our basket first thing we have to know the noise we will do near the handle you can't be here without
  • 07:25: Anyway, we will have a shock and we should try to make this jester big about little pens so in advance why am i I speak a little bit in advance because here we will have a decorative g. she just and hide found means from here we will start to glue our guipure so we will glue our material and look the front
  • 07:55: wrong side on so now i will take the pva glue here take pva glue and if for example you pva glue is not the one we need use other adhesives which good glue quickly there are many different species whether which can be used such works what i do i will here so here I will put
  • 08:25: Of course, you can do this with a brush so it will happen pretty faster So it is better distribute this glue throughout surface so apply apply so that towered was but of course under what material you have david how do you choose your own See how you like and apply
  • 08:56: our creek it came so here I press it because still not stuck to not going on again put on the glue and so well all sticky remember i said if
  • 09:29: who do not have glue can make holes and tighten the wire or even thread silk we look up paste on top can not see anything Of course, even the fishing line and can be done then absolutely nothing will be visible if you
  • 10:01: girl tighten these baskets than exactly this thing because of the options here at any moment very much if you can’t find one at home completely different for example if you there is no such openwork tape Ordinary ribbons 9 wife read too very beautiful there and stick it will turn out very beautiful not necessarily
  • 10:32: like guipure here I will put on top so that my shock must be stuck it won't notice a turn when dries out becomes transparent we have to stick too stick and so distributing he scrubber
  • 11:49: this bottom is so second end I cut off I think and there presses to faster out height
  • 12:23: I'll take a hairdryer and dry [music] Well, here and our little basket is almost ready for her
  • 12:58: can be left in this form a little bit Of course she still has to dry up you can pass and here in this form we will have a festive beautiful basket I took the bottle out of the water so any product and i can click and it will not be harmful so i can put candy nuts [applause]
  • 13:30: [music] apples anything soon we have pasca and of course i will decorate Here is such a beautiful twig as I did here is this company and leave at the bottom of sudachka I describe here and make these handouts you can make willows out of fluffy the wire will turn out nice too
  • 14:00: I will decorate the flowers on our vase made from cocktail tubes with us there is a master class how you can do tea rose I did not make branches and made a separate flower and pasted not on cork she also pasted a stick and here you can even see NER's mid-sole that I used the technique of growling roses here
  • 14:31: made such beautiful flowers yes on my little baskets and won't even say that these roses are made from cocktail sticks what a beauty turned out of course I will show you how you can use and decorate this basket and for other holidays for example such basket can be decorated
  • 15:02: mimosa and flowers and will be such beautiful scavenger mom and grandmother us on March 8 can also be made to new year take a decorative some twig winter and decorate our basket get land matter can also be decorated with beaded sprigs
  • 15:36: you can circle around here release and will be very beautifully decorated now if we take the berries it is as if the autumn version will chic basket can also be on Valentine's Day stick flowers and hearts too beautiful in the teeth and would not offer when the basket is beautifully the basis of us it turns out very nicely we can
  • 16:08: to decorate anything with beads and beads in flowers we get a very beautiful basket well this time of course i will decorate flowers and willow we wait paska that's such a beauty with us get subscribed to our channel put likes I hope that you like my workshop and you have everything
  • 16:40: goodbye to new meetings [music]