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Мастер-Класс. Пасхальное яйцо в цветке. Поделки и подарки на пасху своими руками.  See details »




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  • 00:00: I greet you on the needlework channel Beads today show how to do simple souvenir egg can be used plastic wood the blank I will use the face from foam height of 9 centimeters which decorating with rope diameter 4 millimeter face can also be pasted over crocheted string or chain sweet on a rope and satin ribbon i I will prepare these preparations which with
  • 00:35: time will decorate leaves and flowers [music] [music]
  • 01:19: [music] [music] [music] Here such a billet turned out now
  • 01:52: I can make a stand for a stand use plastic reels from scotch blank card I'll be happy together and wrapped like this I will use plastic bobbin about which was wound floristic tape [music]
  • 02:27: thus completely wrapping valyu rope poured a varnish jar here it was convenient for me work cut out items and napkins which now glue with varnish on this work here
  • 02:59: the egg is completely varnished and then glued also the elements from the napkin [music] disassembled two such flowers and glued among themselves now I will stick them bets [music]
  • 03:31: [music] [music] [music] Here is a souvenir on the egg me
  • 04:12: happened [music] here and now you want to show and to tell subscribe to the channel write comments like thanks for view to new meetings [music]