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  • 00:00: so hello dear masters today we will do with you easter egg is not quite normal Easter egg Well this is of course kanzashi but I used to decorate one more I used the technique kinusayga that is, it is a stained glass window made from fabrics ie mosaic or stained glass here mosaic technique and or
  • 00:31: stained glass but fabric contour is applied in this case on the egg then a mock knife is cut through and then in these drawn and cut lines we well I with the help of the needles, I sort of paint them in different colors with different pieces satin fabric now let me tell you a little about
  • 01:01: materials it means I have an egg, respectively foam is not very big like you see diopters mind size mock a knife sleeps a pencil and two pieces The satin fabric I have is just fabric from somewhere I don't remember from some last project is stretch satin and this I have a satin ribbon of 7 centimeters for
  • 01:34: order then this egg on decorate then we will do and flower stand well in order to make a flower composition decoration flowers themselves in general I will talk about this in everything master class here you see on your screen how the way i condemn i attach the cloth this
  • 02:05: stretch satin I roughly cut it off by this picture that I have depicted on the egg actually possible this way do the most different patterns that is you can choose some other lines draw some other to whom squiggles up to take a tape let's say Satin 5 centimeters just but I I understood that I did not have a tape
  • 02:37: Satin 7 centimeters and a different color and five centimeter here on the front I did not fit I just thought I wanted this composition display not only the composition but also some write 2 letters rhinestones that is, I had such an idea I do not know how much we failed me as probably any person is not well here I am not like when you already know everything you start me here i like me
  • 03:08: I would like to redo it there 0 just not always an idea yes she it turns out as I would like performance can be simply because This is the first new experience of this and in next time I can make you happy some other species that is approximately cutting off satin fabric according to your own pattern I'm using the knitting needles start stuffing in it is in the hole that previously cut
  • 03:41: I start recording with a knife there pieces here a piece of this atlas so it is painted actually hot you liked but I liked the technique itself decoration yes that is, and just kind of egg up you don't have to do this here with a knife here with everything else you you can just tapes cheating businesspeople she certainly would not be so
  • 04:12: multicolored she wo n't have that but for me from an unusual look yaad if honestly new somehow i decided just combine the two techniques and see what out of this it will sort of experiment let's say this and you decide how I have it succeed mean what else would i like tell you about the materials in order so that we have an egg
  • 04:44: finished up more or less us here all these seams and that's where we hid in our our fabric us all these joints have something close of course for this was much more would fit the cord could be like some half beads but since i I also plan to decorate with beads on the fishing line self testicle then I just crochet and thread tie a chain of air loops and
  • 05:18: I will decorate in this way means now we are with you we finished one side do satin on light satin finished how is that how to say i don't even know It looks like implantation damage on in the eggs and we start a the next one is darker atlas to me need i don't need such a wide piece
  • 05:48: so I cut him in fact, I drew two ovals on both egg sides that is, on one side on the other roughly following roughly all things on the eye is of no specific size i.e. I do not have such clear parameters just two ovals these two ovals i decorated with a lighter cloth and then on I will place a flower arrangement there
  • 06:19: what else will I need there for so that the testicle acquired so to speak view that you have already seen in the photo to the central master class on presentation photography what else is a knitting needle I have my usual stocking hook three points and, accordingly, a thread for those it is thicker than your thread probably all it will be better to just poda try to pick it up in tone and thread
  • 06:49: choose so that it is not particularly attracted to there is not a woolen one just about something to contain cotton and there was no fluffiness but this is my personal so to speak preference but well you can just take cord ready for needlework thick and all it will look much better then I will come back to you at the moment I
  • 07:21: probably I floret now on that the moment we start making flowers and now we are finishing decorate our egg here with the help of technology kinusayga we continue to decorate it then we we hook with a crochet similarity of the cord which then stick close our here these seams where we
  • 07:53: put placed the end of our edge fabrics and then proceed to the decoration and design composition so we have finished processing
  • 15:45: of our egg thread cord to someone like not fear some here is a flaw yes here you are see some wrinkle on the edge or else Something where I did not fix it most likely there will be a flower arrangement maybe or after you already place the flower arrangement on directly egg then it will be possible to correct
  • 16:17: that is, using the list well, somewhere you there wrinkles with your hand or something else means to make roses we need need tape 06 let's change 16 please centimeters we will need 27 segment centimeters of everything we need 6 flowers I have it is so bright light gray and coffee brown i I fold it in half
  • 16:50: and then start twisting Rosette technique Rosettes Well, here's the thing ordinary just such i am very often I saw performed by tape two two with half a centimeter but small not they didn’t want a little It is flowers, I bend one of tape cuts twist initial bud and then begin to form
  • 17:20: Roses are such folds you and I are still done with you
  • 28:46: roses we made three of them in each color I tried to show you how to do such and now we are with you I already decorated one side of the egg but I tell you Now I will show you how I'm doing and stand then I'll show you how I myself placed decorations on the second side mastered that is, it turns out
  • 29:16: double sided it can be set as with one side of that old egg no some kind of facial certain hand she and the one and the other decorated with roughly the same compositions but we are not robots with us identical absolutely not working so I personally can't do it I know how you can't do it so i mean they are about identical with about the same amount petals and with the same amount some stamens rosettes
  • 29:51: in general, all of everything we need make a bottom for the testicle so she Well, we have some kind of stand up for the anal that honestly I stood whipping baubles out tapes of this and such a bauble often use for decoration of the bezel for winding the bezel of two tape and and plate zero six
  • 30:22: millimeters or like 6 cm to 6 millimeters tape mean and then I wanted him first make the base stand on well I was roll from the napkin but the tube coil itself is residue cardboard here this coil I thought at first to make her so she on the side of my desk but then I realized that it was for me
  • 30:53: too wide that is, the diameter is wider than anything suitable i didn't have some another option and the diameter of the coil but he nothing happened so I took the foam base on which was wrapped tape here this tape 0 6 millimeters she was wound it was on such a coil I took it wove the right length and baubles and just pasted and pasted on top egg
  • 31:26: probably already almost ready only one composition left with only one on the other hand, I already did it on this probably I say goodbye to you still have to see very near with the process itself the very decoration here eggs stickers from flower collection compositions on the second side and I probably say goodbye to you if you video had to like
  • 31:58: my name is Elena Polyakova don't forget subscribe to my channel