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Лабковский - Уверенные люди получают то ,что хотят, а неуверенные то, что дают

Лабковский - Уверенные люди получают то ,что хотят, а неуверенные то, что дают  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good evening, this is Mikhail Labkovsky adult program on adults and if check regularly drawn cards fortune-tellers to know your future faceless not can it be ok no it's very abnormally the first problem project is high anxiety and 2 hours as you shoot responsible for your life whatever you understood all this esoteric fortune tellers astrology cards and blah blah blah this whole story is about what a man is he himself does not want to be responsible for his life perry delegates this responsibility to
  • 00:30: anything like the right to some kind of axis and Russia itself Sergey asking how to find favorite job but you know thats a woman Is Sergei likely to fall in love and not has no image said in 3 women fell in love but from work everything is so better to have a favorite image as soon as you have a favorite image work at once or even find your favorite [music]
  • 01:00: alexey who need help torment bouts of rage will not say I provided I work as a fostering enraged people who more collective of fools and new a life a heartbeat wash no no allow this nip root attack Well, such a psychosomatic apparently alexia gets out lexie to solve this The problem must be apparently a package to the doctor crazy to a neurologist well, or at least with start a psychologist
  • 01:31: Russian Federation should become a number one sober country in Europe ! without signatures can not help but respond to this a letter which is bard tougher and not me it's prime minister health care that was not before me I believe for the reason that with my own eyes watched treatment of one alcoholic is my friends money is serious money and doctors are not a doctor narcologist as many may think who will be coding there this veins will be cleaned for something else
  • 02:04: And doctors serious psychiatrists for example which and and doctors raw media and medications serious expensive medications i'm not admin ministry of health but you You know, it would be interesting to even a whole transfer make an atom how much is real It is worth curing one patient and this is when the fact that this is a dual clock will go to be treated even to the family will go to be treated then here money does not matter
  • 02:34: I'm not sure that among the millions alcoholics of the russian federation all these Millions believe they are alcoholics and ready to be treated I think that many are not consider all alcoholics some be treated then even if you find there from of these millions one million people who say we are ready to be treated let's treat us we too, let's face it real money drugs imported drugs expensive courses are long treatment may take about a year maybe more than a year it is unrealistic
  • 03:06: that's how living in this whole life the country you begin to understand that this is all more of a series of slogans probably you can it was somehow fenced at least there the younger generation who have not yet joined before by some measures that is something real but at least for the money but these movements Of course you can't see the marina to our office on work comes a client who is me like how fossa give your likes to avoid relationship with him darling Marina remember a simple thing and men
  • 03:38: and women if he is sure of himself does what he wants if he doesn't do what he wants if just not sure he is afraid of something shy and so on so if you like customers coming to you on work about tell him what he told you like it but you need to solder you that unlike such a slogan threw up proven people but did not disclose give I will cut in order to do this you have to be confident in the sense that you
  • 04:08: Witte can get a refusal and it can upset you but what sure is dark person is different to something too ready yes he is unpleasant but he seems to be ready for this understand what the matter is, he is not ready to doan fighters consequences he won't say what he likes a client who comes to work and wait for the client to open the secret may never activity at all will stop the couple will come therefore people are confident or usually get something what they want people are not sure gets
  • 04:39: what they give you feel the difference a novel here I was compiled by a younger brother grow up but both he and our mother me now and then the ambassador does not like evil and maybe novel you evil because you can not man to force to grow up is not makes the check can be helped by adults but don't force if you decide practice old folk wisdom and leave the water somehow come up then
  • 05:11: for this you can not like love of course why such ways of a more humane way help the century grow up and how to find out if I have the ability to polytechnic tests we sing on Polytechnic pour with dough you live humanitarian except the guard work not I will find but dad can see the tiger is not very supports but you may not need it
  • 05:41: in half Bradley will be the counselor then 6 dad says besides the guard job don't find our dad don't believe you therefore ask father's opinion but also the meaning no he has already voiced the games let's take your feet in your hands and yourself if you I wonder who you are humanist or techie for example there are actually three varieties are not humanists techies work with machines work with paper work with people and then she already
  • 06:11: differentiated into more detail find tests pass them you will find out do something yourself on the Internet these tests are full we listen to elena From Germany the question is how old are you starting search in a new way where shall we go when I first very badly sunbathes blocked all the way I
  • 06:41: starting with Kate and and now it's just said go what goods music then We therefore determine when it and the trails as go berries and wait and burns let's go in general, it is a trouble money like her and and when i 'm afraid of it and kidnapped then comes the same fear I'm here
  • 07:14: caught fire so interesting I want it wanna want this rally on try how did the copiers catch fire tickets go no today caught fire today and flew it turns stop stop it from you eat it turns out I fail somehow I came with my daughter so I will tell you how
  • 07:44: it happens yes well my daughter is small but I'm an adult but a child nevertheless came the rite of passage arrived powerful at the airport at night 12 hours or 1 st she goes to a cigar ie something for the next two hours like this scale of budapest want trouble I want everything and everything is clear that children are easier yes not back then and rise but nevertheless I
  • 08:14: he directly ask her a question kako vreme this would not be like this I would probably vein that's all that's all need to do in the morning flew out nothing more to say here is evgeny not a doctor in the eye question how to raise libido let's understand the terminology libido this sexual attraction is not sexual abilities are not sizes
  • 08:47: penis is an inability of two hours have sex this is only the attraction of this desire of man relationship to another person ie Evgeny writes how to raise apparently omission of libido is when a person does not have this desire that is, they have no sexual desire no in the absence of sexual desire sexual desire usually has a reason
  • 09:17: this be a health problem this maybe even depression it can be I do not know dystonia chronic fatigue stress and so on every case Eugene need to understand why gone and or dropped libido natasha asks cursive male team for a long time lives without a woman about ships or monastery tomato evolve
  • 09:48: homosexuality sometimes i am evgeny i am not 24 years old worried about such a problem the road to work takes two hours of food I'm on bus job love on while I'm going to the bus hate all the people around getting angry and irritable easier saying makes me angry realizing that the problem instead of mine is not how do i fight this important
  • 10:18: but it seems you have something which is such boldly states the vision of that bus to and nothing to do with see is subject to some such here psychological change throwing Alina Mikhail recently got on the transfer Malakhov on the first dispenser then discussed the girl dressed as a fight to graduation party coming even more mail in your opinion
  • 10:49: you can let it wear only non want or forbid something dear alina children should be allowed to dress like they want i think the moment when they choose their own clothes this can happen first style seven year old age and since but taking into account need date school in such clothes from home clothes to visit in such on street in 3 practicality material cost blah blah all the rest of the place on the fbi child to
  • 11:19: wants so dressed another question a man 34 years old is bred for the sake of goji but not living food winter 100 years she lives with her mom while weighing with them at the cottage constantly helps to celebrate the days Mom's birthday with the former daughter of the former name of it is at seven in the morning the bells and whistles that at work when they spend time again girls are there any prospect relations with him in advance thanks to Alina Alina here they are their prospects have just
  • 11:50: drew it and have a perspective [music] how to raise a daughter to not be greedy how to react to the genus foresee her daughters 1 year but to refuse less and in general greed this is a neurotic story this is not something you thought fears of certain greedy people like getting rid of envy also depends due to uncertainty
  • 12:21: I like the secret Gregg Braden and also curious addition fashion is interesting to them all the same if that part the audience bore not quite adequate listen to and valeriya 25 hello my mom believes in everything that pours on us from TV about the end of the world from the subject in psychics other gift father much it
  • 12:51: believes though he is strong from the suit and thick-skinned position this year with contributed to the field planted a lot of potatoes says let's see what the promo would not even I know what to think because my ghost common sense i mean it won't the end of the world 2012 and they remain it lie on don't say yes i'm for nothing so everything in the world has an end and my father Sly quite murky nature exaggerate this problem so that future gains yourself I did not want to bargain for me before
  • 13:23: buy guns I was afraid that I would shoot myself though I would take weapon but as a weapon of self defense and opportunity will hunt now says buy an alien can fly at night I do not know what Valery answer is that all letters like that a question how are you treat so much psychics to behave with parents like you concern that grandfather we have on tv Magestik disgust for women because they
  • 13:56: frivolous prone to lies means better to be alone further white for some reason pies name or surname kotlas if to women disgust it psychological problems is that they prone to lies no disgust at all spit this problem you women Well, how are you afraid of me and do not trust on our covers are the times of shane frivolous prone storage [music]
  • 14:27: Ivan asks from Samara how I feel to death a good question is never him there used to be no you know people who live a life they are satisfied with and they are all good they calmly relate to of death the island is dead psychologically not solved their affairs on earth because i am good and bad sense that there are any offenses that life passes by that they could live
  • 14:58: better happy differently here it can spawn old and people who are happy their lives they live and and old age naturally death do not die easily cling to them it naturally passes divorce a year live with a friend she wants a full-fledged family will arrange me like that be anton 35 years old i think tons every must solve your problem you tell your woman that make me so farther is her business if satisfied lives
  • 15:29: if not satisfied she can leave in nobody here owes anything to anyone svetlana s-petersburg mikhail very respect your opinion thank you svetlana me twenty he 49 really want to get married scared big rabbinical to drown thank you very much again an abstract question Of course mine is a big joy and than she can scare specifically here if you there is a problem for the difference in age
  • 15:59: have already encountered something let's talk this is behind the numbers is life you know I don't even know what to say because there is this in something expressed this huge how much is the difference 30 years twenty nine years specifically in something i I do not know, I will not take it for you think out what the problem is if you can formulate then there are problems you can discuss here alone what is not expressed
  • 16:29: no problem that's all