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Лабковский НОВОЕ 2019 - Живите так, как вам гармонично

Лабковский НОВОЕ 2019 - Живите так, как вам гармонично  See details »

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  • 00:00: but friends maya friend then woke up accidentally I think something that perhaps today last day of May this January give me we have the first solid february we just since January it was not possible to transfer ask questions today questions like blind boys get answers so he said son ask stupid questions get clever answers ingenious you are for dark questions unlike hovansky character good evening Hello and I have such a question
  • 00:33: I got in what sense mom you with birth immediately asked. Nothing is probably gone bo-bo-bo-afraid
  • 01:06: disagreement I have a new attitude now other response to a great new relationship the question will prefer my new girl you are reading natural up well no i said so naturally jealous price and the son of 26 years is no longer a
  • 01:38: how many three years yes to worry because it does not have I'm not ready to actually play now how did our relationship exactly have living here but i understand what it says my girlfriend for three
  • 02:09: Well, the question is that the second side is that my ex spouse continues too demand does not require any of me action against not personally yes you as a woman as a mother
  • 02:39: another guy appeared because she considers me let's start with simple at least questions your position is clear you do not want to start such a relationship again i'm ready well no play easier here
  • 03:11: Still, the first time you ever program are listening no program you should have already understood I don't have one in lexicon ready or not ready we are not in the army do you want you want to go out i don't want i don't want sharing meals together giving birth to children and so on today is not I want to understand correctly and your girl says that the children at least an hour and she feels like this bomb time lag you say
  • 03:42: darling here and so this is my position on today I don't want to take you by the nose hang noodles on the ears reassuring when i change i don't know and Mercia do not know at all therefore taking decision itself now what is the difference between here such an approach and a different approach for example marry quickly have children and so on the difference is that when a person is neurotic to me, he always will choose himself and when he lacked where
  • 04:14: bury knowledge is not your case floor mom is pressing you now he will choose respect this is the way your girls regards and here you have well how to say explain that in your mind and soul and she must decide how she wants that's all [music] more clear how to be then on the very interesting place I know that man
  • 04:45: wanted to ask i will answer them this this how being a wife ex but both said from You are many heroines I am alone so you can say that your wife listen what you want is your problem me can i give you something i want more than i give you i don't even want to give you not that I can simply have no such desire This terme as it is and I want 31 years business harmony in the soul and strong
  • 05:17: relationships with friends so that the world turns around me is a midlife crisis and how to avoid it asks Sergei not sure it is disharmony in the soul and such disorder psychological so actually about it all write now how to avoid a crisis a very long conversation is whole programs it will be 1 so little differently answer do you want a business do business
  • 05:47: go out and harmony in the soul if not no circumstances that recreate disharmony live as you you will be harmonious if you can make friends and you respect love yours friends with you a good friend awaits you strong relationship with friends and here what about the world revolves around me you write this is such a childhood illness which happens in children at birth because when a child is born he I think that the world revolves around him
  • 06:17: as long as the mother does not use an iron hand puts him back in his bed not He picks up and feeds this Schedule this child is beginning to understand that nifiga no one around does not rotate here but many get stuck at this stage development not taking due to neurotic by parents I have accepted this story I am not the whole life want the world to turn around us here I struggle with what I have there are real characters you say this for example and this here
  • 06:48: so does it and live it thinks so ugly so gone to take living people talk about them what they are so just say in general such there are many people who want to live around the world around them didn’t turn around very hello good evening you allen share hello hello so you mikhail I would like to know you look I listened to some of your programs. took what she got is not that one
  • 07:20: many different psychotrauma here fikik after a few dozen years because of the death of my mother aggravated I saved my life as I understand it . Yes this and increased anxiety especially children because I and disaster hurts and there are three Year 1 lay there alcoholic father home set knife themselves
  • 07:51: because we can't do it call that you and she herself is not It turns out correctly remember as said a poet who sews cowards but of course
  • 08:23: no pilot there are different specialties these are different kinds of pants and one lives Another psychologist works you no answer God forbid a psychiatrist they are all needed therefore I think that this is a question of such a culture we have a psychological one but as if moving forward but not much developed when a person has problems they wear such a system you are clean character he understands that they don't it turns out of them because he is dressed a specialist This is a normal healthy approach.
  • 08:53: By the way about psychiatrists Olga writes my son is 17 years old and he has psychiatric disorder psychopathy and psychiatrists prescribed an antidepressant he thinks he is completely healthy not treated son aggressive is registered in the police for petty theft but not at school feels shores all Hamit while study well in many subjects but learning is easy for him and he is not at all straining in childhood was my diagnosis hypoxia, intracranial pressure how to convince his son to start treatment psychopathy
  • 09:24: if he considers a psychiatrist in charlatans to Your psychologist blu skin is considered natal abs I'm here and where are they doctors with medical education and how old is under 17 apparently disperse 18 moves and live your life big boy already wants to be treated I do not want the quality I believe that they not only psychopathy but what's having rocky sociopathy much worse but with psychopathy do not take
  • 09:54: in the army, article 7 b know who they are the psychopath is a fighter unlike a son our heroines are very modest fighter in general You can not hear and can not see Well, but when Vadim starts to scoff then he will have a helicopter at night do further such but the club paper between the fingers ignites bye fighter speed we generally humiliate him in every way one night check with a diagnosis of 7b psychopathic warehouse street beret
  • 10:25: machine gun and kills fuck orphans like this for prophylaxis therefore such ordinary armies never take without any perry komi scoops but guys are 17 years old kaha someone you can not make a backdrop can be himself with age he will understand and will be treated all I can say questions one of lat Tsapon Julia Fuzzy signed so well fluffy Julia I didn’t recognize by handwriting I broke up with a man because it seemed to me that he
  • 10:57: not very respectful to me but I am constantly about him I know that he will not change as I stop thinking about him overgrown with masochistic go and some training courses for a feast how to be a victim I would call such courses Lily's eyes all God's dew or pain will return immediately but here the question is how to stop the obvious and think and be a victim but no July made the right move Lenin had such work called and step forward 2 steps
  • 11:28: back in the area stage did not pass either so I had to Julia shed just your girl pride your self esteem And nifiga not seemed if man believes that disrespectfully communicates with him that he has every right not to be baptized do not say that I dreamed respect your own sense of thought and emotion Further what happened is not so Julia turned out to be a fluffy and a heroine
  • 11:58: She, too, is trying to merge at least howling while reading somehow in vain might be overwhelmed but there I have to ask myself what sense got excited lack of self-respect Julia , why do you return the guy ? want to for a long time nobody let you down explain what is the logic wait probably there was something good all neurotics so they say that's my very bright example that I tell everywhere in lectures and on radio and on television
  • 12:28: this beautiful woman is probably years old Twenty passed as it was in my She had a fracture of the skull base was not I stood in the middle of the skull titanium plate i ask the woman did you see the sign prosecutors at the entrance we are not there well wait gayus woman michael well here so immediately give them everlasting Yegory all one big ear well so what he says about him when sober zlata men want to say
  • 12:59: he shop will go surrender all bring it so tell me the mountain bucket handed down make wait wait for a walk man when sober faith woman probably we are both wrong I am with you and you are with the cabinet because I I don't even know how to explain to you what if man put a friend it's called on language of the criminal code damage is generally up to 15 years in prison they work with a psychologist and can i
  • 13:30: still live with him on may clean animal aggressive and he broke his wife with a hammer the skull and she is not interested that with her husband continue to make sense of what direction send the zone I will close it asks whether it is possible somehow and further live happily with this person therefore Now these people are what it the tragedy of this woman turned out to be not the ice and the arm were broken by other people men I got to the video was he chased
  • 14:01: family he beat her beat her mother she with this was born and grew she does not consider the problem is that I broke it with a hammer the skull is something to explain to such people about another life almost happens impossible yuri something feel similar problematic disrespect bustling men I name unconsciously she's head all does the right thing and understands it all time pulls how was the heart the implacability of vomiting at home but that's all I have to pull on
  • 14:33: crime scene and Julia you should understand that the problem is not that you love someone you do takada interpret yes that he did not respect me but I love and the question of pride on the one hand and the other side fear can be loneliness because you think about tom i loved there don't look a where else can I find such 2 and so on but we continue to answer my questions here Maurice will give a layer I want to first here's your leave to read this what will happen then mari
  • 15:05: they are very congruent good evening illuminate being drunk starts talking nonsense a bullshit and the bull id of it that is inside it gracie offense and so on Michael according to to stick that in order to have a badge the right drink is down now confirmation I do not agree we are men easy prey and here is what concerns from the first absolutely agree to drunkenness nothing but man just the bar falls that is all that there is no change what type he so kind and how drunk right
  • 15:35: aggressively nigga he aggressive holding himself bruce like a man that is what he all nonsense glory to the I, too, when drunk you start singing right before your eyes and it is still childhood I understood where I started drinking so here and the fact that the man baku it bojan and aggression no offense is all that is in it and so there is just out going under by alcohol Inga 29 years old broke up with young a man because he raised me hand but then asked for forgiveness in every way
  • 16:05: tried to mend relationships I came back and but it so happened that during this time he already found another girl to me this is not I liked it and he said that communication stopped but she kept calling him on this ground we had a fight again raised hand now again says so will no longer be ready to do that anything as long as I'm back and I'm very the best in his life the first time he raised his hand by the way too because of jealousy my to his girlfriends is it worth believing and try again I am 29 he 2520
  • 16:36: but you should disassemble the party psychologist pita bread and here we are for technical problems unfortunately there is a whole bunch it's about our girl she's not just living in this paradigm with beating it also provokes them that is treat yourself to a guy aggressive who beats her there is he and does not hit then she herself
  • 17:07: tells the story of what is now there are inaccurate give because I now scandal your woman to pass nazvanivaet and so on and here such a couple found each other so clean sadomaso those regret problems just so you can not solve the mechanical port another park those who will also beat is a psychological problem which is associated with a high level anxiety from music stitchs skynokom okay
  • 17:39: the topic of why i am speaking of anxiety because what from when scandals and tantrums disassembly this is all happening and then still he gets a fuzzy check here calms his head he understand what this is nonsense and go a psychological can still be stitched so then this girl again call 25 open your mouth and che on again blaze getting here cast party story about a woman who will be equal skull base and titanium plates
  • 18:09: sort of told and cost half an hour passed Here we get such questions from you yet something similar questions from mom from another my daughter’s area is 11 years old at her school have a girlfriend who is rather rough insolence doesn't speak this daughter yet don't understand thinks girl is better I explain to my daughter friend constantly that friends should still be kind clear supporting question whether you need I get involved with my advice and explain daughters that friends need filter and generally judged by the actions how many daughter or 11
  • 18:39: but honestly mom is already in the forest has already explained everything further we mom now get into this situation that she will become an enemy because trying working daughter beloved girlfriend she is alone once explained to her daughter that it is unacceptable that this is not friendly behavior so on all daughter sooner or later stumble upon this story I do not like this will decide if mom will be next to put pressure on her daughter's daughter take a stand
  • 19:09: such a nasty relationship to mom also as often happens to a little older girls we have troubled 15 years old pouted some kind of blinks never over my dead body and then the child can even go from home that's why my parents are friends here shelf bend the segments you explained the child will continue on his own understand what friends want to say us in minutes left until the end of the program here we see, I don’t
  • 19:40: telling my how to leave we will today communicate properly marie the topic was not at all as stated answer the questions well that the bullet happened determined not the word not that we specifically we just chose such calls communication choose from us lights up light bulb we pick up Well, what I read and Maria we read your message with the monitor drew attention that at least half of all that we went through this aggression today here is aggressive behavior with beating because
  • 20:13: no beating on gracie regret i want tell you friends and we live in a very aggressive country if we turn the TV then just pour out ask the words are here eye hold yes but derma can speak here she is actually aggressive pours out on people but the worst know how your time said dovlatov Stalin of course tyrants wrote 17 million denunciations so here are my friends who makes you turn on the TV
  • 20:43: it's scary news on the internet give about something good you can think