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Лабковский - Как не подстраиваться под других людей

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  • 00:00: Good evening, this is Mikhail Labkovsky The adult program of Moscow was All-Russian Society of Alcoholics and cool helped the state and now Natalia writes rudely but let's move on Russian, as it were, now nakakat says Natalia cottages writes forgive Natalia Dear All-Russian Society Alcoholics do this was for me to don't know this side name she to anyone didn't really help because in it makes no sense you remember What I understand what Natalia wrote in
  • 00:31: We had a conversation yesterday that Russia will be most sober country there in europe or the world I no longer remember I am very skeptical to this is concerned knowing how expensive it is turn off 1 drinker expensive long and many drugs are required doctors and so on so here unfortunately As you write, I again yarn in Russian an alcoholic's tongue in Russia was
  • 01:02: There are always a lot of explanations for this. and such a yellow press of historical research different one of them you probably heard themselves in their childhood and at school that the Russian empire taxes in yourself growing alcohol was therefore beneficial drinking and it was advantageous to solder though it is not may be beneficial because in resulting mortality and disease they cause the same state budget
  • 01:33: damage on apparently did not think about it and remember i told such a story what up so far when you sit at the table and everything drink and one does not drink it all look askew says but why don't you drink us don't respect some strange not Do you mishandled Cossack cliché whether in this spirit, I told the background of this situations i will come standing simple and in middle Ages
  • 02:04: if a person went to the pub you drank everything and he did not drink only food ordered for her really looked askance at the enemy states for one reason if he didn't order vodka he didn't replenished the budget of the Russian Empire where he really looked like an enemy who does not want to drink in order for the extra coin to fall the budget of the Russian crown and now since tsekhovikov already passed in our minds this idea remained and each of us could
  • 02:34: remember such situations when he was in the companies as we wrote in criminal chronicle drunken people while the example did not drink and tipsy people I look at him askew and disapprovingly and tried to figure out why not actually drinks no spy does he literally michael not is leaders then what really there is no god for 1 mental and other Myroslav's disease from Taganrog is not the disease is not and you are standing Korsakova on the street once salt in Moscow
  • 03:07: it didn't stand to carry sex psychiatric on the gate there is an inscription which left the 19th century it sounds something like this if a person speaks with god then this is religion if god and man is crap and between the grass golf Sasha writes received right now behind the wheel and terribly glad that now at a table with friends spending many temporarily excuses explain why
  • 03:37: I do not drink Sasha dear I still psychologist they changed narcologist want to give simple advice do not need any excuses you don't drink just don't want to when you learn to say no and not excuses nor do feel yourself without any rights and the car and self-confident man is not necessary well hide behind the right to have not the most difficult to deny rights like would replace problems solves you don't want sing just don't drink
  • 04:08: you don't owe anything to anyone so honestly alcohol write happened Anton from Petersburg writes and I never drink nobody pays attention friends good you have to choose me in the company in general rarely drinks without and that is what talk and argue the mihs that means the phrase to be yourself I ask questions about the rock not cast an eye fine question i am to be yourself need of course to start
  • 04:38: understand who you are who you are who matter that most people can't on answer this question if you remember i one or more even times asked for listeners describe themselves external write to any and all times to deal with the that the check can not describe it cannot you ca n't describe your face the more all sorts of people he is not knowing good or evil handsome ugly so Further traffic here so he does not live
  • 05:08: maybe be yourself strangled knows a who I am now I answer artem turn drunk I removed I have the following problem first Well, how would the problem on the field drug addiction is not
  • 05:38: no if the photo leech everyone drug there minin and quick calculation on I have no problem with me to create I'm 32 years the fact is that I do n't have a constant there is no regular partner so street life and maybe some Things I Wanted That They Worth It
  • 06:08: help me let the brand appeal there and sticky 1 tanto so they using antidepressants all that in some level - 1 . how can we be given moments already there I want because I went through two options and half a year there and mine has already expressed his point of view I think that the most effective washing psychiatrist
  • 06:38: this is the first second you told me interested in the altered consciousness of this distortion in the world whose screwdrivers well done this is exactly the problem you need altered consciousness because in unchanged consciousness you feel bad and this is of course a problem and for psychologist to psychiatrist it is treated as an addiction in general any addiction they are all treated but there is one problem is you should
  • 07:09: want to solve this problem not me even ask furs how do you feel Should I go and men in the theater Now we discuss to go correctly therefore You can help a person who really first himself realizing that not there is a problem you seem to me already understand 2 wants to get rid of her returning to i'm not so the first be yourself it is necessary to at least understand and who you are the second you have to accept yourself
  • 07:39: and the third is for behavioral story when you communicate with others people and you adjust to them you they say what they want to hear that's how right now who wrote it here I will find about you not being that time itself loses where Sasha in my girlfriend wrote that you are often her right so she can companies do not drink
  • 08:09: Yes, even the most simply do not want to drink but to friends it looks like this i want drink before that is already a lie but i can't that's what i need but I'm driving a man who wants would he say so himself really thinks and it's not his at all the problem of how will those around him that just say doesn't want it, then I in which means it becomes clear the phrase to be yourself what to do
  • 08:39: I like no work on either what you don't want to work and stay more than a month well, what a diode to understand what you problems what in your head that you do not You can work Anton from Petersburg by the way michael noticed if at some the company has to be confident tough do not drink yavorska usually begins to be respectful know when do you talk about something solid confident to you at all from my positively no matter what you say a when you try like this
  • 09:11: manipulate adapt come up some reasons for which no one believe there and what kind of attitude Ksenia is like that tomorrow and I take it themselves without any problems they write here on this even if you want to finish the note programs accept yourself and such Do you like doctors like that yourself and all you will be well valery 25 years not 26 I have a question concerning low self-esteem in the media I heard that
  • 09:43: it is low self-esteem that prevents young people can find a mate with this agree which girl will go to the shoulders of a guy who associates himself as turd in quotes so my dancing or worse even when it could be worse poop my family nimble and arrogant no and my brother and I carry liveliness and not differ can you overcome shyness if your parents were shy heard all perceive yourself so what you really are this is your self-esteem and the view will increase
  • 10:14: maybe girls will appear I rarely mixed up with guys ugly waiting for a spectacular girl but because such nice relationship i don't have to this is not ready even though I am happy 6 years how can you accelerate meet on the street with girls I'm afraid visually disappear from interested the girl's gaze on again don't tell them either I'm afraid the word go home with nothing to account Valery believes that his for gentle self-esteem is directly related shyness his parents don't know maybe
  • 10:44: be further la verga find out why both of these girls that soup become their such expect terrible that you can not with them even talk when you cycle problems will figure it out start already getting acquainted and normal communicate with will say whether to take seriously someone trying to interpret them to us subject prediction of the future exist dream can be removed mental human condition at the moment for
  • 11:15: some experiences of the past not last take read freud dream interpretation and there are a lot of things interesting about this written so that you seriously need to sleep raise their essence is understandable that dreams projects the subconscious things that people care and vsk and wakefulness due rational dreams somewhere deep down is that is not knowing these exciting things here
  • 11:46: being depressed by the will of the psyche and in the dream the man himself is not controls and so i'm on the screen can get out of the picture Well, yes, there is a scientific approach to dreams but to dream books it has no relations michael if a man is a company ca n't flush out the urinal when next to put another man than it says it says he shy apparently something else man shy at her looking at nick's head
  • 12:18: new you are not watching any Problems Michael often feeling boring unclaimed by man as get rid of that feeling and you relation to yourself in the first part feel that you are alone with you try this for an hour to two on three how much do you keep you ask yourself generally interesting to think about something I don't know or even to myself being there I read books thinking thinking if there is no
  • 12:50: Actually act problems to you have to get rid of your interest which was lost apparently in childhood knows Anton writes how to start communicating with girls I used to be a religious film and let anything like that ped Yesterday, I didn’t know religions, I don’t know how endure relationships with girls gray I catch myself that everyone for me associated with something dirty as if to sorry anton religion is not here at all what I will give and initially were already problems to zenith and which were not you
  • 13:21: Deprived if you want to learn hate normal cycle tap holes writes my enemy is 16 years old but if more than 18 then we must start with the problem behind who did not communicate at all girls [music] beautiful question but you know these appeared that confuses me the threads that people on the internet currently you put something like that I can not to them get used to
  • 13:51: tarot willert 2012 is not to say Sergei and so hello michael here you are yesterday commented on chauvinism xenophobia everything is clear but how to be people who vividly associate themselves definite and class feel internal communication with him as far as that conflicts on interethnic grounds there was no reason then in politics authorities and the second when just destroyed those about which I wrote above Akuma salt balls went to whom did not write by the way is that you understood that the slightest
  • 14:23: any friction will be troops and give both sides here at the end Eighties all this did not great message First I will bind the memory yesterday I spoke that chauvinism and xenophobia still connected with fears because in general in the word xenophobia a have two roots 2 of them this phobia of that fear now man writes like be people who are bright associates itself with a certain taste
  • 14:54: Who told you that if you love your nation you even hate another nation where does this one take it fine that you yourself associate york with his ethnos if you are Russian, I do not know why niku who are you with Russians Jew with Jews Georgians Georgians on that and why you have to limit your love to everything people and hate other people here I can not understand this here as you logic missing drove farther max 34 years old I I renounce the doctors spread their hands focal
  • 15:29: neural lesion damage you incurable lived one retired all relatives died from behind and to nowhere take on work can't create families what does maxim here is the first part i power I understand you sympathy but the second part 1 not connected but families give birth to people without view without hearing without arms without legs wheelchair users happily lived them families you stutter stutter of course you can have a family more than runoff
  • 16:01: can i have a job apparently not related new candles unfortunately is such condition that you give up and think that stuttering this is your curse for which is not life is not what does not add up if you share your illness is that with you happens then you can still find family and work but you try stuttering all the time like would explain what's all bad your life agree, there are people have become more serious injuries than stuttering and
  • 16:33: for 22 years how best to present parents that I meet with an Armenian who is older than me by 12 years is just mine dad chronically not digest non-russian very simple name if you are from dad depend and you have such a question if you are alone then you can both it is good to present you count on yourself and dad will have to just accept your choice but if dad is for answers you and I don’t know you for 22 years certainly not so many years that the the person who feeds you and your own
  • 17:05: dictates the terms tough unpleasant but to Sorry so not all children advanced broadminded parents your dad's probably just have xenophobe him with this problem and at home that you there will be problems if you assume count on and not afraid of dad and ready yourself responsible for your choice at all No one asks if I myself have problems on my own frowning person I should be me be yourself as psychologists call whether try to portray gaiety
  • 17:37: fine question from tanya tanya let's so agree with all the listeners if a even objective network is a problem you don't care that you are not problems you do not consider the problem then let people think what they want and you will be so so what you are because imposing human problems problems this is also nonsense and the person decides for himself principle understanding of what is with you something wrong comes from then when
  • 18:07: tanks difficult to function when in your life begins problems someone can not create a family just not can someone get a job may fall asleep someone can not lose weight to someone low salary someone wants to live another life to someone don't like his surroundings so on in this moment you can tell yourself about myself that I have a problem ohmuril or happy you are all happy to change anything do not Sasha writes vsr was chauvinism
  • 18:43: state household anti-semitism and the nickname on the exchange was coined by ester yes but there was no phobia