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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners again I meet with you I Yulia me on your channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden and today I want you offer something tasty and sweet it is plum jam jams are generally very it is difficult to always cook and I've been here always want to bun here is how dopam spread with tea something is not tasty jam it confiture cook it is generally difficult to pretty but I
  • 00:30: I find out for yourself a position of jam turns delicious as the tell my children how You store button losses they have on taste, we need with you to jam I kilo of plums just for you Now kilogram of sample I cleaned the sink Here plums without pitted, and always have you and me raises question how did extract the seeds and
  • 01:01: I'll show you how do I make using a very convenient even some bones they are not separated Generally it is very good if you extracted we need or pen or pencil, he all that's what you want to so here they certainly not all sharp stick my you take a pencil or is a pen or something and We enter with plum hand where she had where the stem where
  • 01:31: branch here I look now show you that happening here so we Practicing slim see and bone removed and that is it turns out here such Here you can see the whole plum halves and not exactly whole plum show here again look carefully here we have a growing branch ie stalk yes It is as though we take with a pen or your pencil like this plum like this
  • 02:02: fix and hands pencil like this dent where stem and look carefully here bone free freely even beyond plums of which bad removed Bone's it in this way very easy to extract bone and convenient way we need kilograms of purified drain and washed all neat us I need you sugar here What good's it
  • 02:33: this method I will I will say that I'm in it now I will not to use kg of sugar sand as usual and the floor kilogram 500 grams granulated sugar but to cook it jam this the amount of sugar is not Here is such a help here such poroshochek clicking it's called lived fix But when I want to make jam from strawberries for any of the from any berries I always use and
  • 03:04: Now buy this here Phipps lived it helps what it means is natural gelling agent but it has done but the basis of pectin apples and citrus that there is chemistry there is no natural powder no advertising is not advertising, I just you I tell him always I use here I use it when I want make jams and use a little
  • 03:34: namely sugar to It has not been very jam but it was cloying thick to be It was on foot, and I use that's it that's it Here lived feeds then lived fix pack fixes the way he lived sold will be asked matter where it is sold he has sold in the Globe has a meter general that, or rather do where or spices department where vanillin sold or department where all of conservation in general, it they always
  • 04:04: wander around store it but you You find here advises buy things very So good kilogram plums strictly kilogram plums here This popey bag lived and floor fixation a kilogram of sugar little sand digress it is from their this is the jams jams and lived Fix if you want but there is no for some reason, You lived fixes and you want it jam that had
  • 04:34: you in a thick Generally, I advise you to the next one recipe passing you take a kilo of plums only strictly no more than a kilogram because the jam there is no jam thickens kilogram plums floor a glass of water can be a little bit less despite what the drain there is not very juicy juicy, you can just less than half a cup and kg of sugar sand
  • 05:04: you take pour water in plum with it without Seed bet on gas and posts gradually stir after boiling with poured into water without water water and sugar in it you all as they say farm stands on you stir plate and after boiling boils it all five minutes that you do then take you further and sugar kg of sugar sand as in the black currants recipe one
  • 05:35: one that's how I lecturing black currants also happy you small portions You start adding Now Sugar Sugar juice and then when you it all poured out your jam about another boil 5 minutes you have it filming plates develop by jars you can on plastic cover I usually roll my somehow to me more like the way here it's a jam the way here it is thick
  • 06:06: but thick jam strictly remember if even will you choose two kilograms do you have anything not work because back to my Prescription lived Fix yet another kilogram plums lived fix half a kilo package sugar that we must first do we take our lived fix pour criticism complete as powder you poured lived fix and lived fix add somewhere
  • 06:38: approximately two tablespoons tablespoons granulated sugar it is not on the basis of gender kilogram so We added all good It not at the expense of it was plus plus to the floor 500 gram to plus two more tablespoons take Mix everything well like this mix that was here and so such uniform grains weight that we are now with you do we take we fall asleep our plum
  • 07:09: Now these powders Sugar fell asleep so mix carefully you can even and do not interfere and simply that's so like drain all we I covered now we have to do we you are now go to the plate and proceed to cooking how I do it I'll I will show you now We put on a plum plate sinks with powder and lived Fix If you look here so consistently
  • 07:40: they are stirring start to allocate here highlight words that we We must now make We take with you should add pool kg of sugar ska add a little small portions and continue stir We continue to cook here our our jams but I I want to say sure its in Basically no conditions throughout the writing that's why
  • 08:10: you are using aluminum basin there aluminum pot not when you do not jam Boil in enamelled pan or enamel basins it must be either copper basin, or it to be sure anywhere from aluminum do not leave So you see constantly stir we give both would disperse disperse our granulated sugar add more sand sugar continue
  • 08:40: cook Our jam than This convenient jam he is preparing a fairly did not have to fast leaving us with a plum you on the night that she I gave the juice and that's it turns out it is very very thick Our jam begins here and so puff It is an expression and we again continue add our pound
  • 09:10: sugar more added about 2 kilogram sorry small grade and we continue like this stirring cook until excuse it until until the sugar I want to dissolve say this here thanks to this powder lived pets You can use small amount sugar but if you It seems sour
  • 09:40: Your will be able to buy from add in principle plenty of it no matter how so it is forbidden adds a sugar servings but because they are not of package I have spent exactly 500 gram continue Stir and cook the hub friend adding all the sugar we
  • 10:14: continue to cook our jams here it to stir the it is not burnt by time I will now I tell about how long it takes the there is need to look the degree you starts to thicken jams that our last portions granulated sugar we give our jam boil jam about another ten minutes that is, readiness you can
  • 10:45: know he was here you can see it already sets and He begins to live pa if vatsya see it here it turns out, as it were as the jelly that's straight It resembles jelly yes and we bottle it in clean dry jars Here and rolls covers you frightened you say about me and it is in a liquid when it cools down and he will stand It turns it that's just jam
  • 11:15: here it is in jelly Now I'll show you I already cooked and that of it turns out here it turns out we have a you here is such a beautiful beautiful very delicious delicious jams and if you see it in jars you see If you look here You see how he does not like jam up that is wall it spoils away from the walls because it is generally it resembles a thick something jelly but it's
  • 11:46: still due pectin which has found it on survived Fix if you you have the opportunity to You can buy pectin Now unfortunately, as it were I saw him in the meter and it is where you are now gone now, I did not I find it all very good add jam because we basically density jam achieve namely sugar sand if we add young do not jam costs could sour
  • 12:16: and jam is are fluid here is lived fix it helps us reduce the number granulated sugar you know that the drain pretty as a yes but not very sugary and berries and if we jam do one-to-one cook and even on kilogram kilo of plums Two hundred and put sugar too well, it does a pound of grams of sugar Sand is not cooking remain here and she is very well maintained very tasty I Now straight here loves it even just here
  • 12:47: spread on her bread eat tea very well, very tasty Well here perhaps I finish my report is just here's another one you Tip also like I was dangerous tooltip thickened cream and and easily distracted and thickener in cream I ask where also buy it is in the subway, he there is water in the globe it is all sold in department where they sell yeast Gelatin in general, all baking where you you can find thickener there you you can search and here
  • 13:18: it is this one here yolks may be someone already and we Well that uses Well on this I finish its report directly to the nice tea and tasty you jam with you was Yulia me it on his channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden till