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Restoration of knee joints Independently Exercise 1

Restoration of knee joints Independently Exercise 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello precious today i want show recovery exercises knee joints that we can perform independently without strangers assistance exercise is done for such elastic surface not on a soft sofa or bed and not on solid not on hard is very good for this her guests rug tourist foam
  • 00:31: can be on the bedspread that is, if vindictively firm blood circulation in the legs is disturbed so you can naturally some the blanket is hard but let the heels slip on smooth floor something like this exercise because we need concentrating my feelings on the very exercise and if we just sit and inspired on the bedspread she will gather here it will distract you a minimum and distractions I am exercise
  • 01:02: looked on the internet before reading here on the internet are absolutely wonderful Uncle such a trust external kind of say that you need to rotate 48 times feet out and the same 48 inside not reason to believe 48 means 48 let it be so actually exercise first extended straight back condition if we hard to sit with your back straight you can
  • 01:33: lean on the wall anybody just to be superfluous the voltage did not distract us Further, I specifically took off his pants and socks to see how the leg muscles work and actually many toes stretched out straight back and put your palms on your knees brain in his head heart mind not even focused but breathing 1 love hearts where there is love and here is a breath
  • 02:05: brighter and warmer light of love and exhale this warmth of love light of love through hands through the palms of the knees to the knees joints are straight depth and literally a few seconds so massaged palm name skin on knees not knee cups and just exhale into the depths joints warmth love light of love and here there is attention and leave this process continues throughout the exercise
  • 02:36: and at the beginning of the movement to the outward opening movement and you can just let go breath and she will find herself but in general on opening inhaling on closing exhaling this as if we are each circle do as one carefully trying hard foot on yourself and then toes on themselves and toes
  • 03:08: spread it out together we can i can't strongly foot outwardly opened and here gluteal muscles are strongly involved sock sharp toes bend down strongly including locking the inside muscles and here so try to draw socks big circle and send them from the chest light of love purity holiness through palms in knee if knees hurt right now do this exercise
  • 03:38: should be twice a day, morning and evening and after the evening exercises we are already try not to particularly walk not to jump and then we here in this position, that's how I now do not bend your knees do not turn strong quadriceps if knees healthy or at least do not hurt and we do for prevention you can do This is how they remembered and I do it once weekly twice a week once a month and that's when we pull foot
  • 04:08: we stylishly include quadriceps and bend your knees in case of sick you can't do that with your knees because the load on the quadriceps increase compression in the knee joints it is impossible and if the knees do not hurt then straight we bend strongly and such forty eight laps we did did rested shook legs shook off lower back relaxed loosened up back straight stretched back straight stretched spine palms
  • 04:38: knees attention deep into the joints and closing movement also carefully stylish foot outward stylishly on yourself and toes repeats movements with such toes splayed toes legs strongly inside strongly socks about sare then the toes bend and also let will be like this one pull to recommended 48 movements i don't I know why so be it knows why
  • 05:08: if you know tell and also here are 48 movements with a straight back focus on love in the knee on performing the exercise itself on physical bodily sensations and you feel the gluteus muscles work and lumbar muscles in this exercise involved do also shook themselves lay on his back and catch up shiver to empty the veins to
  • 05:41: remove all tension from your feet at the same time with the hands of his head to roll out side to side pulling the neck off the neck it was possible to relax do a lot of foot on his heels stretch upward lengthening the back surface put on the hands on the palms stretch up but without shoulders and with exhalation socks sharp palms wrist upward so Here in the case again loaded the muscles of the legs and
  • 06:12: hands and shook again and after that we are getting up and joyful and happy and go through life based on strong legs and healthy colleagues