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How to Make a Yarn Flower with a Fork - Weaving and Embroidery Crafts

How to Make a Yarn Flower with a Fork - Weaving and Embroidery Crafts  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hey I'm Sarah Wolfe from Today I'll show you how to make a flower with a fork. To do this I'musing some Red Heart yarn, and a dinner fork. Hold the fork like this. Place theyarn in the front and wrap it once completely around the bottom prong, alsoknown as the tine. Wrap the yarn this way around the last prong. Now weave the yarn in an opposite manner back the other way. It is so important to do this loosely. Ifyou weave it too tight you won't be able
  • 00:34: to do the second part. When you get tothis last tine, wrap around and begin the next row. Each row will be the oppositeof what you did before. Be sure to wrap that last yarn aroundthe tine. You'll want to stop when you have tenloops on the bottom and ten loops at the top. Your yarn should end on the oppositeend of the fork. Cut the yarn about 18
  • 01:09: inches from the fork. And then thread ayarn needle. On the side we ended we're going to need to draw this yarn throughall of these loops. Insert the needle under then pull it through. Now insert under a few more loops andpull through. If you can do this in one pass
  • 01:40: that's great. But I find it's easier todo just a few at a time. Once you've gone through all these loops move on to thenext tine.
  • 02:10: Insert your needle underneath the loopson this tine. You can either do them all at once or take a few at a time and pullthrough. Tie and knot the two ends together. Leave this long tail end and set thispetal aside. Make four more petals just
  • 02:55: like this using a new yarn from the yarnskein. Now go back to your first petal and using the long yarn, sew this petal on. After you've finished with all fivepetals make a few extra stitches to connect the flower. Then I like to sew orglue on a button to kind of hide the
  • 03:25: center part. And that's how I make aflower with a fork.