НАЧИНАЮЩИМ Как сменить цвет Amigurumi Crochet Circle

НАЧИНАЮЩИМ Как сменить цвет Amigurumi Crochet Circle  See details »

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  • 00:00: everyone who looked at my good channel moods i'm glad to welcome you Ryazan many toys amigurumi you need to change the color of the thread for example if you want to tie striped si te rog pants or zebra, I'll show classic shift wrong when knitting spirals if you're interested, don't go anywhere finger up and start knitting main my color is blue to the place where you need to change color Now we enter the hook into the loop of the next
  • 00:30: Column capture the main thread colors and pull it out on the hook we have two loops now hook grab a new color of yarn I have it white and knit these two loops together we changed the color of the yarn we pull up well thread and then knit as usual columns without nakida but already new
  • 01:03: color yarn knit that amount the rows that I want to change color in each row and do the same actions we enter the hook into the loop of the next the column we lay the main color of the thread and now we knit two loops on the hook another color and continue to knit further with single crochets this method is very
  • 01:38: popular and light in execution but there is one drawback is visible step transition between flowers and care in the right but it will be in any case as we knit spirals this is an example of changing through a number of two rows the next master class I will show you how smoothly move from one color to another don't forget to subscribe to the channel and put a finger up all wish the sea
  • 02:10: positive creative success to new meeting