ЧУДО резинка Рельефная спицами Rib knitting stitches

ЧУДО резинка Рельефная спицами Rib knitting stitches  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, good mood, I'm glad welcome you to today's master class, we learn to knit just such embossed gum needles look tracks volumetric beautiful and unusual gum elastic You can knit cuffs in sweaters sweatshirts hats and much more use as separate strips for of all your incarnations, it will definitely fit
  • 00:30: I advise you to try it tie it gum will become your favorite the pattern is simple quite simple consists of two rows in height this is the front side of it it's wrong side so it looks for more thick yarn if you on so the give
  • 01:00: knit together put your finger up and begin to repeat the pattern of 3 loops and a width for the sample we collect the number of loops multiple three + 1 loop for symmetry + two edge loops i took a sample slightly less we do not remove the first row edge loop knitting 1 purl loop the next 2 loops we need to knit
  • 01:32: crossed facial loop now I grab the left needle you first loop like this and tying her face we knit one report knitting repeat 1 purl loop following
  • 02:04: and loop knit together crossed facial loop we enter the left knitting needle under the first loop pick it up and knit it on the face loop 1 purl loop 2 loops together face loop left spokes
  • 02:36: we enter under the first loop and we knit it facial so we end the series to the end 1 purl loop 2 loops together crossed face we get the left knitting needle under the first loop and knit her face knit additional loop
  • 03:14: purl edge knit too purl loop we knit the first row of rapport turn knitting 2 row edge loop remove dory we have 1 face loop 1 purl 3 loops rapport remove not knitting thread stays before work and
  • 03:45: repeat knitting facial purl remove the loop without tying the thread before work the front purl loop remove thread before work we add a number to the end knit knotted purl
  • 04:26: Massandra aport further knitting is repeated with first row that is, we alternate the first and the second row the result of the work will look like this and if track suitable for your creative incarnations don't forget to subscribe to the channel to do not miss new videos write to comments did you like the pattern and so you tied
  • 04:57: we wish a positive sea out of it creative success to new meetings