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Лабковский - Не идите на поводу у мужчин

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  • 00:00: Well, for example, a very interesting first the question is so for the seed to usually sexual theme difficult it is unwound these people easier I had to ask my questions Irina from Ufa my husband constantly tells me that I am fat without causing him sexual desire how many times sat down on the potomako diet is weighty minerals 168 height 5 kilograms I do not know what to do Yes, I wonder what this question is before starting the program again you immediately
  • 00:30: mass here I will give them and vote later the next question I am not a doctor to regret In Russia, the psychology of the so-called couple medical specially, thank you order here
  • 01:01: Europe as the port as Your question
  • 02:03: is it a good moment having sex like a sport wife or husband can be from very good
  • 02:35: families Still understand your annoyance by sport although it must be about the transformation of sex tell it is not a family story and this is a big story so premarital extramarital youth sous I remember notice a joke nevelskie when husband comes home and sees that his friend alcohol power wife
  • 03:07: so they on i understand i must a why do you need your mother of history Of course the relationship is still far away nevertheless it is true there are people much men and women who are engaged sex as a sport causes two first cause and no feelings and you know many people as a surrogate relationship or 40 reflux is something to replace
  • 03:38: This many replaces such sports having sex that makes them feel like relations which actually do not exist too nothing else can a worm to another the second second is usually more for men there are women who so too self-affirmed especially women who in their youth were called face savanna considered themselves unattractive for them it is just a kind of sport
  • 04:08: competitions that they grow this bed and put him and the bed and laid consider the list cool friends and for them this sport is way to prove and to yourself and to those around here that they are so handsome and beauties and they experience there is even such movement wrote in the newspapers years ago
  • 04:41: teeth pickup moronic boys who have no limits worldly on the debate about the withdrawal there to meet and the world phone in girls and sport lies in how can I get more phones from one side and like mars with how can a lot of girls sleep with you understand the other side on the quality of the relationship the way kind of way
  • 05:11: not affected so we are so athletic component of sex in the absence of others relationship here bath absolutely right but unfortunately decent family is not a panacea [music] Dima 22 years old Michael but did not finish show let's play this puzzle would said it whoever planned a spoonful of salt 1 a class and thought dismantle or so you
  • 05:43: sorry for the effort fingers of the right hand type words girl to the end psychoanalysts table pascal 4 inches girls don't like time we write g . Lagan Michael I would say that the size his wives me still little measured 15 centimeters turned out she did not like You play and he covers himself Dima 22 of the year Dima as the rules are considered to be a clue
  • 06:13: draw 12 centimeters sleep well girl change now also concern girls in danger die is going to the size of our crisis I thought I just didn't like her myself I found something to find fault with our cute girlfriend Nastya during classes having sex i often represents scenes worn with or without my participation it's not normal you know nastya I somehow
  • 06:44: He told me in front of the eyes are not stop eating and do tell sexual fantasies ranked men and women at first the place change partners fun others here 4 or 5 place it more concerns women man usually does not fantasize sex violence causes can be various including any sexual abuse
  • 07:14: your childhood or rude relationship sexual nature too in childhood family or some serious experiences or some lack of adrenaline stop emotions in relationships and so further I think that this is not pathological got hold of a very big message to me 23 child 2 years 8 months
  • 07:47: Found we can start to know the guy in aged well do you care me depending on the child did not put on meeting and so that I did not have time to get education what about food coming my stupid ruined and life i'm not so I think he does not need a wife or characters he has been living separately for a year how will help comment on thanks ekaterina Yaroslavl translation is not even as a psychologist but simply as a man I want to say that I would do
  • 08:18: did not communicate with mods by people who make you rip between i'm emily a child if a man bakes like you write depending on the child namely so that we have your boy again time clutching at the expense of the child to become It’s rude to say better about my homeland principle not to communicate because he has no family don't need them my own
  • 08:48: no more he probably poster witness this is a strange situation when adult man is jealous of little a child as if trying to take away an honest part of the time on yourself taking it away from I like children very much I want to have children a pair of three of his and the girl against that I do because I love her yuri you know yurets serious question because sometimes women adjusts to
  • 09:22: children when a man does not want sometimes man does not want to insist on a woman but it ends very badly because forgive when a person says no he knows why he doesn't wants for example he makes a career not going to raise three children if about compromise erik so what I do not want to part and we want stay together and forcibly
  • 09:53: offer had a queue and what you want there is no desire at all there is no the number of children Yamashita will affect children and on family life itself and you know here is the first question that I read at the beginning of the program so remind a question my husband tells me constantly that i'm fat and not causing u
  • 10:24: he has sexual desires several times went on a diet then recruited again weight make 168 lose 5 kilos what do not know erina ufa voting is very simple if you think that I do not need to lose weight to find a husband's sexual desires 01 13 if you think that you are many I am alone
  • 10:54: so what is and can we need part choose number 661 14 reminded of you we continue while you vote this St. Petersburg and the whole your well here you know my question is not knew the standard non-standard we can your very good attitude
  • 11:24: the beautiful we shoot each other a lot talk about dolls and the same time for some reason, very happy him so often generally long breaks [applause] at first was just so very scary and admin floor that is, you husband such
  • 11:56: humanly very good relationship correctly understand what they are better than voltage obtained as sexual so well here they are birds really have always been good and once it was wonderful what happened all the same to me honestly lost my desire
  • 12:28: somehow a classic version but tired then the smell of the senses on his side is as little right to wake you maybe something happened when you yourself have after all there is a way somehow connected with the birth of a child blink has changed and with
  • 13:00: your side is something sexy the behavior of the general husband sharply responded now after the fact we have the result of what it was before that is and itself has come to naught and so were real reasons you know this is serious conversation you need to talk to your husband
  • 13:45: you need to talk to a psychologist and maybe even from a neuropsychiatrist because if for months like there sad french comedy films when he asks what is better sex or new year she says new year because which is more often now speak sad state i can suggest that the reason may not be your relationship tivoli you say that u you have a great relationship no worse
  • 14:16: become cause may be chronic fatigue depressed most sexual the sphere is also not excluded in general the problem must be dealt with to begin with minimum you just need to talk after it needs a heart to go to my friends let us down voting results remind you all called for three minutes 215 people from they said Irina lose weight 17 percent you can quit 83 percent but honestly
  • 14:50: saying i I thought the only thing that I certainly wasn’t find out who are calling men or women offered to walk, you can steam we just survived to lose weight and 80 these were women I don't know but here such results are very curious I believe that as a healthy approach because that at all as they say you will not save enough I have a lot of you and I love myself We should be such that we are listening to AC Milan hello good relationship with
  • 15:22: by men which
  • 16:07: you have no novel even in school after taking care of this one understood and yourself that need not feel in
  • 16:38: relationship or here somehow tried say about the operation kaemka plant with others do not understand yet what pirate and sex change [laugh] the man who is called
  • 18:06: know unfortunately i'm not an expert in areas subsequently plan operations for changing sex and what awaits you after korra I can't tell everyone you must have in view of what is quite specific men who are calm man enough these same operations will be
  • 18:46: relations in general, all that you do can you make any difference to him in society does not need your problem proceed from the fact that something that you
  • 19:17: do you can do exclusively out of their own interests makes I'm going after the men one of who says that you have a surgery let's talk together with you there I will go out into society and not reminds our vote pro losing weight if you yourself feel needs need to change gender white color we white bread underline to the ratio of there with
  • 19:47: men appeared or someone from capricious male footsteps treat do it loyally because you need it from the only motivation right because doing it because of someone but then you can just be disappointed our monitor is full I will find it now Dina reaching orgasm only with tongue or husband's hand is a very big it is interesting to ignore she write further
  • 20:17: this is a big problem ? That is, this is a big problem for Denis. throw soap redirect from for you this problem you can measure it sizes don't know often women who does not reach orgasm often happens to be a woman who reaches orgasm in such a manual way particular using language or rock music can be like husband root can still their own and finally more and more often
  • 20:50: all there are women who with some a man reaches orgasm in the usual way traditional with somehow just like together means I think that makes sense try this situation a little bit I fight that people often triggered stereotype imagine such a situation you do with your husband having sex sometime up to 1 a second time 10 times
  • 21:22: orgasm was not natural your head reached this discovery what can get an orgasm with tongue or hands and you become this story is stockpiled now after a lot of time to return to the opposite state try to get an orgasm traditional therefore it became difficult dina before
  • 21:52: read this problem first try just decide to try it do without language and without hands of husband probably the first time orgasm power is not will be but maybe the body itself will go to meet you and having lost but habitual habitual end of sex he test can be reorganized to orgasm which you will get from leaning
  • 22:23: tongue and hands can not work but I would be in your place still try evening samara nicholas Ivan, good evening too, Nikolay Gin's novel 1 4 years old first time sex was interesting unusually in a movie car three sis wife we do not support we interesting full of heart busy don't want that advise know novels pampered their youth but enough have sex in the car in the cinema
  • 22:56: opening is a different story but in theory if you are from a broad adequate normal wife your love and your body does not require extra adrenaline then you should would have calmed down and if this is not true then perhaps you pastit problems And does not write Natasha the most wonderful sweet man from pay Attention women are not my little natasha thank you would say thank you small here
  • 23:29: completely different thing kamil is a great humanist writes full rest you rush lingered in cut they in general the camera here with it small but I will not read the answer by about thinner women can voted to give this topic left my girlfriend smokes
  • 23:59: I do not want my wife to check on her to quit smoking writes the circulation la dew here is smoking in Unlike weight loss would all act carried to charge steam well how would you be right ask a person not to smoke like own drink because it is The disease is a drug addiction. alcoholism is here in contrast to diet
  • 24:30: everything else I stick to the other positions if you yourself do not smoke or want to fucking your wife it can be a condition further choice for him here I have a different position