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8 легендарных советских пищевых продуктов, которые дети СССР помнят до сих пор

8 легендарных советских пищевых продуктов, которые дети СССР помнят до сих пор  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi all friends are now very big abundance of food kids growing the modern world will never understand about love to some one product but kefir and kefir species which is large lots of but in the days of the Soviet Union were its cultural products which I remember people of that time still surprisingly true and first cult legendary product in time it sprats are considered the forefather of sprats Latvia Soviet Sprats used only fresh caught Baltic sprat which was mined in
  • 00:30: winter season from November to March when the fish after the warm summer months nagulyala fat and rounded cake caught in spring and early summer since it is dry and skinny for manufacturing sprat not used yet real sprats packaged only in metal jar so like glass tariya sprats are exposed sunlight and plastic packaging in the interaction of oil and plastics release harmful substances despite the fact that a jar of sprats in the USSR
  • 01:02: was quite expensive 1 ruble 80 kopecks at a salary of approximately 180 rubles and still sprats were mandatory attribute of any holiday table what to say which of us does not act loved to catch the fattest fish in the bank and send it immediately to Mistress mouth prepared from these canned food several types of salads pate and only varieties of sandwiches and not count here is one of the most common garlic croutons with
  • 01:32: sprats yummy cut bread thin slices and fry until crisp condition clean the garlic and rub it croutons open a jar of sprats and Spread two fish on cooked toasted slice enjoy wonderful taste and aroma [music] tea with elephant is another cult
  • 02:02: product of the Soviet food industry tea with an elephant however up an article about how you you see it was not easy in relatively free sale on the shelves of the Soviet the stores had the following sorts of tea room 36 mix of georgian and indian tea Krasnodar and Georgian however in the 70s years the tea industry began switch from manual to machine work and the quality of Georgian tea is catastrophic fell in packs appeared outsiders inclusions dust part shoots and coarse
  • 02:33: bottom leaves all these flaws characteristic of late Georgian tea Soviet period and they created him notorious persistence to this day but at the same time on counters Indian yellow tea packs appeared an elephant and this was the first Indian tea delivered to the USSR wholesale goods were delivered and entered began weighing factories standard packing with an elephant 50 and 100 grams for top grade tea since
  • 03:03: of its appearance, Indian tea is always there was a shortage and speculated it was bestowed familiar to them paid for small services invited to visit him come and I got Indian tea here generally indian tea it was a real event by the way the best Was considered tea packaged in a pack with image of an elephant with a raised up trunk in the 90s the elephant disappeared and the trunk and tea to replace the favorite Indian tea Turkish came today on the shelves of tea
  • 03:34: with the elephant reappeared however he is not has nothing to do with that Soviet tea sprat canned sprat in tomato sauce became a real symbol of the Soviet Union even Margaret Tetcher after a visit to the USSR spoiled these canned food not only your favorite cat but also regaled 7 itself these canned literally
  • 04:07: have cult status of course popularity of the product among the Soviet people was not caused by fantastic taste and its low cost and availability massive making canned sprat in tomato started the mid 50s of the twentieth century Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev personally debuted novelty Kerch fish plant and assured people that the best national product can not come up with a recipe sprat in tomato was extremely simple fish water paste tomato salt sugar butter sunflower
  • 04:38: acetic acid and spices nothing superfluous sprat price was more than low canned themselves did not disappear from the shelves even in times hard shortage for many jar sprat in tomato was the only snack predos drink her vodka for three and forever hungry students these canned food allowed make up for the loss of phosphorus in the body since the other fish was simply not for them pocket modern Russian sprat popularity in Tomato stays on as high level after the early nineties for many
  • 05:09: it was sprat in tomato that was the only delicacy and nowadays many take these canned out of habit to indulge with the commemoration of his Soviet youth that's just now no one is definitely not knows what he finds inside the jar condensed whole milk condensed milk whole another symbol of the Soviet era symbol it remains and now the Soviet years
  • 05:41: condensed milk produced according to the guests condensed milk turned out by evaporation of whole milk with adding 12 percent sugar to it the main indicator of the quality of condensed milk percentage fat and moisture which is based on gastas must be no lower Autumn and a half percent and not above 26 half percent respectively making condensed milk only natural dairy was used fats use vegetable analogues strictly forbidden connection with this and
  • 06:13: it was called whole condensed milk with sugar nowadays cooking technology condensed milk is very different in its composition artificial preservatives thickeners and morgan you all this greatly affects the quality and taste of a loved one by many product condensed milk produced tin cans were in the USSR cans with white and blue and blue paper labels this image was so persistent and decades in decade
  • 06:44: that his design is still used in as a kind of brand for supplies northern and other hard-to-reach areas milk went down cans with a volume of three liters the shape of a can and the label design was the same soviet caramelized rhino and sweetened condensed milk not produced and prepared it at home conditions by additional cooking usually condensed milk directly in a can of water bath for several hours at boiling water
  • 07:15: banks usually exploded Doctor sausage Allied doctor sausage was very loved and was to make her taste and quality were close to perfection doctoral history sausages started in 1936 first boiled sausage was called Stalin however, this name was soon replaced
  • 07:46: on the doctoral as the sausage recipe developed by leading doctors nutritionists outside the meat industry and doctoral Sausage on a guest consisted on 25 percent from beef to 70 percent from pork for 3 percent of the eggs and it is necessary percent of the milk recipe was perfect and kept to the smallest nuances this lean sausage is good for nutrition of children and those who are not recommended foods containing a lot of fat so written doctor's sausage
  • 08:17: in books about tasty and healthy food 1939 year of publication and it was really true the recipe was gradually broken a famous doctoral tastes disappeared today has become a common phrase in sausage and anything but this meat phrase unfortunately no longer a joke however no matter what many of our country still have unchanged addiction to put on bread a slice of fresh doctor sausage choosing and and among the many varieties we
  • 08:47: trying to remember a long forgotten by all taste that they throw to this day Wali in boiled doctor's a piece though top beef tenderloin cost much cheaper [music] Kissel on natural extract Russian jelly is more than jelly from the point view of the Russian gastronomic stories this food is a full dish
  • 09:17: high-calorie food but not drink for him if you believe popular wisdom can It was and for seven miles to go and the river dairy swam surely as a keepsake many bright bricks briquetting jelly you want jelly cook and you want so mud Many have done this because the jelly is always was an exceptionally solid monolith to them it was possible to cut down Opponent on the sandbox using in as a brass knuckle in the winter to use in as a puck when playing hockey
  • 09:48: and it was not just so easy industry of the USSR including food in those years, the eyes are accurate and unified to the needs military-industrial complex in the USSR jelly most often gave pioneer school camp institute cafe or working canteen where the drink was the traditional third dish along with compote and morse surely many people still have a memory bright bricks briquetting jelly today the situation has changed a little kissel almost not available on
  • 10:19: fruit or berry extracts concentrated juice mixture composition flavoring or aromatic additives Now we drink jelly and not eat a do not accept the briquette since childhood transformed loose fell ration q modern children brought up on others drinks and it is far from jelly or juice and in kindergartens today on the menu more often whole fruit drinks or juices [music] melted cheese friendship in 1960 in ussr
  • 10:51: have developed a cream cheese recipe it was made strictly according to GOST norm which meant use cheeses only the highest quality milk samples and butter seasoning were just natural substances inhibit growth microorganisms product flavors and other harmful constituent raw materials were not today Cream Cheese Friendship dramatically changed the composition of the masses thickeners can be found
  • 11:22: noticed taste and so on milk in triangular package without milk, the Soviet people could not live and day so many people come from the USSR milk in triangular packages are probably the most nostalgic a thing of the past am our citizens as a rule started already in the queues at the closed grocery store to buy milk or rather will say have time to buy and had to take 6 am amusing pyramid shaped packaging
  • 11:53: began to fill the Soviet shelves stores of the fifties tetrahedrons also released two sizes large for milk and kefir and smaller for cream in fairness it is necessary to mention what is a pyramid shaped container was not a purely Soviet invention and if the hall with the Swedish packaging company tetra pack whatever tarot form the pyramids earned themselves loud glory in the ussr not only because of the bizarre form but also for practical reasons
  • 12:23: cut off the top of the triangular packet it could not be put on the table worrying that milk will spill empty triangular packages boys are not threw them laid on the floor and with all the forces clapped on them with luck a rather loud bang was happening who was spread around the school and scared girls if you are not completely drunk milk then cotton dairy drops scattered in all directions that was also very fun and more milk tetrahedrons carried out the trading floor special
  • 12:55: hexagonal aluminum or plastic pallets which craftsmen used for the manufacture of shells for music speakers all these listed products loved so much perhaps because it was a shortage and This was something that the Soviet people did not have but always really wanted and loved these simple but tasty foods now even no one will think about raising in the cult of the deity kefir or sprats because what are all these tasty foods now available to everyone, but that's all
  • 13:26: friends with you were interesting facts [music] you are here [music] home