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  • 00:00: hello school canteens food always she had a particular taste she was not ordinary or always straight is very vile or just divine everything because the cook feel responsible cooks food for a lot of people so not giving the canteen always been tasty and if it was tasteless then with time cook cooks cooks better so what are the Soviet kids fed school canteens what dishes are remembered by our parents the food service revolution happened in 1917 then by decree whether or not for lunch
  • 00:30: schools became free and compulsory much attention was paid balanced food protein content optimal fats and carbohydrates for a growing body after a century many school canteens are still work the topic of nutrition standards that have been tested on several generations and so high omelet high lush omelet it's almost impossible to do at home at school omelette that serves school canteens impossible to repeat at home
  • 01:02: At least we have such cases unknown it will never be as lush and chefs have a gentle tweak and probably have secrets by which it is the dish goes out to them so unusual and tasty at the same time it's a pity that a plate to pupils of snow-white years more often just gets in the cooled form but it hardly affects him the gastronomic appeal of this tall and tender omelette divided the children into adored two categories and not on those who saw him was served in
  • 01:32: cold or just cooled down until he got a turn lush fritters lush yeast fritters with jam or jam fingers you lick they most likely looked like small ones buns rather than ordinary pancakes sometimes such pancakes were smeared honey tasty mashed potatoes signature dish as a school cafeteria ordinary mashed potatoes is obtained so soft and uniform clue is covered by a special kitchen machine
  • 02:03: who use cooks on most catering she skillfully grinds boiled potatoes that nasty lumps are not there is no chance to get schoolboy plate chop with puree this is the dish from which no one refused meatballs with macaroons with a pie from a pie at dinner we will meet cottage cheese casserole one of the few good school desserts and breakfast and delicious dessert
  • 02:33: approximately in this status casserole from cottage cheese and monkey arrives for many years sometimes semolina replaced a small the amount of vermicelli or rice but the most delicious remain classic version generously watered condensed milk cottage cheese casserole was especially good when it is cold when it is well preserves the shape of juicers with curd soft tender sweets with curd all remember what they were air and
  • 03:03: crumbly it seems that all Soviet the children simply adored them themselves imagine dairy products one much loved and here cooked baked cottage cheese for example very fond of tea and the school canteen this tea was clearly special very sweet with characteristic fresh aroma because dry crusts were added to it from citrus and that's amazing at home no one will ever be experiment with adding citrus peels though now already
  • 03:33: finished tea with citrus and here then everyone loved school tea chefs experimented to to please students compote of dried fruit and coffee drink is the main options replacement tea was considered that compote very rich in vitamins and good for digestion because he is still remembered from childhood danish times was also popular and coffee drink coffee with milk very palatable compote of dried fruit mid nineties strongly
  • 04:03: dry fruit compote changed in demand by children of all ages still mothers try as long as possible protect kids from dating soda giving preference natural product because compote is drunk by the students completely and with pleasure jelly and milk in a triangle to heights do without jelly not be increased probably well and milk in triangular packages those who stayed in the extended day group got it as an afternoon snack and
  • 04:34: happened such that in kindergarten or school the cafeteria they served you the most favorite it was a milky dish with noodles such that after dinner all the pots were covered with mud of this not eaten dairy with pasta children most often ate less than half a serving the rest thrown away but it was jelly consolation delicious kissel with a bun it the joy of our childhood patties patties with cabbage and jam liver rice delicacy from Dublin Soviet kids in or school
  • 05:06: buffet like hot cakes school sweets syrniki with condensed milk soft milk rum babies with raisin it was all better than any overseas delicacies were prepared strictly according to guest and natural ingredients and ate in five seconds boiled sausages cooked dining Sausages are good for example with crap modern standards it is not the most useful food but it is still popular school messes some children often refuse to eat other types of meat
  • 05:37: giving preference to this sausage y prefabricated y main difficulty tom to remove sausages a shell that tightly grows together the contents of the cooking process and serve them raw without prior decoction was strictly forbidden rules although we know it tastes better they don’t boiled fish marinade it was something like a salad on top carrot bottom fish and a piece of fish under the marinade was something neutral schools did not cause much enthusiasm
  • 06:08: vinaigrette and vitamin salad all these salad and well caught school dining minimum ingredients maximum taste and vitamins school ground beef patties are surprisingly I liked school cutlets either because they were not so fat as at home either simply because that they just don't taste like home taste table Sgiach burgers with all the childhood still remember the most popular option make from his pork beef mince though sometimes cutlets are also fish
  • 06:38: the main attribute of the classic schoolboy athletes tight crunchy breading almost 50 percent of the bread minced meat however, it was the breading that made these burgers unlike at least outwardly and on those burgers that are usually taken cook home school buns fast snack this is all school bun with compote sweet round buns this is why many schoolchildren ready to rush canteen on every change they liked the Soviet
  • 07:09: kids broadcast with warm milk and with compote milk porridge one of the hated childhood dishes from this dishes if fans and ardent opponents first attract delicate texture sweet taste and a moderate number of groups and the author is repelled by the fact that very often cooks can't keep up the process of cooking milk porridge so the dish is obtained under the burned transient unpleasant taste and smell [music]
  • 07:39: also in the Soviet school canteen sometimes very rarely sour cream they stand out so that they have small diameter and an impressive thickness due to which turn out gentle and not overdried me And in them a lot of cottage cheese and instead Flour fully or partially used semolina sugar in these cheesecakes was quite a little bit but this little flaw completely overlapped by the fact that when serving they were generously watered with condensed milk or jam but this dish was rare
  • 08:09: stayed and the sense of time in the tradition sausages in dough and homemade pizza from which Italians became ill only from one of its kind of Soviet school the dining room had no tables on four comfortable chairs with backs tablecloths and even more so flower vases which are observed now in each dining room then there were just long tables and benches while at the same table could fit immediately 2 3 classes of 30 person
  • 08:39: but it was even more convenient in the first place the teacher will not be able to follow all at once so it was more chances quietly pour a ficus pot boiled milk with froth and toss under the battery nasty fishball secondly you can chat with friends not only its class but also parallel so what that the neighbors deaf for now speak to your comrade except it was much easier to find a partner for making profitable deals you me cutlet and I'll watch for you Of course, the abundance of peas in the menu of different
  • 09:10: species are not pleased and the cutlets often turned out to be little edible but constantly when burned milk porridge and do not want to talk what is school food and canteen which house we would never have eaten and we ate school the same buns without filling just because they wanted to eat us and these buns seemed tasty and of course the famous phrase that kids screamed thanks to our cooks for what a tasty row let us this tradition
  • 09:42: only some summer camps but the taste of school dishes to many generations will be remembered for a long time and only with good side Well, on this all the friends were with you Interesting Facts you eat baby eat come [music]