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The gone products of the USSR which so are not enough. 10 legendary products of times of the USSR  See details »



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  • 00:00: human memory is quite peculiarly many have already forgotten about Soviet Union but the taste of an ordinary ice cream remained the benchmark the most modern Russians longing for Soviet ice cream has not done of course without ordinary steel hippo childhood but still for many one of the main losses of the 90s is a simple ice cream for 20 cents that is interesting in the USSR almost every major city had its own cold storage facility and working conditions could differ significantly but in quality assortment is not affected much although there were some leaders
  • 00:32: Leningrad was considered the most delicious Moscow ice cream and the best ice cream chestnut for 28 kopecks which could only be bought at Moscow and only if you are lucky any regional center sold the same ice cream chocolate coating and for the same money but it was not the quality ensured by the firmness of Gost 117 41 and use exclusively natural milk now no one can afford it manufacturer
  • 01:02: impossible to imagine Soviet childhood without condensed milk tin cans with white blue-blue label turned The real symbol of the USSR is especially tasty. It was considered boiled condensed milk but ate so making two holes with a knife still in her same made candy milk toffee or just and the risks they could buy the store but some made them at home conditions the closest analogue in modern the store is a candy ladybug but in reality I am not at all like
  • 01:32: before the appearance of this product we all owe the Americans a popularization of the national army manufacturers usa gale bardan in 1853 patented milk thickening technology and the Soviet military must add condensed milk in the ration of soldiers because calories as a result of the authorities have invested big money creating factories all over country current manufacturers carefully copy packaging but stubbornly refuse use natural milk and with
  • 02:03: using vegetable instead fat palm oil taste is obtained specific 200 kinds of sausages in the store it famous Soviet ma'am who, as it were generalized western capitalist abundant on the Soviet shelves calmly lay several kinds of boiled sausages and proletarian sausage and the coveted assortment of the West often disturbed society gathered in the kitchen discuss politics now capitalism held variety pleases the eye but
  • 02:34: the sausage most popular in cheese Moscow simply disappeared from the shelves Of course a lot of sausages with this name for sale but worth them only try as it immediately becomes clear that it is just a fake frankly it's not even clear why happened in Soviet times used not only pure meat but also even the skins of guests is allowed maybe now they stopped putting meat in fairness I must say that golden age of doctoral sausage ended before the sunset the ussr and
  • 03:05: the original recipe was developed in the 30s when it was supposed that will be fed in sanatoriums and hospitals hence the name it should consist was 70 percent pork 25 percent beef 3 percent eggs and 2 percent of cow's milk The machinations of the composition began as early as the sixties at the beginning began to admit use not the best meat down to the skin and cartilage then allowed to change it for flour yet
  • 03:35: only within two percent fact all depended on arrogance meat processing manual and quality supplies it is even strange that under such conditions in the doctorate’s memory remained symbol of the Soviet manna from heaven tasty available and nutritious can be because then the sausage wouldn't let when cooking, paint the water gently pink color while frying roll up in came up with a tube to stew meat in banks Frenchman Nicolas Francois Upper
  • 04:06: 1804, for which he received a special thanks from napoleon in russia stew appeared at the end of the nineteenth century but only spread during the first world in the ussr she became cult still in civil war when ate the king's reserves for the entire existence of the union canneries worked full power and stew became the usual dish on the family table and in the canteens in deficiency, it was already in more late period is he who once
  • 04:37: I tried the potatoes that poured out a jar of proper stew and sweats or he will not be forgotten for half an hour this taste never even now when fresh meat is sold not only in the market who grew up in that era mistress dreamily freeze in supermarkets in front of shelves with canned goods literally on minute and then run away in horror because that the current samples are not the same sweets bird's milk appeared in the USSR only in 1968
  • 05:08: Minister of Food Industry Vasily Zotov tasted delicacy in the Czech Republic and got an idea to fix his release us so how to pay for the author's recipe nobody wanted to have a special competition that won a confectioner from Vladivostok she chulkov practically immediately production mastered and most factories all over the union and candy appeared on the shelves of Soviet stores appeared to immediately disappear box bird milk served as a kind currency as a bottle of vodka gave them
  • 05:39: doctors teachers and everything else you need to people enjoyed it yourself but on holidays Naturally such a popular brand continues to exist in modern that's just the taste of modern candy brings and in such a demand he is no longer enjoys domestic soda is not very valued in the Soviet Union, even this deficit they only became in recent years when literally all the lines disappeared lined up when the store and delivered licensed pepsi cola after the collapse
  • 06:09: union imported brands instantly calculated the usual duchess and baikal and Tarkhans realized the loss much later already in zero then many manufacturers began to produce modern counterparts Soviet drinks but the result is from mixing different flavors and dyes frankly disappointed however refresh the taste natural tarragon can be under Georgian brand on the tractor produce very similar soda in Germany is almost complete analog
  • 06:40: only less sweet company releases curiously east founded her German who in the late 80s worked in Moscow and found a real Soviet lemonade traditional Russian dish kissel the Soviet era has changed significantly first turned into a drink in second in big cities all almost stopped cooking it yourself and bought in briquette the advent of this semi-finished products Soviet people also owed to the army for the supply of which was
  • 07:11: I am focused on the food industry very fast nutritious drink fell in love with schools and work canteens they cooked it and at home the food saving time grind add water and boil all took only 20 minutes the kids did it even easier they just gnawed on briquettes that the stores were literally overwhelmed kassel and cost it cheaper than ice cream it could be done without permission parents Now such gourmets are unlikely to find fruit and berry extracts replaced
  • 07:43: flavoring additives and benefit this is not went unique national drink you were let out during the times of the USSR in huge quantities in 1985 only in Russia statistics showed 55 million decalitres brew produced mostly in the summer and did it in industrial scales in special factories cooked a leavening wort that sounded sent across the country to breweries it was diluted with water
  • 08:14: sugar added yeast and dumped the finished product is not pasteurized as a result, he gradually good chewed in barrels non-alcoholic kvass was already with Fortress in 1 and 2 percent of the 90s as soda kvass began to do chemistry about natural product production fell up to 5 million decalitres but he also did not resemble the Soviet instead of barrels, they began to pour it into plastic packaging given distribution through shops and the need to increase shelf life the product began to pasteurize
  • 08:44: and add preservatives kvass for 6 kopecks big mug left in the past hardly anyone in the ussr assumed that 20 years will pass and the usual Soviet juices in the three-liter banks will look in stores attitude to them then was very cool when the shelves are already birch apples are almost empty juices remained on them dumb reproach trading system and even few people considered them delicious adult kids appreciated in over
  • 09:14: Tropical tropical fruit with bright on countries with a sticker therefore crowding out ugly modern cans for the trail Komi nobody even for remembered them in the 21st century when production technology in general significantly changed from fruits and berries steel makes a preservative which is then simply diluted with water it is believed that it does not affect his taste but those who have tried natural product disagree with that