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  • 00:00: [music] hi friends let's you today we will prepare very tasty festive the dish is stuffed quail turn out very tasty and juicy that same we will need pickled tomatoes and carrots in Korean bulb his onion cut into half rings further seasoning any can be taken for meat or any herbs salt and black pepper
  • 00:30: and so quail I pre you little and dried on a paper towel now we only need salt for salt outside as well as inside sprinkle on add black pepper to taste any herbs and seasonings further we need quail stuff stuffed with onions and Korean carrots I stuff so first add a little onions
  • 01:02: Further Korean carrots and the next layer is again onion be sure to stuff and rote quails tightly so that when baking internally turned out juicy and tasty if you didn't cook another recipe with the addition of Korean carrots, I recommend you cook this dish you will please all their relatives and friends
  • 01:32: further prepared quail take and put in a big bowl we fall asleep onions we take marinade from under the tomato and pour completely
  • 02:04: quail leave to pickle about 2-3 hours I pour marinade and somewhere 1 half an hour quail necessarily turn over so that you have them well pickled take a baking sheet or better to take griddle with removable handle and tight we put quails in the pan also I will put here a little tomato they
  • 02:44: we will give juiciness and give spicy taste I closed the tomatoes myself recipe I will leave the tomatoes under the video this cherry tomatoes are very tasty tomatoes if you cook something not sure you will like and fill about a glass of marinades which pickled quails now need us all this cover with foil and send in the oven
  • 03:15: preheated to temperature 200 degrees for 1 hour I bake so it takes about 30 minutes I foil take off and bake until ready then the quails turn out juicy and delicious crisp beautiful golden try cooking a crust I think what do you need for this recipe like this you can apply to any holiday table and if you like
  • 03:47: do you make delicious juicy stuffed quail put huskies subscribe to the channel and do not forget press the bell so as not to skip new interesting video as well do not forget to subscribe to my second channel the expulsion channel is under the video will be interesting for you join my group in contact in classmates and also share your recipes I want to congratulate you on upcoming christmas holiday Christova wish you great health my happiness and the sea of ​​positivity and smiles
  • 04:17: I 'll tell you myself cook with love experiment and everything will work out After all, experimenting and so cool all bye until new meetings cook with love and everything will work out