Ажурные марокканские блины из пенного теста или 1000 и 1 дырочка!!!!!!!  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: hello today i will cook such foam pancakes for this I take flour sugar salt baking powder yeast semolina gum you in a coffee grinder
  • 00:34: mix add yolks vegetable oil and little by little stirring and gradually adding warm
  • 01:04: water [music] [applause] and well beat about one two I cover the minutes with a film and put it in warm place for an hour and a half during this time
  • 01:37: dough doubles bake on a dry heated pan of dough stir every time [music]
  • 02:10: over medium heat until the top the layer does not dry out due to the fact that the test is very small sugar and salt pancakes taste neutral take melted butter add honey mix well and before
  • 02:42: I serve pancakes with this mixture I get such pancakes if like the recipe I am very glad to see you among my subscribers