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  • 00:00: Good day dear needlewomen with you channel knitting crochet and knitting crocheted ru I am Tatyana today's master class I show you how to knit so beautiful here I decorated this flower with this flower mastercase slippers you can see u us on site a reference on your screen I knit this a flower from the children's novelty pehorka here 100 percent acrylic on it is voluminous written 200 meters 50 grams to choose
  • 00:31: this yarn which you like best i needed was not a big flower therefore I chose this particular yarn and I used needles in this case 20 also need a needle with a large army and scissors take such a flower very simple so if you he like join we will knit together so we start knitting a flower we collect needles in the classical way
  • 01:02: 6 loops 2 3 4 5 6 feet turn consider take the second needles dial on 1 to this one edge me in stretch can dial at 2 now the first edge always remove the last edge
  • 01:32: always knit purl but when account will use all the loop and Edge too, so we remove 1 loop knit the second loop face do all the other loops before edge knit facial amount our loops because of the nakida increases by but loop in
  • 02:02: purlid we knit all the loops facial including nakid edge as usual purl purl i am ready in the third row again remove the first edge loop we knit all over again
  • 02:34: the other loop to edge provyazyvaem facial and the flower itself we have connected garter stitch therefore, all the rows we have prices and so on one facial row ready to turn the job purl row we knit all facial so they will tell you in every row one loop will be added [music]
  • 03:05: one more row now I will show you further explain what to do removed from the first new knit facial made a cape and all the other loops knit facial edging wrong side so you increased again on one loop and so on the needles here
  • 03:38: now two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 loops here from the track will be formed a path of holes due to the nakida of the righteous and so 9 loops every row every facial row you will add panama nakida that is, one by one the loop adds so need will be until in the front row of y
  • 04:08: you do not form 15 loops in the purl a row we will form a petal 1 so we add loans to 15 loops in we dock the front row when we have knitting needles already formed fasten to the personal number of the track that's it from nakidov she already turns necessary pony for stitching now we have the first petal with you ready turn the work on
  • 04:40: wrong side and now we will close the loop here is the whole secret remove the first edge further knitting face up and throwing again knitting facial throws knit facial throws so do as long as on the left spoke
  • 05:10: you are not crowns last five loops so I have on the needle left last five loops and 1 i have on right needle, that is, only 6 loops
  • 05:41: we needed as much to start knitting here petal therefore the remaining five loops are just knitting with facial loops again on the needles 6 loops and now you have but you repeat such petals are four more times in total Difficulties when you have 5 connected
  • 06:13: petals when vyvyazyvanii when closing the last 5 petals you will need to close so so that you have not 6 loops in total a4 it is necessary to start form the inside of the flower i I will join you when you need to knit the inside here are my five petals as I said you need to be last fifth petals cut amount loops to four they are up to six and now we are starting to knit
  • 06:43: continue to more precisely knit the inner part of a flower the inner part of the flower is different only so we start with 4 loops that is each petal will close to 4 5 and the petal itself will check it out to 15 loops in the total amount of us drinking well up Nine, that is, continue again removed an edge first knit sc front and edge turned over work and
  • 07:14: We continue to knit our petals transfer 5 loops on the needles purl row tied and knit facial row in the front row again add another loop removed the second knit the fourth fourth the fifth is already 6 loops so i'm waiting until you have 9 loops again and
  • 07:49: then close the loop to 4 then there is on the left knitting needle 3 loops on the right 1 4 loops should be knit this way five more petals more precisely this one and another four in total too 5 petals we will continue to sew this flower ready mine and 5 petals or rather mother-in-law five big and five small last fifth
  • 08:19: I closed the petal completely all the loops left a long end for stitching Now we take with you needle thread there with an unnecessary take the side and now what are we doing to me for example more like the side where you can not see here
  • 08:49: this hinge closure here is this part here it is more obvious here on the contrary, nothing is visible so I want so that this part was visible on the flower so it is to her that I unfold to myself and now I enter the needle here just the hole will come out just like this
  • 09:22: while partially thread in view so far only on small petals then we fix here so now everything means we celebrate where we are
  • 09:53: first petal here he is holding it and dragging it down our thread and then we enter 1 into we enter the first hole needle and tighten in a circle like this so that we this picture is not formed tighten only strongly otherwise
  • 10:23: very much tightness and it will be simple and beautiful it's all enough can be for reliability again here fasten for sure [music] Nothing escaped anywhere and now just the rest of the big leaves for sure this way the correspondence is more accurate and mystic petals in exactly the same way threading
  • 10:56: thread Now we come to the end and so here is our interior and now all I take is our flower and neatly distribute loops
  • 11:33: so that petal here in late met like this weighs see they won't be connected between you will need just one more time ask exactly the same here here picks up the first petal the first big petal and the last over the sand
  • 12:06: slightly distribute what else i do got here from there would be no such yes see the cores to with the outer part I am divided approximately by the middle of that anyway sew will be approximately in the middle I am connecting another small flower and a large one Well, more precisely the core and the outer part
  • 12:39: so you are such a flower should be you can do it here fix the thread as you like here in the middle of the flower will be very beautiful if you are some kind of bead sew a large pearl for example some kind of such plan you should there will be a flower too
  • 13:10: such agree that it just fit if you like our master class put us finger up subscribe to our channel join social groups VKontakte networks in classmates on under sounds and in instagram all the best and to new meetings yet bye