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  • 00:00: Trotsky our dear viewers today we we will cook the pollock fish in our sauce mean for this we lubricate mean formula sunflower oil [music] then it means that we lay out our pollock fish under this sauce is very general pollock is fish so obtained
  • 00:32: tender and tasty on like a lot we already had this cooking sauce the video under this chicken sauce is very tasty not any kind of fish exactly pollack flavor under this sauce here look we all laid out for hours in stripes our fish pepper it but it can be black pepper reds love what they love who loves nothing to do with
  • 01:04: now we are putting onions onions Well, apparently love a lot because lay out a lot by the way here a kilogram fish so we salt again with us we will also be madly making our we take the sauce as always 6 eggs someone already
  • 01:35: I remember in our previous video where with chicken 6 eggs for now we will be scrolling in stages to make it all clear and take means mayonnaise sauce well, were the means
  • 02:06: questions can mayonnaise be possible but us like mayonnaise sauce because it not fat, he lay out 15 percent gram 400 here we are just a big tutu because mayo himself is 6760 you 15 percent all this whip well here so he look around it will turn out sauce our own no mayonnaise and chn and yet we
  • 02:37: add a little seasoning for the fish anyone can take any from us there is written a mixture of spices at all a little bit purely for don't even know how to say for fragrance all now take a spoon [music] so first we do what we do first try to put on every our fish
  • 03:07: sauce and then we will develop leftovers sauce enough and there are many turns try know how tasty it is simple awesome delicious now quietly we will fill leftovers so here it looks even possible to say here and all in taste a little bit
  • 03:41: our total that's how we did it so we take our servant Rybachy sauce everything and now we put the oven on minutes 25-30 our beauty went to prepare in the oven Well, we look we are our fish
  • 04:11: got out of the oven when we have beauty turned out but don't call for something else very tasty Now we will show you how she looks in cut but what we got cut see how tasty so what nice appetite cook write comments ask questions but with you say goodbye until