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  • 00:00: [music] friends hi you on the channel ABC cookies and with you i'm natalia machine we are cooking very tasty chicken today cutlets i will tell you about the secret thanks which chicken cutlets turn out very juicy start at the bread cut off crusts i use plain white bread use a bun what do you have at hand but desirable
  • 00:31: to make white bread cut bread into cubes you can miss this moment and just leave a whole piece shift to bowl and add a little of milk leave the bread for 10 minutes further mince break one egg add finely chopped onion and garlic
  • 01:01: squeeze the bread from the milk add 4 tablespoons of heavy cream I have 35 we add salt and pepper to taste Now this is a very important moment . very well and thoroughly knead hands so that it is not liquid so that cream soaked well
  • 01:32: and it turned out a good viscous mass I buy minced chicken but surely you can cook it yourself from any parts of the chicken except the bones Of course, even if you use chicken breasts cutlets get very juicy I assure the oil must be from the freezer not from the fridge necessarily from the freezer and we have it we rub on a grater with large holes [music]
  • 02:03: further everything is very quickly knead why is very important quickly because from the warmth of our hands oil can melt and we do not need it in oil is the secret of delicious chicken cutlet do not believe try to cutlets it was easy to form them we got a beautiful shape wet your hands with cold water and form
  • 02:34: the shape you like you can form oblong-shaped patties round shape small big which you more like for breading i use large dry bread crumb can be used breadcrumbs or flour in any case will be very yummy fry patties on both sides until ruddy fire should be lower
  • 03:07: middle do not cover the lid grated butter will be slow thaw to the cages and thereby cutlets get very juicy fry on both sides until golden brown and then served either with salad or with some kind of side dish like you more like at your discretion the same the way you can cook and fish burgers are also very tasty
  • 03:38: look what ruddy chops we have have turned out and can not wait to cut them and show what are they inside let's see the crust very crunchy and i'm sure they are very tender inside look how juicy they are at 3 the beauty of my home can no longer wait for good appetite cook only with pleasure and with
  • 04:08: good mood and you must everything will work out thanks for your likes comments for that subscribe to channel bye bye