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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone, you are on the channel with your own hands today to show you how one army can be repaired without interruption bespereboynik ippon they're there 400 600 depending on the battery there their small and how they all have modifications such a problem sooner or later people collide can not run you can boring 220 push the button nothing happens
  • 00:31: tyk tyr tyr hold keep useless why is it often happens from the fact that the battery is dead for start-up bespereboynika need electricity 12 volts that while brains worked Relyushka shorter shorter multimeter 333 lesbian
  • 01:04: food here we see that we have 230 but 2 and 3 volts 2 and 3 volts on the battery currently all he does not start it not enough also show that we uninterrupted turn on here or direct and grids which directly always is through bespereboynik after 2 eyelets hole will it directly 220 indicator screwdriver clean here
  • 01:36: shorter now on business such a trick we take this product remove the positive wire [music] a plus plus or minus [music] we clamp we close eyes we press we hold
  • 02:07: about not running nose chip clear yes all speak of started running all functions close our eyes about everything turned off everything funtik jura need to hear some sounds Now
  • 02:46: look foresaw 1384 will show from the stretch when he turns on his there is an adapter for recharging it already battery put the terminals that so we 84 all charging camera leads intermittently hour battery charge hour should be started
  • 03:18: the room will charge and later it will quietly run the buttons without a soul no battery all guys check batteries because often immediately climbs everything I understand there will appear try to leave something basic the reason stages in these bespereboynik is battery some right away change new who comes to this i I recommend to try so if something not long rallied in this the situation was way time issue discharged everything now it will charge and
  • 03:49: everything will function normally guys who video was helpful fingers top subscribe to our channel and to our all groups and everything there all down there all all bye [music]