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My mistakes when knitting toys. My first toy.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] girls all huge hello today i I suggest you disassemble with me mistakes that were made when knitting my first toys let's meet this is my first crochet toy here she is Ladybug funny heart look and let's get right to the error which is striking this knitting only the rear wall of the column
  • 00:30: previous row that is according to the laws and amigurumi we knit in the back and behind front we make toys tight in them no visible filler I can not see the threads that we hide the second error is not correct symmetry compliance when crosslinked details of the toy here to see and see what is wrong with the powder
  • 01:01: everything seems fine pens also the legs everything is clear noncompliance with symmetry error third this wrong and when stitching parts then there is if you look closely you can see what is not loosely sewn and even here I can see here even the holes
  • 01:31: there we have to sew with you so that everything should merge with us there was a single picture a single animal so that was not such a mistake here number four is incorrectly matched wire for toy frame yes it is like a cool toy and it has wire already somewhere here already I lost here here let me show you right now how she is
  • 02:02: It looks like this wire that is, I didn't know when I was knitting the scheme was not a description of how frame toy I thought that you just need to cut off cut the wire and shoot just ours With you parts with wire in such look at no bends at all her I can not bend such a wire of course of course this is bad it would be better
  • 02:34: I am nothing like that at all see just horror bug number 5 if you knit for yourself it can not considered an error because an error the challenge is that i was stuffing this filler toy but took filler in old mugs but if for yourself please go but if you knit to order whether for a child
  • 03:06: Of course you need a new sintepukh who are served now can be said in each handmade needlework store how do you see my eyes here here are the pins and yes when I was knitting this a toy I did not have a peephole in our stores It was nowhere eye and I thought that i'm gonna make it so long and then after a while I
  • 03:37: make eyes came there came or glued to me so my hands did not reach here why there are no pins because first turn it is dangerous here they are sharp another know now topi in every store can buy these eyes I'll show you what I have now eyes and not worth a penny at all so can i buy i will show my eyes
  • 04:10: I started here knitting and design toys with such eyes on 3 different colors of blue so here's the pupil rides and cilia still here such eyes mi there were also noses sewn stuck here spout here spout very many different and did not like the last
  • 04:42: the times are so ordinary Circle for some reason with cilia me very liked maybe it just stuck several times such things are not glued eyes lately i don't like me at all I have no glue lately I see toys for children for little ones and i like others eyes now I'll show you I ordered them on aliexpress that's so different clearance with show see that is
  • 05:18: black color while it turns around get expressive as usual I don't like my eyes in many my toys can be seen here, and such still feel show and I also ordered for aliexpress by different packages again I have packages they are different
  • 05:51: other diameter ordinary black eyes like this look like ordinary black eyes too looks nice you can embroider cilia toys like like why safe because kids love such
  • 06:21: they notice as if weak points and love to bite their eyes a hundred percent sure baby won't steal from us correct them you attach here therefore of course cows if I had such eyes I would would immediately make a secure mount Here such a mistake let's get started
  • 06:54: on on me is not something that a mistake in I was deluded I always thought that I when I started to knit, I always thought that just buy the yarn I have here but toys are exactly this yarn and I thought that here is this yarn for example iris from which is our ladybug I can play all the toys but it turned out No, that is such a delusion that I
  • 07:27: I think here I will buy an iris and I will be all over toys but no now I understand that if I want small toys I take there I want a lawyer to make such toys average take alize cotton gold to me love them in composition are good and by it is for tactile sensations very pleasant i like and knit june very nice on this all girls please write in comments
  • 07:57: mistakes and you are one of those that I I listed and maybe I found you that mistake that i didn't call not forget girls sign up for my channel so as not to miss the new video bye everyone