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  • 00:00: hello dear viewers today I will tell you in detail about my favorite breed quail that will keep a few years it's an estonian quail breed when I was just planning to do quail I studied the description of the rocks on the Internet to I never saw them leaned only for general summary and feedback and Estonian quail I singled out as semi finalists selection and then already arriving at the hatchery I learned that they had Only Estonian quail its diurnal were so that the flour choices have disappeared themselves
  • 00:31: by myself I have never regretted the acquisition this breed and the beginning of classes quails generally consider the main characteristics of the breed Estonian quail universal breed meat egg well here must still be kept in mind that meat this breed can be considered in comparison for example with Japanese quails which quite small and have because of this pure egg specialization well there quite canaries comparison for example with
  • 01:02: pure local breeds in particular with texas me Estonians and yet more egg birds Estonian quail weighs on average 200 gram males and about 180 well plus minus a same Texans also average about 300 gram Well, that is the superiority of pure meat quail about 3 weight is obtained well Estonians having the advantage in weight with more than cover it high egg production with little or no effect on
  • 01:32: this indicator of environmental factors they even ran at plus 13 degrees without decreasing productivity quite stress-resistant our mind of others animals in particular on the cat on me does not react in any way it does not affect them I had egg laying even when plus 13 degrees without reducing productivity although it is certainly cold for quails it is very cold egg production rates in Estonian quail about 220 and 250 eggs a year well
  • 02:03: Ie, as work week virtually 5 days a week females lay eggs a couple of days have a rest would sometimes fold the impression that they are just me alone stakhanov ki containers disastrously I do not have enough Estonian quail rushing without a visible decline productivity year and 2 months although the Internet is advised to change livestock every 9 months and i'm the first times, too, picked eggs for incubation with
  • 02:35: counting to replace in nine months command from cynos cypher but didn’t do because I see that indicator it does not fall new quail that is a new generation has just begun rush and at first they are not very eggs large their not much time needed for order to enter the working rhythm here Indeed, the first wave of the first pair months eggs are smaller compared to not drying in the end only through year and 2 months was the first bell when
  • 03:07: the productivity of old quails has fallen somewhere at 10 percent and already through two weeks rates were again in within the norm so I am replacing Estonian quails are not for age but based on objective indicators in incubation plan and Estonian quail easier texans are valid if we use cheap domestic incubators with weak control temperatures when horse racing is possible then Estonians are better tolerate these flaws incubation percentage
  • 03:39: O me that Cinderella not keep temperature that in a homemade incubator from penoplex at 75 percent this quite a high percentage and the same Texans under the same conditions only 50 percent this has been confirmed several times Estonian breed quails have characteristic dark any color with more light breast is very easy to identify male or female in the female breast more
  • 04:09: light and characteristic dark specks and the males have darker breasts reddish and has no dark spots plus the males themselves are a bit less quail Estonian quails begin to trot in age of 1 month and one week 37 38 days after hatching very early after my first quail rolls viewers ask why on some frames of birds are bald without feathers and even
  • 04:41: blamed me for not the right content quail yes no friends department not in density not in quantity per cell believe me they are still very free sit compared to industrial quail standards lose plumage for several reasons first is too high temperature in the house particular heat in 35 degrees 2017 in during the week made the bird partially drop feathers second reason unbalanced feeding lack
  • 05:11: calcium vitamins but it is not my case about how I feed quails I told separately but here they are just gorgeous menu I consider and the third main reason I show you the quail workers which year already and even more I will remind that as a rule, livestock change in nine months and i have these birds contained together with males since eggs from this cell I took for incubation
  • 05:42: males performing their duties mate cool females in the neck or in pull the feathers out of your head and claws paws in the back of the female so grasp the backs also without plumage there are even scratches so don't worth paying attention to the appearance farm animals yes even actually exhausted resource completely i have frames with two or three month old quail look they are like in the picture if we are interested not productivity but the appearance is better
  • 06:13: pay attention let's say to their pheasants plumage great colors amaze theoretical imagination can even be eat if the hand rises on such beauty but I am talking about agricultural birds with certain appointments returning to Estonian parody in my opinion breed A very worthy excellent choice for both beginners so for and experienced poultry farmers if the main direction for you still egg products quail meat
  • 06:44: This is only a companion resource breed in generally quite common but as with other breeds also have to tinker with finding new blood as in reproduction in one-line framework for bird inbreeding begin to shrink and the egg becomes less than 1 two waves nothing else and then becomes noticeable and it already affects quality is on it all my friends thanks for watching and see you again at channel farmer loner