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Суточные перепелята в брудере. Итог инкубации яиц. Пенопластовый инкубатор "Несушка БИ-1"  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my name is natalya young I am glad to welcome you on my own the channel in the last video I introduced you with their Mongolian pets quail and talked about what I want raise quails on their own in an ordinary urban apartment for this was purchased by me incubator layer bi-1 and laid in it 50 quail eggs breed pharaoh and now see what network trading notes came a miracle on
  • 00:32: the light just appeared first bookbinder today is 17 day and perry alright began to hatch from eggs remind that I was laying breed hatchery eggs pharaoh here is such a small pharaoh chic it appeared it looks like this is from this egg
  • 01:23: exact for him so she looks inside now continuing to watch the quail not like this they briskly hatch from eggs since the birth of the first felipe perry film has passed more than five hours recall eggs in the incubator I laid a
  • 01:58: November 7th, today we have 23 just the seventeenth day everything goes by the schedule is quail breed Pharaoh rather large later I will weigh or diaper we manila weight how much we will hang it now
  • 02:28: them in piles prepared and wait when all the others hatch here egg pharaonchiki there sits a chicken who is about to be born
  • 03:00: egg weight 13 grams go she staggering by itself no one touches him soon the chick will hatch here you are, perry diaper who just hatched from the egg his weight is 11 grams and that he has already turned gray little incubator completely dried here
  • 03:32: It looks like daily quail ki part quail already hatched and I moved them in a brooder before you put them in a new home each perry diaper dipped here in such a pot of manganese cover with potassium permanganate
  • 04:02: a little bit just beak and so three times perry the diaper drank some water each to make him ventricle I have two inside right now drinking bowls cost and 2 caps in which lies hard boiled grind along with quail egg then why is it not drinking a tree on drinking bowls
  • 04:33: when to call such glasses in general it's an upside down cover some kind there plastic jars and there I put still turned over other such containers for what for what to walk when the diaper water climbed even though the water level was less five millimeters and somehow managed there choke we all quickly noticed when the film is not dragged by the waters I extinguished under the lamp beak wiped
  • 05:07: now I do not even know which one general he oklemalsya but that was not such cases repeated from had to limit space that is, they climbed into this the whole tree as they are still unstable on their paws then many of them see you fall roll over again get up in general so that he does not swallow on anyone again the water here is this space water they were limited now they I'll see that he drinks from 1 to the Christmas tree
  • 05:39: you can see well then what did you find there water pecked her shook his head and rolled back here such a life quail in the first hours after hatching from the egg continuing reporting innovation quail with purchased in but also eggs so I remind you was bought 50 eggs
  • 06:11: on the seventh they were laid the incubator and yesterday hatched these charming quail in the amount of 25 that is, the hatchability was exactly 50 percent don't know why than this related or is it some kind of misstep the emperor or they gave me the name such eggs of which
  • 06:44: probably most of them were some not a mainstay today i will try them tonight open these eggs and see what is there was inside but signs of life they are not fall from 25 quail which hatched here is how you see everything here in for him and healthy, they actively eat live drink some water finds it
  • 07:15: bite i give them blended quail egg together with the shell which previously I boil hard boiled and cereal mixture made by yourself that is it in equal proportions took wheat grain oat and corn and for loyalty still since
  • 07:47: they are very small ground them in coffee grinder seriously like it peck the lid behind the light bulb does not fit close as you see here and to them it was warmer here I close this gap so they feel comfortable there, they do not
  • 08:20: huddle close to each other run around bottom I have there mesh 10 by 10 millimeters of the cell below this state when I am quail I will grow up a little bit I think weekdays and 710 I will remove the top layer papers and poured under the grid is not a nail file now i will sum up from fifty
  • 08:55: my eggs hatched 25 quail 6 eggs this is not formed inside the chicks they and the other 19 are the most ordinary not fertilized eggs though I bought eggs for 25 rubles apiece and the seller guaranteed that they all
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