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КРАСИВЕЙШИЙ УЗОР спицами.Мастер-класс для начинающих от Shatlen.Шатлен

КРАСИВЕЙШИЙ УЗОР спицами.Мастер-класс для начинающих от Shatlen.Шатлен  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, today we will be with you learn to knit here is so wonderful knitting pattern it fit very easily and very much will see the openwork fails and so for order to tie such a pattern we need with you dial the number of loops multiple four + two so let's start I will dial 18 as type loops how to knit facial purl already on the channel I have detail about it on this dont stop I will
  • 00:31: everything will be under this video all these master class can be opened see who else does not know so first remove the loop we knit 2 purl 2 facial 2 purl 2 facial and so until the end of the row and
  • 01:10: last loop purl row tied overturn the first loop we shot purl knit purl to here it is necessary for the night tied to know that we do now with two facial we here in this way
  • 01:42: knitting needles grab the back wall that's not this and the next and after her face tying her iodine do not remove the eyelets yet now we insert a needle into this one first following face loop and knit again that is just like would cross them and now remove not once again and the first knit it cross
  • 02:14: as if we knit again 2 purl and again i look at first I'll tie this second one here and then pay for the first and I knit 1 and only after that I take off loops with special spring again night and first, a second face first then shoot
  • 02:45: So second facial and now here watch out be missed you must for the loop they are for 2 and
  • 03:21: the last one is knitted on the wrong side loop we shoot what we will do with these purl see first we First, we thread the needle and first we knit this second one purl then like that finger then pull the thread and move here this is knitted already purl
  • 03:52: but grab the first thread and you then it will be easy to reach through it I Now I'll show you everything again and after that, the girl can be removed from spokes facial we knit facial so again we put a thread on the spokes Well, grab this second one and knew from purl knit it if we look
  • 04:23: try without a finger yes without help knit it first purse how difficult it is to cling to the extra and so look here and so this visible we insert a needle into 1 purl and it's very easy for us to catch at the right us a thread and against the magic and then all 2 withdrawing is just such an extra help again see this first
  • 04:53: knit pushed aside just helped imagine a finger knit 2 removed actually everything is very easy again look it moved a finger like a finger removed already hard
  • 05:23: pushed aside and all easier much and space we there is and can be seen the thread where it goes to stray all very helps turned over and now we just these last two rows will be alternate this with us facial front side here we see what we have
  • 05:54: turned overturned there so from behind we grab the knit in this way and purl knit just purl facial all the same way knit here nothing else will change we
  • 06:24: just these two loops from the front parties we will knit them as I am knitting now and how I am knitting back row to back on the seamy side we will knit purl inverted loops like third row own do n't need to know anything anymore
  • 06:59: knit and now we will knit a number like 3 just transfer 2 3 rows look here we are wrong first knit to move back help yourself move back loop capture first everything can be removed and so we continue alternating these two rows we get Here's a look at what beauty
  • 07:31: Beauty is very effective pattern and light and spectacular in this way it turns out everyone does not end there for the attention of all bye bye