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  • 00:00: all good health today we will try on our homemade to make a machine serious enough part for such machine in this the case drone cone here we have blank this old shaft is from this old we produce firewood cone cone that to us we must do it drill loot to catch and hundred parts inside then reverse this
  • 00:32: taper the cone and cut the thread Here I quietly
  • 01:53: I get inside where it's all by the side the cone jumps only 2 hundred parts for homemade machine I I think this is normal here we need 5 more dozen take off shoot it's probably for two mouths and for three passes is not I would like to spoil detail in the beginning we have zero in
  • 02:41: end already well somewhere in the admission in the beginning it is necessary a little bit and all hole we are under our core vocal cone The rallying coal now we need to lower
  • 03:11: cone from this side reinstall lower the end this I
  • 03:43: bad till
  • 04:24: and there or
  • 05:17: a here we have lowered the cone and now before us there is not much problem as our lathe just turning and ringo to me cut and
  • 05:48: we need some kind of cut thread and now we have this we solve the problem way so that behold
  • 06:58: behold have opened
  • 07:49: garage conditions on
  • 08:40: self-made lathes we made the machine serious enough detail