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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear viewers of your channel country house with you tatyana shoemakovo i'm glad greet you on your channel and Today I am starting to grow and have a chair show you how I will sow eustoma is so extraordinarily beautiful a flower that still requires some effort to grow to lush beautiful flowering but it worth it as these bouquets are just
  • 00:30: charming they are usually used on the cut but i will grow and and just for yourself to admire this extraordinary beauty and now a lot everyones varieties and hybrids bush and among them lots of delicate shade it is densely terry I chose two tall series 1 series magik is a japanese seed
  • 01:00: belle how profit picks and and magic series is white this year with me there will be many different white flowers ageratum white bacopa under really want it is in these houses to make tench blue blush eustoma series b c series without she even taller up to a meter is considered than high up to 80 centimeters and Japanese it is ps
  • 01:30: American and bought such semi-professional packaging too Miss Kim blue is called but for some reason I I think that she is so similar all the way random picture let's see what grows from such thin me about this year was trust in my garden eustoma has very small seeds and therefore , the seeds are soaked here granule bath on capsules like a
  • 02:00: petunias in my bags of 10 seeds unfortunately they were not very fresh one 15 year debts days to twentieth year I bought such as I hope that they all will ascend These are the small containers I have due to the fact that the seeds are tiny seedlings will be very small at first it is even written on the bags that the soil should be with little content nutrients and so on what
  • 02:32: the ground I stopped and why now I want to tell you in detail it is not soil for flowering plants but very Good for many colors It is the purchase soil of me often ask what kind of purchased soil and need need to choose to have a nitrogen content was small and here in the ground for flowering plants content especially 100 130 phosphorus 200-250 his
  • 03:03: is this the worst proportion just for flowering plants here acidity 5-6 eustome need more even alkaline environment therefore 5 it can be even sour that is, such boundaries and for flowers that are such pickups like eustoma at an early stage I use ready for germination substrate when berova for saintpaulia tract for Saintpaulus
  • 03:37: also 100 100 nitrogen but less here phosphorus and a little less aqualia too knees has the largest percentage but all slightly reduce and more alkaline environment five and a half and six and a half acidity principle such a primer Fully suitable for many plants for sprouting at an early stage
  • 04:07: but I still reinsured although this peat based soil high-grade coconut fiber perlite and sand content I don't care let's say it a little bit like that I took 4 parts of this soil and added one piece is not semi so sand it has a very dense sand structure and
  • 04:39: still a little sprouts left for my everything it is thoroughly mixed and here I think this will be the ground good on seed germination Next I poured the soil in the tank somewhere 34 centimeters of fluffy soil it turned out in each place as he a little bit
  • 05:13: dryish I shed it but just happening water with potassium permanganate soil should be wet enough to germinate any the most not loving lava flowers should be on early stages a lot of moisture then when our hearts germinate and grow strong then we will air and alternate drought with scorch on data stage vlogged should be enough
  • 05:43: water of course should not stand but there should be plenty of moisture I will plant this one in one two bags series 1 magic term shelf life 18 and folk in half share these 10 minutes I will put in another place im my seeds from professional I will put the packaging in the third plate on
  • 06:13: smooth and well watered surface we lay our granules on the granules very little it 'll be a toothpick you can spread it with your hands when granules are few 1020 even if 30 i have them lays out in scatter and it seems to me that they even germinate better no dimples no grooves some something these huge seen on do not want to electrify need to quickly
  • 06:46: try to distribute as long as you can see them like because of the presence of perlite it's hard to see for him but a gram of flour a little yellowish camera can Finn not will show me clearly visible at a distance distribute them I love them very much press in here like seeds like dust I and even these will not push I think good soil is wet
  • 07:18: so the usual fingertip valley technique same as for petunia absolutely even just when we are like this we press in there is danger and and transplant that is, we can bring another place Two of them will not go away of course because it's easy to check on fingers but if you press a little bit then interest society is in contact with primer and further we are from a sprayer good
  • 07:50: moisten it necessarily the granule should spread out the lid definitely cover the lid and watch so that the top layer does not dry out and if you have a peat substrate cake can you just drink some water if you don’t calculated the humidity then you up germination can even spray still
  • 08:20: several grant is important that the top layer did not dry out than a good mixture of land with sand for germinating such seeds there how much water poured how much will the earth does not take any more moisture peat substrate can be a little calculate and monitor the humidity to germination and well what we usually comes up to two weeks Well, seedlings and so small that you even can not notice and not after 10 days
  • 08:52: ascend you may not even see there will stand so thin little cobweb glasses In principle, plants that can show before two weeks does not happen then twenty and in a month only it is possible to show such clearly seen 7 slices without magnifying glass Therefore, to tell us that gain patience go and hope that everything will be fine I wish you all good germination easy cultivation and
  • 09:23: stay our channel to stretch legs