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  • 00:00: good afternoon my dear friends approaching carnival I want to suggest you some delicious recipes pancakes that can not resist all the ingredients i will write in the description under video first pancakes are honey for cooking we need liquid honey add some warm milk mix and salt the eggs some more milk and all the flour knead thick
  • 00:30: dough add the remaining warm milk and butter butter necessarily in this recipe and one tablespoon of vegetable oil give dough to rest 10 minutes frying pan grease with oil and pour damn damn baked very quickly and flips easily cooked pancakes
  • 01:00: grease with butter or homemade with melted butter you can add pancakes even more sugar if you like sweet the pancakes are very tasty Now orange pancakes with the most delicate orange cream the dough is cooked on the basis of orange juice can be used juice or by yourself to cook
  • 01:31: or add ready juice to juice some kefir or yogurt eggs sugar white or brown is not much orange peel prepare a dry flour mixture add baking powder and salt mix and combine with liquid mass cooked dough can be whipped a whisk or a blender so that it was faster
  • 02:01: by cooking orange sauce for this we need orange juice add starch and orange slices I them cut in half mix and put on the stove bring I also stir continuously to a boil added some more sugar and brew the cream is cooling it pan heat up
  • 02:31: lightly haze and lubricate the first pancake vegetable oil damn it turns out very thin and fishnet rolls over pancakes are very easy ready pancakes grease melted butter or ghee home made
  • 03:02: serve pancakes with cooked delicious orange cream with sour cream and can submit honey the following pancakes are millet pancakes amazing taste of this recipe to me got from my grandmother Euphrosyne when I was a seventh grade girl in class home economics we were given this task to cook at home tasty and unusual pancakes So we made these pancakes with Grandma when I brought to school insulated the teacher said if in a cell
  • 03:32: the journal could be put a hundred fives and would put them start cook with me we need and millet porridge cook and half a cup washed millet 2 cups of water and boil 7 minutes off and cool in the cooled millet porridge add salt sugar and eggs sugar at will can not add and kneaded flour with baking powder
  • 04:02: dough and dilute it with warm milk milk also use room temperature a little vanilla and melted butter give dough relax with to brother we lubricate vegetable oil and pour pancake pancake dough turned out a little painful it spreads slower pancakes roll over very easily
  • 04:40: bake so all pancakes ready pancakes grease with melted butter or homemade ghee preparations tender and tasty shona I am pancake and cook I am pleased to offer yours Attention delicious dessert chocolate pancakes for making pancakes
  • 05:10: we need good cocoa powder quality cocoa powder and add some sugar and vegetable oil pour boiling water and stir it give our pancakes pronounced chocolate color add milk egg salt vanillin kefir and flour with baking powder knead dough can be used
  • 05:49: blender the dough is ready give it a rest 10 minutes heat up the pan and grease vegetable oil pour pancake pancake and baked very quickly and easily removed ready pancakes do not forget to lubricate melted butter and and homemade ghee prepare the filling from the curd to the curd I add a little
  • 06:20: sour cream sugar to taste, and can also be add raisins clean or cranberry i add cranberries fill pancake with filling roll the pancakes ready I have a piece of pancakes with curd without anything very tasty next
  • 06:51: recipe for the most tender pancakes on potato broth we need you need to make potato broth take half a liter of water and about one a large potato somewhere about 150 grams probably cook and chop blender to get such a liquid jelly shaped mass add eggs milk also salt sugar flour baking powder and
  • 07:25: mix with a whisk or blender until homogeneous mass without lumps add vegetable oil and leave dough rest for 10 minutes frying pan grease the first damn plant oil is heated well and pour pancake thin pancakes roll over lightly grease or melted homemade butter and serve to
  • 07:57: the table is very tasty Now I offer you an incredibly tasty pancake cake with butter cream and fruits with this pancake tour there you can meet any guests they will be charmed to cook of this recipe for these pancakes we need milk and sour cream add eggs and dry ingredients sugar to taste
  • 08:29: salt flour baking powder vanilla or vanilla sugar mix an ordinary whisk or blender then add vegetable oil and leave dough rest for 10 minutes frying pan
  • 09:00: grease with vegetable oil and bake thin pancakes are baked very fast and easy to roll over bake pancakes on medium heat pancakes do not need to lubricate as we have there will be a cream now we will prepare a cream for making cream we need cheese ricotta or you can use ordinary cottage cheese rubbed through a sieve add sour cream
  • 09:32: vanilla or vanilla sugar and also sugar to taste depending on how you need stir with a spatula or whip Mixer whisk separately chilled. cream with sugar prepare the gelatin in advance. pour water so that it swells and heat
  • 10:03: its microwaves and cool until room temperature right now we add to cottage cheese and cream mixture and add whipped cream with sugar ready cream sent to the fridge easy to pour to the consistency cream become a little thicker maybe minutes on twenty or thirty pancake grease the resulting cream and top spread fruit
  • 10:33: the next two layers we are fruit not we lay only one cream grease and so collect the whole cake amount fruit, adjust the cake yourself top you can decorate something I sprinkled with grated chocolate and send him in the fridge in an hour you can serve the cake cut
  • 11:03: into portions and enjoy the cake is very tasty