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  • 00:00: hello so hello dear viewers of my channel today i will record the video that is for me very, very important thing is that I am all a life loved to do something with these hands and I can say that today I want show my bags which I did Itself is the original bags that I always did when I had to somehow
  • 00:30: finish the image for example I knew that I I 'll put something over there and I there are no accessories and therefore I always did it myself and jewelry from the bag and afterwards for I can say this hobby now of course I have very little I don’t even remember when last time did the last bag moreover i use them not too often
  • 01:02: but no less each of them for me as my child, I love her very much every this bag and want to share today with you this passion Design 7 So the first bag is such don't even know the flea market style general flea market style my one of most loved when I travel always I visit flea markets and always try
  • 01:35: buy something original some thread coin button not old it is important where and then I always think where and how to use it and such handbags as this is just a confirmation see how many different planets are here buttons unusual here chains by the way this bag is absolutely functional it worn over the shoulder and there are many secret pockets in here
  • 02:07: including back when traveling such a universal color when you walk for example roman the ruins you look very very organically adore this bag next the bag that I want to show you on which I have been carrying for so long say and from design she is double unusual consists of two bags consists of two sums that's small
  • 02:40: I always kept the camera in it travel time and and you can open and there you get out quickly cameras you do picture 5 before you put are not looking in the bag big and this bag is big made of black velvet see here there is a secret pocket too functional where the money goes passport documents if there is a need then you can bag sever for example this one
  • 03:13: use as little theater you bag using well understood that there is a cities in which such bags look very organic for example venice when i in venice traveled with this servant you do not believe me but a few people Foreign approached and asked where I bought this amount I clearly believe that it should be sold Venice but no she was born in my I head for a long time, I picked up the portrait I did not know what picture to put in
  • 03:44: center on this bag literally from mona lisa Yes, where I do not know Merlin Monroe options were considered well in matching there with the design in the final in the end, I accidentally saw this picture Duchess Alba Francisco Goya and decided use it well in general bag very versatile she's like a bag on a bag but you can also use a separate can be worn over the shoulder
  • 04:15: I adore I don't know how good it will be it can be seen when it cracked too peeling varnish which I specifically used and first carried this the picture on the fabric then the fabric was sewn sheathed the chain in general I'm above it worked for a long time but it is absolutely my design one hundred percent goes further bag so sunny Spain I still called this bag was on visible one the bag that I bought myself at the end
  • 04:49: show this bag which is me say led to what I decided do the same as that bought but only small beads of all colors rhinestones are big little thick here located here more pro rarer on itself a bag of such a dark green color see, too, secret pockets dark green color I noticed in summer
  • 05:19: looks very universally suited to all pretty festive enough same time because fabric which i used is flax dark green linen well, I hope she will give you also like the next bag which I would like to show you black is also in flea market style such a small retro bag it can use for
  • 05:50: wherever you want and the future you can combine it with something black can be on corporate she the soul consists of different elements purchased at the flea market remaining experience some other decorations from the old costume jewelry in general i use all that maybe it's my heart brought from brazil I bought these coins myself some were antediluvian earrings here it is
  • 06:21: It was an old Finnish decoration bought on the Finnish flea market cross the remains of earrings in general each little things and sewn on such a handbag reminds me of something I hope we like and finally the last two days which I want to show one so slightly glamorous pretentious in such an old style I do n't even know
  • 06:53: why did I sew her but I wore her a little I had outfits in this style very much long well here and lace and rhinestones and different such here are some incomprehensible ribbons of different colors such cyclamen i deep turquoise well, she is also black velvet well and finally the bag that i just show because it fits into today's
  • 07:24: collection this bag which I bought and here are just inspired by the motives of the one that I subsequently made of dark green on here is such a bag Indian bought in ak sis digging accessories but overall this is an English shop accessories that are in all absolutely European countries as far as
  • 07:54: I know, too, I saw her somehow on christmas sale so she to me I liked that I kept it bought although I understood that I myself could do this too In general, then do well and later it poured here is a small as a result here I have two of these this do not I wear it because it turned out perfectly stupid buckle here is such a one the button is completely non-functional and uncomfortable
  • 08:25: those bags that I do myself I always provide for all the nuances with In terms of convenience, how is it today hot I dressed up myself like a curtain but me I wanted to get dressed in this vintage style a little bit in style flea market is all the decorations that I wore them today too
  • 08:55: almost all my well I hope you had it's interesting to look at my handbags I personally just adore them and wait The following video has already been sent to me by myself. request girl this is my first request as you know i'm very beginner even I'm afraid to call myself this word blogger but she asked to make a video about
  • 09:25: decorations and of course of course I will about decorating your next video I just need to choose which ones show here in the first plot then I will show others jewelry because I have them completely different styles you will surprised but I have no addiction not to uniform style not to a single material i use everything always buy here
  • 09:55: all sorts of different things wherever it is where I can come across and then I make of them some decorations but also also i buy wreck ready naturally it takes a lot of time means but this is my hobby well all the best i hope you don't tired bye and see you at next video bye