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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear friends, I am very happy welcome you to our channel and today I want to show you how cook and how to apply well I would even call a miracle a way for increasing ovaries on tomatoes plus in this solution we will have protection from diseases and plus to the same will be with us additive for the development of leaf mass then there is in one processing we will do right away
  • 00:30: three very important things and you have As a result, friends all ovaries should to start that is all the flowers that have you bloom on tomato plants should fruit will come from flowers Tomatoes consider this example varieties of thick which we grow You can note that all brushes bound not one but fallen col. this is the next brush following brushes and still we have
  • 01:02: more brushes that just bloom there is this treatment which I now I will conduct it does not hurt in any case of my plants well of course with provided that you will provide plant enough more root nutrition for the development of the plants how to prepare the solution immediately that we will use boric acid j manganese and milk also add a little urea
  • 01:34: Well, she's carbamide, I think that's all components are very accessible to each of we are friends but manganese manganese potassium permanganate maybe not everyone can find but as a component it is in principle possible eliminate this we add in order to slightly increase plant protection from various diseases and so let's get started directly to cooking us you need one and a half grams of boric acids one and a half grams to dilute boric acid is needed hot water i for
  • 02:05: this specially designed glass printer with hot water but water should not be boiling water that is, only hot diluted we mix boric acid best diluted in hot water and this, it does not lose its properties and good has a good effect on fruit set for development growth terminations and so on well I I think you all know
  • 02:36: The main thing is that the team acid is not overdo take a little manganese if you have it good there is nothing terrible and in the same glass add manganese so that the water was like this here is dark pink well, not black of course well, dark pink is in the glass is not in the working solution then a glass of milk 200 grams if it's homemade 250 if it's milk
  • 03:06: purchasing suppose friends are the role of milk what is it that she will play with us adhesive role and it will be more and longer hold all other elements to be added to the solution pour the milk add diluted boric acid with manganese and also us I need 60 drops of iodine but I drop counted and scored a syringe it turned out
  • 03:38: I have one point six cubic centimeters syringes this is for those viewers that maybe not pipette wants to count it all alone a whole 60's in this syringe and j will play the role of protection against disease because iodine very good effect on prevention disease disease does not give them evolve and even if it is a disease already it began very significantly slows down their development ie iodine
  • 04:10: we will be both medicine and protection against diseases and add a spoon here urea spoon without a slide pour it straight into this dishware and all this is thoroughly stirred here so many components we got in this milk solution manganese j urea and boric acid every component will play your part
  • 04:43: 1 processing we will achieve immediately multiple urea targets we will have in as foliar application, it will tomato leaves impart here is such a green color that is to feed leaves will develop well leaves bots in them will go well photosynthesis processes green manganese j this protection is antibacterial depressant affecting the development of fungi various fungal plant diseases boric acid improves hovess
  • 05:13: milk as i said is adhesive and all these are friends we put in sprayer and add up to 10 liters water that is, these are all components we now diluted in 10 liters of water friends believe this way worker works very well i saw greenhouses that are treated like this composition stitchiness yield bush development in general at the highest level
  • 05:43: beyond praise and people enjoy In this way, not one year is really not one here I saw of course and was a little bit amazed what the results good but process two or three times in season possible in principle every ten days work like this fully processed throughout the plant wetting the leaves carefully but not to
  • 06:13: there was a runoff know how to handle and without me here are friends can handle and from which very good results, I I hope someone is sure who liked the video liked Huskies put all you good to goodbye to new meetings