Как связать скос плеча и горловину без отрыва нити // мастер-класс toyfabric

Как связать скос плеча и горловину без отрыва нити // мастер-класс toyfabric  See details »

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  • 00:00: all good with you natalya and rovnenko continue to work on a jacket with a v-shaped cut and now I finished the back took out armholes under sleeves and finished to the place where i need to make bevels on the shoulder and neckline knit I I'll have it all at the same time cutout under neck and shoulder bevel and I noted markers according to their calculations here
  • 00:31: I have separated this central marker left part from the right with the left part I now I do not work so long as I have one meter and here I marked the loop with markers neck because with the shoulder all it is clear how it diminishes here get off of the neck loop marked with a marker so as not to get confused let's remind how we are doing here it means the throat decreases two 6 loops times this is from the center from the middle here I have a central
  • 01:03: marker and twice 6 loops I noted and then we still have three times four loops and and three times four loops it is not to be confused now we will knit at the same time closing the shoulder loop and necks how we do shoulder we closing begins this edge here have us once 8 loops 2 times close 7 loops and close 6 times 6 loops that is what we do with this hand knit 8 loops further knit up
  • 01:35: of this marker to 1 here are 6 loops we do not knit leave on the needles and come back here now close here 7 loops and knit up to this marker These loops are not knit come back again we close with side of the shoulder 7 loops knit up here this marker is not further knit and come back close 6 loops knit this argument marker it
  • 02:07: say goodbye close 6 loops and we stay with us remain on the spokes only neck loops but now let's all knit it we close the loop as follows we knit the first loop front following and pass through so we close 8 times 8 loops
  • 02:42: closed 8 loops further knit by drawing I finished up this marker here end of row all previous marker and we transfer again to the knitting needle This marker can be removed because already
  • 03:13: we finished it right now and now side turn and knit by the first loop is removed as Edging and back to the front the side knit loops on the pattern and I watch a purse row finished up with me
  • 03:44: 2 loops left this I knit a I do not knit extreme edging turn cutting so turn and now I look right away I put an edge loop on the left needle and through her I pull this first one working that's the way all 1 is a decrease in this I have done a number further on
  • 04:16: it should be 7 downs here 1 there are 2 whatever from the picture loop knit facial and take off the second loop closed 3 four generator 6 7 and now look due to the fact that
  • 04:49: purlous row i am the last loop I didn’t knit my line the shoulder is absolutely flat no steps here as usually remain when we are a group the loops are closed and remain such steps here due to the fact that we purl row edge loop not knit look absolutely flat line is obtained in the beams and like this way we will be every time in the wrong
  • 05:20: A number of do that we had absolutely flat shoulder line and now next we knit here this one do not knit the rest of the loop come back and so on until we close all the shoulder loops do not get to here this marker that is, we have needles there should be only throat loops and left shoulder now farther continue to knit on the pattern here I covered my shoulders all the loops of my shoulder
  • 05:53: closed and closed all the hinge not loop knit that should have been with right side knit now I'm with Markers also noted the loop mouths on this side and now we go to knit the left side for this we now close all the loops with right half of the neck loop to here this marker is here with us there were central loops of the neck which closed right at the center here
  • 06:23: now here are all the loops up to this marker we close close exactly the same regardless knitting loop facial side and stretch through the edge and see here I closed up 1 marker after the central loop now
  • 06:53: visible neckline and shoulder line here so she we have from the braid on his shoulder there and he smooth neat and solid neck and now we are closing at the same time the hinge and loop licha only now in our initial rows are obtained from this side that is first we reduce the neck loops then shoulder loops here in this row we closed the first 6 neck loops now we knit a row to the end
  • 07:27: we transfer all markers and from the return sides start beveling shoulder up the essence now do simultaneously here in this a row of 6 neck loops I closed until the end of the face on the pattern and in the opposite side close the first eight loops shoulder and on simultaneously from this axis that side until we have symmetrically not get a second shoulder so I'm on now the seamy side on this side i
  • 08:00: closed 8 loops for the shoulder and come back to the hinges here we will do such that same reception will be use to from this side with us there was also a smooth line of neck without steps last loop edge not knit overturn on the purl side and immediately through her first an eyelet pulled it she already 1 closed further close to the marker and see the marker remove and another
  • 08:50: loop on this side we closed and Now we are completing it exactly the same way. do not knit edging and in reverse side immediately remove it for bevel shoulder and so knit until the end until we have all loops will close as well as with this I finished all the matters and see what it turns out we closed 1 thread without
  • 09:21: thread break at once both shoulders and neck here we have the line of the neck shoulder line all smoothly neatly post stretching pattern so when we will sew it all on level and left long thread to the same thread shoulder seam so what else do you want to say the loops here are the necks in this case we closed because my children
  • 09:51: it will be sewn on the bar but they can leave open that is how we are here they knit the right shoulder and leave open loop here then we when shoulder finished we set off thread attached to this side and we tie up the left shoulder leaving exactly similarly at the end of the row open loop mouths and here they are going to all on the needles and then you can sell them off on an additional knitting needle or cable while knitting the front part and then you can
  • 10:23: gather if it is a sweater or a jumper us loops open do not need to dial by new we them just collect us rush game and continue to knit collar on today i have everything i hope this master the class was useful to you and you learned something new to yourself well i say goodbye to you and see you later in the new videos all the best for you bye