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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, what are you yesterday? It turned out to give an analysis because not Panamanians scrape us again today the two of you went have passed the analysis you are very much comments wrote about cholesterol pressure thank you very much we will answer what we have in fact so you had cholesterol only 620 month you drank pills for lowering cholesterol and dieting and
  • 00:31: weight cholesterol converted tried-tried the mouse do not eat and whether such further roasted lighter less than let's say you're already on the Nuisance bold you in it spring congratulated the network for the first time all first listerine will start in spring and in fact, already send us a taxi with
  • 01:05: people yes and cholesterol fell physics 5 5 pascal the lester is gone nightmare here they also wrote to touch operation
  • 01:40: never been and do not slaughter i live by the principle that the car is already handsome starvation or don't you need to solve this comment It stretches with a question but do you a lot
  • 02:16: seen and successfully shield which style of unsuccessful and happy planets Here is the answer for me, we are not 6 days the guests
  • 02:49: I look where you study so what else it's cold and so on with us again about what we go go we need to buy bread axioms you were already shown to you
  • 03:19: on the way back we will enter the new mail I came to paste over, I already order together then another, then what to do and in fact Today blows you as always do not want a hood wear but because i am
  • 03:50: impression that does not kill us decided to show you what we have number sky today is the first day of spring ink tea and what such beauty
  • 04:33: from all meters of cobweb ten but it is folded here for the delivery of 47 Levin and this whole package is 305 these are these 5 [music] yes even for boob pilot shop went there any garbage on me and yes something will sign a little from the river andre loaves
  • 05:09: we dressed and generally straight Dubai stumble the hospitals were
  • 05:55: store recorded we were papule tore and no one would appear wrote that we have it called Polyclinic you do not understand us too There are clinics where about the main a range of services is provided there
  • 06:26: Any x-ray and specialized doctors this and it is labour from ambulatory for service as if by the cells of the local population who lives in the county you wagon he turns to primary lanka doctor general practitioner or pediatrician if it concerns children and after that everything there is such a scheme here first district therapist or family as
  • 06:58: now called and then already if here for example there is no some doctor she directs you to the clinic for example roads are more serious therefore this clinic and ambulatory is not the same is true for information well that we have arrived and we will eat now you all bon appetit maybe something else will show it to me yesterday
  • 07:29: dress sewed another will tell a tell me take it off well i wore a dress so interesting and leopard colors so rap is exactly the same as we are with you sewed chiffon maxi dress wide cut only this dress on the lining below you see here such thin viscose base skirt here width of each side skirt 60
  • 08:02: centimeters that is not very big the key is not a trapeze anything just skirt square and also laid here folds along the waistline from the center but he see yes he has a drawing but he not symmetrical that is, he has one side and other side drawing so to make it happen in the middle interesting shoulders because you can't see
  • 08:32: look high as she looks times three-meter length are here such a you need to wind several times around waist here we have a sleeve on rubber as usual for comfort tuck it turns out such a beautiful wide sleeve can make three quarters dress but to black fabric and we can wear without gold
  • 09:03: will not show through but below naturally because the fabric is light pad needed or could also sew separate dress combination i'm in such Sims outfit home as usual that you already probably used to be sewn separate dress combination either here Separate approaches I will also look so straight take my husband a taxi my husband and something came after the ambulatory began to sneeze I say no matter what kind of infection
  • 09:35: did so glue spider 10 meters check it is not advertising guys me Of course I would like this store participated in advertising well this called store textiles fee grate 10 meters of cobweb 35 hryvnia meter for the package we paid how many 47 hryvnia that is him
  • 10:06: add more news that's enough for me webs you probably For half a year I’m sure I will cut thin here I put my stripes here Flizelin coaching and that is such here look at the discount did see here minus 35 hryvnia they made a discount then there was so 350 35 hryvnia on rough speaking for shipping there literally yet bought glasses paid off to gossamer 10
  • 10:37: meters for 30 hours became to out of 12 12 hryvnia because in our store too has risen and there is no longer here where no 8 homes on the meter there is no on the meter to buy most profitable your stock is mine suddenly still have to rise in price come to an end for today I did not finish the blog and what did you want it
  • 11:08: do two more dresses in my plans not I know if I can make a new one tomorrow. collection if it does not work then I will take off when sunday because her it is necessary to prepare iron all dresses well plus photo video that is it but takes a lot of time and maybe tomorrow I'll go to class with I need to call now in the morning to find out if for tomorrow in free time if there is something I'll go tomorrow morning that i had four days break this
  • 11:38: pretty much gotta do no run it want to add do not want to add anything then tell everyone occurring gums we hope will already cheers warm good mood all u we have all that water chiki-peaks it's you and your hands until you show all bye and center
  • 12:11: turn back and see the picture somewhere became a girl made a picture embroidered as if i understood that this is a car embroidery Yes, very well, something tomorrow