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  • 00:00: hello everyone welcome to the channel green planet in this video will tell about incubating quail eggs how to choose the eggs temperature conditions must be observed how to adjust the humidity which it must be what days in general all you need know as much as possible number of healthy quails you laid eggs eggs I laid in homemade incubator by incubators I will make a separate video tray now made under quail eggs I'll do more under goose under kurina in
  • 00:31: general it doesn't matter now talking about quail quail looks like this the first one that came out on day 16 incubation lasts 16 days unless you have there will be temperature drops if you make everything stable after 16 days you will have quails if with temperature with temperature mode everything will be okay 37 on all 16 days for 46 hours all quails will come out en masse if they are
  • 01:02: drops then chicks output can stretch to days and sometimes even before one and a half and plus to the fact that half Athenian can die if you have the temperature was above 37 of 7 because neither in no case exceed this temperature conditions choose eggs eggs must be no more than eight days old very important laying eggs didn’t wipe them The main thing is that the eggs are whole
  • 01:32: do not burst and when bookmark set temperature 3077 Before laying it is desirable that five to six hours if you have eggs were buried somewhere cool lain in room temperature 5 6 it is quite enough hours we lay our eggs temperature and thirty seven and seven fifty percent moisture expose and the first 13 days are required every 4 hours we turn the eggs if not
  • 02:02: turn the eggs out quail will be less than 50 percent if you do the coup then the quail does not stick and in their more than 70 percent of me about 75 80 percent yield turned out on quail every 4 hours turn the eggs 50 percent moisture 37 degrees celsius exhibit on day 13 we begin air our eggs in the morning and in the evening open the lid of ours for five minutes
  • 02:33: incubator to let in fresh air given from day 13 stop doing coup from 13 days necessarily increase humidity up to seventy percent to your quail well came out massively could not curse shell otherwise otherwise they don't will be able to swear and die in these here so our quails look like Now they almost all day came out massively well already start feeding on Propoi
  • 03:07: com now tell after you left quail the first five days we solder baytril am ten percent is one ampoule for 2 liter water ampoule one milliliter goes pour out the vial mix well five days every morning change the water even if quail and did not have time to drink all be sure to make new every day solution from the sixth to the ninth day we give tectonics two milliliters
  • 03:38: and give ascorbic acid 1 gram this everything is diluted with 1 liter of water and also We give propayka from 14 to 16 day we give gipotonik two milliliters and well, 31 grams per 2 liters of water diluted and in the same way we give to our drink quail on feed from the first day we give starter feed also I give dill if there is the presence of not you can not give
  • 04:09: enough only feed there was always fresh water to the bird there was access and not necessarily heat below 37 degrees and better than 40 degrees approximately 39 40 to keep in your box in which your broilers will be they are heated by a red lamp at the end video I'll show her how to set adjust the temperature put down thermometer boxes and lamps or a little lower or
  • 04:40: raise tune up look at gadyushnika to temperature corresponded somewhere 39 40 degrees generally look at the bird if the bird itself feels comfortable running actively eating does not stray in a heap means temperature is ideal if the bird overheated it smoothes on the floor spreads his wings begins to crap necessarily lower the temperature that is raise the lamp a little higher for sure also put the thermometers look at temperature to make the bird feel comfortable then she will be fine
  • 05:10: develop the first 10 days the light must be constantly on and must be warm until your bird is will form its own temperature regime here is the last little white here went out and ordered a gift all black Well, there are different eggs there are black quails are so gray and one the very last one that came out here so beautiful little white if you have your own eggs
  • 05:42: going out you will be down to 100 percent since we ordered eggs through Internet turned 70-75 percent of this also very good but surely the eggs which you ordered via the Internet be sure to disappear small quail antibiotics which I said vitamins supplements all give because you do not know how to eat them no mom dad hurt with anything not hurt necessary vitamins antibiotic vy course they need to pass to normal
  • 06:14: feel and good in the future develop on first aid kits how to do it i I have already told you about the temperature the regime just said I will continue shoot video in stages we will them grow will make cells for quail will cages separately for female males in on 45 females will be one male for breeding so that we had eggs constantly make a turn and will separate cages for eggs which will be go to food I mean there will be separate
  • 06:45: females separately males which will go for the meat in general, all must I'll tell show you gradually step by step we will grow them on the channel every week upload videos like they will develop will grow will still be telling many interesting quails gave more I will do a video on broiler am in general be sure to follow the water the water should be clean there must be no drafts until your chicks form own thermoregulation body is like
  • 07:18: minimum 10 this and 14 days at least through 45 days your chicks should already start giving egg they develop very quickly here the lamp of which I spoke like this 175 watt looks very nice red the lamp she warms and she disinfects generally perfect if you are grow a bird who liked put your finger up subscribe to the channel will continue to be very much Thank you all thanks bye