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  • 00:00: today we will tell you how it works on myself boris coval he to kropotkin right in his house quail farm hello go broke ilyich no red here here you live your home and quail where they live in the attic of a residential home it was just above the attic
  • 00:30: redid the attic insulated and now they live there for almost ten years all yourself did this here no stairway this all that remains of the old masters here the situation kisnet and did himself the birds smell so you probably already nothing feel yes this lock for you are so dear to you so you get used to the smell asks me whether the bird can keep in an apartment in a residential area and you can then you will have to accept the fact that
  • 01:01: they will smell like you will each day to clean this bird than profitable blocked penny on a small square you can keep a small amount here books and getting more eggs and meat with area units than smoking like you generally decided the camp this business was time to serve not far from Chernobyl and we became be interested in what products are the things of all capable of bringing radionuclides from organism and here found mention
  • 01:31: literature on what best deduces radionuclides quail eggs and got interested in it Well, for the time being, they served in Ukraine there was an opportunity to engage in squabbles and already when they moved Naumann ninety fifth year in ninety-seventh bought first quail penis 107 here in general virtually no information was not across the business of the internet is not yet was when was the only book then the ball of this book had no break and I
  • 02:01: I found some kind of photocopy of this the book somewhere through friends did not get and here in it got some information the rest is purely experienced by that is by trial and error quail food did not exist then I had to reinvent myself and here these are all feeds how easy is anyone experiment mix up the birds content is constant creative process well let's say cell did she today those seem riding
  • 02:31: perfect all after some time already starting to notice some disadvantages pokuyu then passes more where the first term she already starts you are annoyed to think yes That should have been done is not the case in the fact that when poultry conditions personal farm and keep not only spin to feed yourself your family and some get so poultry must be sold all that is, true bird keep escaping from
  • 03:01: food grade egg should be sold to the roads hatching eggs for sale birds live bird adult carcass must sold and even litter because the moment is sold litters already years ten cottages are recorded in the queue because it grows all very well you can earn more on it than the rest of all products but you Now there is someone who takes this litter consume this litter to the consumer there summer residents all those who have or plot
  • 03:33: cottage or farmland home in the season when autumn and spring are on flight queue constantly somewhere up to 2000 years we kept the bird purely for ourselves eat no egg sales nothing somewhere in 2001 or 2002 our the number of birds and has grown to about 800 pieces that is, we already started some sell particle
  • 04:05: on the market first then in 2003 we conducted the first certification received egg certificates began to work with trading networks in 2005 we had 23 or 24 points of sale so we all the city was blocked and blocked plus we have with belgian came for an egg besides that which gave itself offered the most products we engaged and educational work that is well firstly the internet site which we
  • 04:36: We will do in 2001 the very first Madonnas in fact quail 8 on the Internet was besides i am constantly typing on printer booklets where painted as well quail eggs and then the information was taken from various sources of newspapers where there was mentions of the benefits of this egg and these booklets we laid packs in each shop where we are brought our products that is they lay there on the counter so the people could read you immediately advertising and do not climb advertising immediately advertising because without it
  • 05:07: nowhere all trade goes there through Internet because any offers for the sale of bird eggs and cells sometimes people ask all this can be found on the Internet the brain you understand the wife is very active flutters hello Japan cooking has a section smoked goes this little going down
  • 05:37: when i'm missing she completely substitutes no one else for 32 them Lacks these here 4 but it's hard without weekends and passers that is what it is household hard because the weekend can not be arranged that is, you will not throw him anywhere on the sea see the new year are walking until three in the morning 8 must also become want to feed looked egg weeded out
  • 06:08: on giving they started ready straight cushy as these cells are arranged you yourself create them yourself do the cells until completely these all cells self-made cells are made of mesh then cut into required size this cell means I have this here listogib on which this grid can bend at the right angle people buy the bird is often asked to sell Akita
  • 06:40: with a cell and therefore account for make these cells well that is yes yes it happens that you and the cells are already sell yes it is generally possible but you can also get income from cell sales somewhere may account for about thirty percent that is in overall balance you still have special rooms for a young Danish garden let's go to kindergarten let's go to Kindergarten is always up to the temperature at 30 degrees it's kind of sake
  • 07:12: contain little day up to 10 days they grow very very fast yes very quickly gaining both volume and weight means years five we only earn on the egg then when they started to get more expensive feed these earnings fell but almost to zero after that we became reorient on exactly the sale the young were considered to be the example price food eggs 30 rubles ten
  • 07:43: hatching egg - ten rubles a who buys all the same hatching egg so in demand or in demand now there is a lot of steel be interested in quails moreover, people understood that let's say more profitable keep some bird for yourself at home Eat something like an egg his bird
  • 08:13: Now I do not work with shops there is almost a letter I take regular customers who There some from years on 10 on 15 already take this egg that is which felt for yourself on your family the way of this egg to return to receive from personal maintenance housekeeping is starting itself give it back somewhere in a year 2-3 when the turned some client
  • 08:43: the base is also a client base is it somewhere 30 percent is the one that customers from with experience let's say in the region of 10 years the rest 70 percent is which arises by it was then from the floor that is customer appeared dad took the egg healed then finished this course cookies here until last month Earnings were in the black, then here
  • 09:14: It turned out that for health reasons Krasnodar happened three times went to the hospital so last month closed minus that is, that is a little bit do this all served immediately prada watched accounting until -4000 for this month on this probably can not get rich definitely can not be diluted because this agriculture say it yet whole farm that is , somewhere such a phrase read that
  • 09:44: if you want potro there is money only i teach spend them enjoy and go somewhere to the bar and if you are you want to earn extra ticket headache and color owns agriculture that is why and when I ask questions let's say here there is tunisia not geniuses premises schatten here now turn around there at 50,000 farms and make if the sea soar you try for yourself do there at least 50100 birds and understand what is yours or not yours to it
  • 10:15: have some kind of addiction or desire engage and some mutual feelings between you and the birds what are you you feel the pizza she doesn't like her very much you need to kill up to 20 no but treat corresponding to its content responsibly enough then you worked military nuclear scientists you could imagine the world at all you will be with me too so many experts the most agree and give learning somewhere I
  • 10:46: was the head decanter of the headquarters department at first rarely yes it was all decided global questions all this who thought reset you will become farmers myself about it I did not think that I will take care of the bird but never mind being bored without her already incubator we have several one of them here 10 drink incubator with automatic by turning that is without angels here and homemade it bought at ninety two thousand
  • 11:18: don't remember 2007 and 2008 any personal home farm when it starts with small numbers of birds as a rule buy the simplest foam the incubator from me is such a simple here it is worth this foam when has been increasing the number of birds and the there is already a need for more large incubators for more egg quantity do you plan to develop your own their affairs but in principle in principle
  • 11:48: the plan is why the building is building as if additionally all this this the room is now stored in it pocket but in the future here is planned place the main shop with a bird and here this is our main room here which we plan to do here in principle, the classroom will need to open un and on rendering consulting services is simple and then you can swim to these classes just making plans to recruit groups and hold these classes just
  • 12:20: the people are ready ie they call to come to study here you may be straight school and maybe maybe it’s easy to live or Thank you very much. I hope your products. projects projects come true but i I hope, too, and then come see thank you very much please