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  • 00:00: Hello dear lovers of knitting Today I want to offer you master class on the initial set of loops which is called tubular thief here I have recruited the usual set usually as we type here's a cap tubular set that can already be compared looks completely different here I am
  • 00:32: I see sweeter where pizza was made tubular set with such a leg and loops it turns out an elastic edge which not much stretched and very much and then At the same time, it is elastic and looks already until the factory thing is at all we need auxiliary thread on the knitting needle auxiliary thread preferably another
  • 01:02: Contrast colors type quantity loops two times less than required let's say we need to score 20 loops auxiliary thread we dial 10 He takes the needle in the right hand holding the end of auxiliary yarn thread from the coil at we are in the left some enter the thread bottom up under them thumb and
  • 01:38: grab the thread coming from the index thumb all and for ready araya loop ready 3 as i'm ready we recruit weakly 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 we scored 10 5 now take the main thread
  • 02:08: and knit the main thread all the loops we knit here edge no yet knit facial loops and 10
  • 02:39: second row we knit purl loop we also knit the first loop third row we knit facial loops for front wall first loop you too
  • 03:11: knit with knit facial loops This is how it should turn out now fourth row knit purl
  • 03:41: first loop here look carefully pick up jumper between 1 and 2 loop habit of the main thread colors we transfer it to the left knitting needle and knit facial further knit back purl again We are looking for a jumper I transfer to the left
  • 04:14: knitting needle knitting facial and so on purl loop face loop of lintel purl loop front loop from lintel so knit until the end of the series look very carefully so as not to skip any jumpers
  • 04:44: last jumper all I did not count how many loops we have
  • 05:21: turned out idea should 20 all the further we knit usual elastic we remove an edge loop and our loops are already facing purl facial purl and edging
  • 05:55: let's loop now we need to remove auxiliary thread Why did I say that we choose not tight all tubular edge edge we have ready
  • 06:47: and continue to knit gum Well, that's already quite clear here so beautiful smooth edge similar to the usual obtained when tubular loop set
  • 07:17: put like if you like master class write comments subscribe to the channel I wish everyone smooth loops bye Bye