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НЕ классический рецепт салата от КУМА (Not a classic salad recipe)  See details »

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  • 00:00: why hello friends grow up all now so builder 8 hours of driving you did not want time there lettuce go works and forced to do crab month actually is just
  • 00:31: blood flow and school p-Kamchatsky we don't have a fashionable made raincoat on the very In fact, even much decided it looks with little do not always do not according to the standard scheme all again look who's interested in my let's say a culinary study in
  • 01:02: machine pit calls it basically described screamed this don't drive off linear when you're a brand that has become our special good tradition money viewers guys you need to finish interest divided onion still do as you saw
  • 01:32: time we did with godfather top 3 topping crispy well there will be one of these drown between coarsely chopped Onion quite large can be like this show can not be added usual wheat flour teach There is no need to add much and sharp because it will be equal shake off
  • 02:04: my so that she did not burn therefore, the principle of an economical person then do this knife trying to find canons professor some eternal torment remains in fact it's all throw a few
  • 02:34: pies can be made and the base so our own here such I'm a spider of flour look fELLOWS oil along with nifiga not liter throw out accounting oil and do you can crunchy on your forehead more the mask can be matched milling onion ready butter how to become
  • 03:11: it is quite possible to apply again here these are the moves and torments that have settled best and by the way small onion which can be here now donuts amusements stick so i'm watching bye now Our preparation and cucumbers will prepare here
  • 03:47: I decided to just be honest from guns little does not mean there is no such comodo I like to cook so much and love don't constantly come up accordingly already cucumber these days are better for me older yes, but it is also really necessary do some normal then there is no much less
  • 04:18: here we will remove our the heart of you the skins she is not here you need and it doesn’t look very yes now we will prepare all the cucumbers i will show what was next with him? slices and we lightly pick it up account as i said catch about my
  • 04:55: cucumbers dill in the cucumber decent enough dill on such the number of cucumbers so here is a little bit soltsy and here olive oil well, just like a salad
  • 05:26: this is not even marinovka because our sauce will be bright me I want to like a little bit just for beauty more on the villa but this whole do zababahay salad dressing is not a medic then a little bit
  • 05:56: rice vinegar somewhere on them teaspoon by the way about proportion so do not know the proportions soy Sauce roughly knows well damn on eyes very three very nice i always do all my voice is hydrogen is offended by that wanted it regularly so this is the sauce sriracha
  • 06:28: by the way he really liked the name and whip it here mixture and what does he give he is sharp is he sharp or such a new taste is so nice for My view is more interesting than Tabasco it can be added more brighter taste but they are different of course the same time to look that such consistence by which actually you don't even need a little bit
  • 07:00: a little more harrison is straight still a modicum of his try the signal from the taste unclear acuity in my opinion
  • 07:32: good enough should not be wild acute that's what you need everything will start already serve make two rukola salad on any discretion maybe i like over the area could sleeves old ladies portions checks
  • 08:19: So now throw cucumbers here these are pickled like salad shorter cucumber prepared made cucumbers who I love here would another avocado come on top no you can’t have your
  • 08:50: good next jar store do not consider the creaking of anti-advertising and again said throw our milled onion striker more nice try
  • 09:34: for photos yes [laugh] [music] special relationship with crab sticks like
  • 10:04: he poisoned grass and sticks seriously I do not frighten the key so now he is afraid loaf sticks Gres de marco in fact you can easy to replace with shrimp but shrimp size so here's the question another different viewer another question
  • 10:43: just wondering here recently elections for mayor pass which did not go but what actually don't fill up so here he is alone only question sobyanin well done only you even sergezh a serial but since well in the opinion not
  • 11:13: especially illogical to me yuri Mikhailovich more liked how my brain you are mine subjective opinion yes name yes he has it was better not required I don't know, but something was a joke that you
  • 11:49: not so nice well actually such was the answer from godfather serious like him support him difficult answer his fate depends on likes
  • 12:19: [music] do you even remember the top bloggers, then if you will find a billion likes yes personally will affect the pour into the reception that it It was a joke and to collect today
  • 12:49: more cougars need more lettuce collect all the good push of Russia by classics corn crab salad should be a little bit in red poke and should be a little bit of corn at the very
  • 13:21: Actually if there were more time I would love to do that salad in the country instead of these millions crabs shelves would take crabs present and there it is found at the dacha here would surely take you in principle than endure and live on my already asked a question here early yes in
  • 13:52: Khrushchev grandmother rented to fry or so here we have 2 eggs egg and naturally there should be a rescue
  • 14:23: no time for this we have a knife fingers in the water viewers all for you yes here everything is still the topic right, I certainly you salted you this dish but for you I will not flash a crucian so already the decor can actually
  • 14:58: quail eggs use them more you need them whole and subtlety before they can make even such what pain pouch to break so eggs and so pouches poke package [music] he wanted to tell you a story about
  • 15:36: cockroach tell me what no the same kind of cockroach does not want shorter disgrace take root and so he told in the story we need You’re afraid of miles of artlife, but we won’t get them so you will not tell and not
  • 16:11: disgrace you probably let's subscribe to start history really worth the very popular channel of the moment listen to the beauty itself well what a salad I'm not ready to try anyone with e100
  • 16:45: now try and replace the rake shrimp thickness and so not bad by the way no got good gods and fried Luzhkov here I tried neck street necessarily cited onions or just
  • 17:33: surely you must such an mayonnaise and necessarily Yard likes a girl the next video will fit vykatnaya 50