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  • 00:00: Hello, this is a different kitchen project with By you, I, Alexander, friends saw a new the recipe liked the words no rolls from pita bread and in the oven should be delicious let's cook and recipe us will need 6 7 potatoes I opened them
  • 00:32: 100 grams of grated cheese 250 milliliters milk pita I will have a couple 2 eggs 25 grams of butter a teaspoon of salt and we still need red pepper is also half a spoon enough first thing friends send butter in the microwave to melt add salt and chop the potatoes any way convenient for you
  • 01:02: that's how it got warm and very comfortable thing and now here are eggs cheese milk all mix well butter I also melted add it here and red pepper to make it tasty and beautifully spread pita bread and that's it we lay out the potatoes with cheese and milk
  • 01:34: now our task is to distribute everything evenly like that now the next pita and just as well distribute the filling I take thin pita too my thin third layer is fine I really like this case
  • 02:08: the amount of potatoes I took four pita 50 to 30 well, here are two packages and it was that's so great now our task is plump and roll and do it neatly so that god opa here such here is such a roll still with us turned out to cut in half so that it was
  • 02:39: more comfortable now friends I roll up the rolls of these two rolls and put it in the fridge for half an hour pita bread and each layer is soaked remove the film and cut it like this shaybochki my half to two centimeters well ka we look like we have have seen what a beauty is
  • 03:09: we lay on my sheet prepared baking sheet and finishing touches friends take yolks a drop of milk and so neatly everything the edge of all the edges promazhem here it seems to me it will be great knowing this recipe for me like hope and taste me please put in the oven and bake until readiness in 15 minutes
  • 03:42: beauty turned out fragrant incredible still took a piece butter and hot so far here now smudges and smudges makushechki that they still shone straight lured and yet you look appetizing just look what's incredible Puff did not work at all unreal still thin pita and four layers of one on one of which wheel I note rolled up
  • 04:12: syrochek right on you drowned now I'll see what's down there like roasted really want to try and have a I think so stuffing can be generally play and dream suggest in the comments to you Wrapped here in a roll of pita oh, and here everything is perfectly baked crust chic try with piping hot so as not to drag you too much
  • 04:44: delicious friends turned out but you yourself all see at the expense of the potato cheese they are straight soft we saw straight chic try well I will try to leave one to cool how does it taste cold as well I think it turned out great such a cheese flavor pita bread potato one thing i'm missing is meat well i already said with fillings can I think
  • 05:16: play very tasty original and convenient if here in advance cook and cool and warm up then it seems to me she herself is always at hand and feed can a bunch of people well, at least the family is exactly this recipe for me liked tried to cook it together with you it seems to me you thank you for your support comments about the filling and in general
  • 05:46: do not switch tomorrow will be new all the best recipe this is a different kitchen project