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  • 00:00: [music] in all hello video from me today again at your request, even though I repeatedly showed various nail products but today I will show you again one very good tool for nails thin and brittle nails which stratified and which is very bad grow want to tell you that by nature I I don't complain about my nails on their own strong growth process they are not
  • 00:31: break down but I often do gel polish and when master me special tool gel varnish removes then here then I have a thrash of course this is not no big deal because nails are I grow back I don’t worry at all the only thing I just do not cover them immediately re-bodies always after removing gel polish give rest on with such a plate and of course I have it as it turns out all torn here after removing gel polish then already starts nails break I immediately start doing
  • 01:01: procedures to restore your nails and here is the procedures that I give you Today I will show which before showed and I have it literally for Two to three applications of the nail completely restores and in this my friend good too, I guess you already told her nails just the same from of nature they are thin she always layered and she could never grow them because they broke just the same in growth process and when i and recommended doing these procedures
  • 01:31: one of these procedures I will give you today since I’ll show you, she’s already three years probably do not complain, and even when to me I come sometimes do this the procedure they have become much stronger they do not exfoliate in him and she can them calmly grow so who has such problems, be sure to try this procedure and of course I'll start with the bath need 1 cup of warm water here here he will need me in the bowl sea ​​salt
  • 02:01: I have fine salt but you can take any how you have what it basically fast dissolves in water and you need j it I just had to have countries homemade mini bombs for mini bath just to flavor them with flavor lavender i add but they are on quite optional main sea salt iodine and water and in the bath I add one a tablespoon of sea salt without slides 10 iodine drops but also my bombs
  • 02:39: I add though I repeat once again at all it's not necessarily easy for me well and now immersing your fingers in a bowl and I will keep them in the bath for 10 minutes ten minutes wipe off hand and proceed to the next step and now I I will grease my nails and of course you you can take 100 butter which you have
  • 03:10: in stock it can be olive oil and almond and sesame well But the best oil is suitable for nails this horsetail oil will have me here on a jar so written horsetail and when she I made was filmed as a video recipe easy and simple at home make horsetail butter therefore I will definitely leave this link for myself under the video how to make it really easy and simple you can
  • 03:40: make at home but there is no price for this oil and for nails it is generally an oil number one because the horsetail contains imagine silicon and cream does not make nails very strong and they start very grow well and of course cease exfoliate I just brush with a brush each nail hold for 3 minutes and then it just rubbing it in until absorbed well, when I have oil completely
  • 04:12: i'm still sure to take our hands cream and now i use our cream from our line of pure white lotus this cream is called calendula and black cumin wonderful cream especially if you have skin problems with hands nails it only nourishes well and moisturizes it also has a healing action there in its composition of oil black cumin extract calendula and other good ingredients so he very beneficial to the skin and
  • 04:43: on nails and who cares if this cream you can find in our group white lotus ssylochka on group snow-white lotus is always under my video well, actually still a couple of such procedures and my nails like new I already know but this is after gel polish but those who have nails exfoliate notice that after the first procedure nails no longer exfoliate and jar
  • 05:15: good help but of course very good It works here it is oil horsetail so don't be lazy make it necessary because prices he really doesn't have to do it in home conditions are easy and simple and I still once I say that I will definitely leave a reference to the video like at home conditions make oil horsetail but and on this my dears for today was everything as always i wish you everything only good good sauna
  • 05:45: all love you very much see you in next video