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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you channel design of the interior and again I am Daria Reznikova and Today we are shooting a video review modular home area of ​​65 square meters this is not advertising specific manufacturer a review real the owner of this house mistress evgenia she will tell about her impressions of the pros and cons of this house and of course same about the budget [music] hi to my wife
  • 00:34: first of all congratulate you housewarming thank you for inviting us to visit us so many questions like everyone else and you one of the few owners of a model House we in the Urals, contrary to the views that it is not quite there practical not quite for our region like you after all, they decided a lot of things watched listened we thought about it that summer but not immediately decided to build a house on permanent residence here we are
  • 01:04: decided that it would be recognized by such holiday option suburban housing that's well plus we consider that it was possible in the winter be it we chose either to build either double house even found good builder right here in yekaterinburg frame houses we were without finishing I just understood that we can not afford allow to engage in construction home, it was generally a key factor in the we had to call in first the reason is that without any problems at all without delving into the process of the finished house and plus a waste system because
  • 01:35: despite the fact that there gave a lot there some reviews okay not cold but we really wanted panoramic windows make the first the reason is of course beautiful but I was it is very important to be in the house and see when children will be there in any country there plots there we went out with this project with pictures acne in several construction companies in our city, who does the carcasses and who makes glued laminated timber and all say guys no unreal it is either very expensive or very cold as if he would not take it either there
  • 02:05: here we just counted well at least glued timber there to us worth just twice and spoke here it turns out the system is worked out I already actually all say that big enough budget if square meter count if there we are come with the calculation and how much is double house as builders who are building now House itself less to believe that there let's say there is 25,000 square meter usually consider it at a total cost less is obtained than you order double house but it is without interior decoration plus we still get with then steel talk to people who still got involved
  • 02:37: construction they all say well add 30 40 percent to that amount which was originally laid that such a financier this is probably the key because we before building a house before signing the contract we knew how much you didn't fully the house is all transparent that is, we will allow when read a lot of something in instagramme yes guys made a house Moscow region they tell there stop this foundation so much so much cost sewage we prices all analyzed here and so we
  • 03:07: everyone knew all the prices in advance since we already touched the budget and laid out on shelves how much did i think cost what to start from site to site we are plus and kir yensu's heart is somewhere around 30 kilometers from the city we are very long were looking for what were the trees but he was sunny and it turned out difficult either he completely forest or it turns out to be empty that is, they found a specific one plot all the same infrastructure small but we stayed on the fact that it should be quiet playground hung zoo
  • 03:37: there is a licensed track but still You drove to the forest and that is when kids will not do anything yes you are not in the territory of the house plot with us came out 900 is 10 acres the cost of the home that is something enters this frame and and the whole inner fully finished with lamps yes with these lamps yes well that is like a trick at home that you drove all and you can in the same day stay overnight here with you there is with doors to parents with a sink with bathroom with all the faucets i.e.
  • 04:10: bath is fully ready it turns out 20 cost the house here and separately we did communication it turns out the foundation and the poor set 280 sewage area 200 thousand water was about felicity electricity is it so even small In my connection about 30 if you bring it all together with the site completed less than 4 million pieces of furniture Well here we are part of the furniture I carry furniture in less than a hundred kids economy option mainly from the river
  • 04:42: up to predominant but the task was very clearly call for a week prick touched the timing tell me about the timing how much process is on it nice regulatory implementation we relocation of arrival is the most pleasant part because any adult who faced repair I think the timing for him it's a big problem at all contract they have four months then eat completely before putting the house through three month was his home ready and on installation 7 days from the moment you
  • 05:13: there is a foundation you should have been all communications on manipulators are ready house brings ie assembly house enters hell bet at home something depends on remoteness is a lot of questions regarding heating given to home on the internet there are a lot of them still your impressions yes i understand that you live here is not a year but still it's already winter Well, in fact , it is captivity and in general alone problems and that's just what interests
  • 05:44: Of course, the Urals and for what we experiencing try at home in the apartment turn off the heating as it were after half a day, you just freeze well at least here everything is the same in the house the stove is provided it is heated with wood and and we ourselves installed convectors just electric convectors in effect the fact that let's say there is not always there the ability to just heat the stove because I sometimes come on kiddies convectors we get in each room when we leave that is in the week we are not here are we leaving at the very minimum it turns out and when I come missing
  • 06:15: about half an hour to house well warmed up here somewhere in an hour and a half but you can already safely run barefoot that is already and the floor will be warm I do not remember the name of this smart system when you manage online It turns out convectors that is, then then we want to put this and can be that is, remotely turn on the data there 20 degrees and come to a warm home we lived in the summer in the house from is obtained from solid timber and there was another the problem he cooled for a very long time in hot
  • 06:45: the weather and then he is very long getting warm too because there were massive walls in the case of this house as if everything is much easier, it is faster warming well, respectively, of course it cools faster [music] the question is just what is in priority the house is cracking when children run over it well yes a little bit boulder hearts just because the house is on stilts there and chinks in semi we understand that we live in a house like would be from natural materials key
  • 07:17: this is what the system worked here already built on there 50 60 houses and in each year the technology is not being finalized tell me exactly about your planning deciding how many squares you have here meters how many rooms get 65 plus verandas of 20 meters that is the total area this is 80 squares large bedroom 15 square meters of living room 30 meters small children's room which catching on the grain hallway idea but we we will make her a guest room hence you now live without
  • 07:48: hallways vestibule and use the main entrance from the terrace, even you do not know like apple tale about it we moved from our first apartment which was big corridor and when we came just realized that there are two thirds of things we they did not use who were in it the corridor that is all there extra outerwear shoes then there is it all stockpiled and after it was no longer scary for me to live without corridor when here is only family in general, no questions here when Guests probably this is a little difficult in
  • 08:20: the context of the winter pastime need to come up with a wardrobe such there is where to clean all the things that is to aesthetically it looked like it turns out the tail will be can do let's go show then this is the vestibule he assumes by himself turns where the boiler it involves the installation of washing machines, that is, immediately there is a way out for her it turns out there is and here can be like what its yes yes yes that's what it is and as for the general storage that is it understand that this is now the zone is
  • 08:50: suggests here is a big closet in which will be all that is there will be and things and bedroom belong gear and we are still planning it guys Of course the main bonuses were windows to the floor and overlooking the forest this more then and behind, too, make a small veranda there will be an exit from the guest room too such a question is clear to do in the daytime cool there sunlight penetrates everything so well in the evening when it is dark with windows as if there is no fear unprotected scoop all we ask
  • 09:21: in fact, as if I understood one thing for myself that we have chosen the place very correctly few considered cottage villages that are unguarded without fences just in the woods authentic is not scary because lighting in our park until 12 at night you even if you have everything turned off here I have a common lantern and it turns out street sensations of comfort she is present constantly feeling that looking over here but this
  • 09:51: This, too, that is, you need to work out a simple system that is, let's say that the road overlook the windows that is to them of course there will be on the blinds or curtains of the new That panoramic glazing I do not want it veil but simply due to the fact that there Here are the windows and the ones they go to the forest so there is well, except that squirrels are hares christmas more advantage of course than minus fakes that is you were some variations on colors can be replace some materials Thank God he is like this
  • 10:22: standard, you can add it yourself changes but it will be completely different the project and it will be many times more expensive but if you want someone I don’t like something like sockets and take out the muscles lights or doors it is possible to order others by yourself doors and install know me seems the main objection is all the people that just our Russian mentality he does not seem to allow to believe imagine that can be very fast inexpensive enough beautiful and stylish decision and in which it is still possible to live in
  • 10:53: really hold us really guys who already live in different areas write reviews of those who did not live in this house accordingly yes that is who watched with the parties watched then we wrote in direct wrote contacted and called in Moscow region guys there in my even in some kind of cat I was the main question recommendations for installing the house It is recommended to put it panoramic glazed south those are basically just set so because but he himself warms in the winter is due to panoramic glazing which cons and not
  • 11:23: asked how everyone really says there pancakes are high it's like the main thing on what we based on choosing a house now we we are like an exhibition exhibit a little bit because all passing cars are wrong a little slowing open see how and what the neighbor came with round eyes me every week not you already had stay yes yes everyone very interesting and in my social networks here you are some subscribers pounced on excursions on who plans and who for a long time watched sure you liked the review
  • 11:54: subscribe to the channel put likes write your questions and comments to video or just right here 100 grams is not she sure to answer you and also if interested we are ready through year to remove re-review of the experience already operation of the house so what new meetings yet [music]