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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends! I - Yuri Petras. And today's release willdevoted to the preparation for the season pike. So, let's begin! Spinning for pikeI always recommend to choose powerful, as a rule itlength from 2-10 to 2-60. The most popular testI think this is the rod with test 7-28 and 10-35. This is due to high testthat holds pike usually in hard placesthat is, it is the presence or littered with trees, water lilies,grass, that is, those places
  • 00:30: which vyvazhivanie pikenecessary to boost. Coil for pikeIt should be appropriate. According to the classification Daiwa itcoil size 2500 3000, Classification is Shimano4000 size coil. Cord for pike tooIt should be as powerful. In my opinion this cordto be bursting load not less than 7 kg,usually a 7, 8, 10, 12 kg. Because again, quicklytaking pike that leads
  • 01:02: very vigorously - tackleIt should be added margin of safety. So here now, with the day to daytemperature will become lower, and the activitypredator will become higher. Of course, very niceand interesting to catch pike with brovok when fallen grassand all the predator slid into the mainstream. But until then yetIt will take a lot of time, usually dependingthe region is the 2 nd half
  • 01:34: of October. Today I would like to tellespecially for beginners how to catch a pikeup to this point. In early autumn, as the pikeand in the summer kept lily, in grass. Usually these are the placeswhich is inconvenient to do the wiring and today I would like to tellabout how smoothly even inexperienced angleryou can catch pike and receive pleasure. Classical usualPike fishing on silicone - it Fishing typically viajig-head, double,
  • 02:07: or tee. But in such strong placesLiterally from the first wiring our hooks would clingand wiring qualitatively will not work. What to do in this case? I think that no one is going to surpriseif I say that in such conditions need to catch ahelp offset the hook. But how to equipI just - I would now like to You demonstrate. Usually in early autumn,in most bodies of water Water does not have enoughtransparency on this the presence of metalthe leash will not be a hindrance to you.
  • 02:37: Leashes, which are usedI tend to be checked time, have lowprice and high enough efficiency. It's about leashes- string twist. The peculiarity of this leash- is that the part of the we tie,It has no burrs. That is, it is covered, sohere I do not know what the solution but I've made them myself- it was an epoxy resin. Thus the cord everIt does not cling here for twisting, no breaks, well and has enoughhigh cross
  • 03:10: on the grass. The second side - a classictwist. Which is so uncomplicatedmovement It comes to the working position. We put the bait and backcurl. What I especially likeshow? So, we took the lead,to unwind and take already well known load-bullet. Then, his thin dressSpout to meet leash and plant for the bulk of itspart.
  • 03:46: Here we have the goods on a leash. Then we take a blankethook. Offset hook dresson a leash and twirl twistThus we get Here is a montage thatIt has no weak link and no hooks. This installation may take athrough any obstacles.
  • 04:17: Now let's clothe baitand see how looks Tackle a whole. To do this, we take a majorsoft plastic bait previously I put the hookappropriate size we startin the head of the hook we deriveand plants Sting in this case it is necessarybe sure to hide.
  • 04:54: No need to worry about thatfish will detect not because that is large enoughblanket hook and poklovke This bait is fullyin its mouth and you will have time prosech, and allow the hidden stingyou take absolutely in all conditions. That is, there is not anythingclings, weaknesses is not such as are collapsibleeared weights. And so you can tacklethrow in the trees,
  • 05:24: on the ground, in the reeds - whereanything! It will be held anywhere and everywherewill feel very comfortable. Just the beauty of theTackle that if you You want to change the bait- you do not need to change Georgia, and just enoughpromote a twist and change is not fully snap,and just change the hook. Therefore, you needhave several times less
  • 05:56: lead. That is, you can have3-4 bullet weight. Usually more than 12 gramsin such circumstances does not used. And several sizes of offsethooks. One of my favorite waysfishing - it's catching pike not shipped bait. In the near future, I think,I'll take the video with fishing how it all happens. And now I would like to tellHow would this happen. So we shoot heresilicone, remove our bullet
  • 06:26: - and now just dressfree shipping our bait. twirland, behold, in this way, the bait is sent to the water. Catching on not unloadedsilicone suggests itself alone bait largesize, because they should have its ownwhereby the weight
  • 06:57: Bait will be good to go. In this model very wellmade geometry. Here, let's say, a verya lot of stuff in my head. And a very heavy head. And because of this, the baitvery good flying. Well, a movable tailvery good draws pike from a distance. Catching on not unloadedsilicone involves catching at the very top. This uniform harnesswithout stopping at a rate of a little faster than usual.
  • 07:29: And sprawling worktail thus creates, Now, however, on the surfacea lot of noise, bulbs go - and that the predator is very common,especially pike - it too attractive. And predator rises to the top,very enthusiastically takes the bait, everything happens in youreyes. Such fishing is very beautiful,very reckless, but what is the most importantly - highly effective. I wanted to say a little aboutOffset hooks. When I use this fishingthe maximum size of which is
  • 08:01: It allows the bait. And the use of the thickestwire. If you take the offset hooksbrand Fanatik, trading Brand Fanatik has 2 serieshooks - it's 3312, it is those which are thickerwire. They are perfectfishing for pike. And 3315. 3315 Here is a more subtlewire, it should be equally to catch more walleye,because in the fishing, when fishing for walleye, veryoften a lot of hooks.
  • 08:35: And fine offset - unbentat the toe but not unbent on fish. In the case of pike thinthe hook is not needed, we catch in hard places, we we forcevyvazhivanie, this for pike series only3312. If, however, you will catchin those places where the water is enough transparent and pike cautiouson the leash, you can just use a similarinstallation with fluorocarbon. To do this you will needfluorocarbon not thinner
  • 09:08: 0 diameter, 37 millimeters. And you can increase up todiameter 0.7. The thicker the fluorocarbon,the greater the chance that the pike it is not cut away. Ready installation with fluorocarbonas follows. We bind fluorocarbonwhere some 50 centimeters. Dress necessarilystoporok him, then we dress bullet and knit hookdirectly. In this case, in the firstand second, we avoid
  • 09:39: weak links, such asis on collapsible eared weights, avoid clasp. Buckle as we would not like to- a weak link, and more it collects trash. By this all goes heredirectly. In the first case directlyIt goes to the stranding. Here fit assembly. Stoporok need forthat the bullet did not walk on all gear during castingand thus lure He looked compact.
  • 10:10: By the way, in the case of metalleash, top metal leash makes it impossiblesinker to rise above, but if you want to fix ittightly, you can use toothpick inserted inbob, and thus break off way it will not be youalready moving. So, let's summarize. There is such a thing - the fishis not difficult to catch, the fish is difficult look for.
  • 10:40: This fish, like pike, alwaysheld either in the grass or in the lily, or reeds. Many anglers often trythrow as close as possible to rush, as close as possiblea lily, hoping that the pike will have time to jumpfrom the shelter. Installation, which I you todayoffered, allows you to Just throw in a rush, rightin the lily, right in the grass, in a small clearing. And making the usual uniformwiring, you can always pike lure even the mosthiding place.
  • 11:12: I hope my advice to youuseful, your catches increase! If you like - putLike, subscribe to my feed, see you soonon the pond. Fishing with Yuriem Petrashem