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KNITTING by SPOKES \/ \ud83c\udf80 the Bow spokes\/knitting for beginners  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: in this video tutorial I'll show you how tie such a bow with knitting needles bath I will knit children new pehorka metric is not 200 meters on fifty grams in two threads with knitting needles of my can I will get 15 loops the doors
  • 00:40: pins so 15 scored 15 loops I understand the needle I turn on 1 loop always take off the second knit the front and all I knit the rest of the loop to the end
  • 01:10: a series of last binding and lubricating between purl turn the next purl row purl row 1 loop I remove the second knit facial the other purl whilst on the left
  • 01:42: the needle will not remain 2 poured the needle two loops left the last but one knit facial the last knit purl if the cape last loop has stretched over short tail and you can throw further turning the first loop take off I am knitting the second one
  • 02:12: rest until the end of the row until the last knit facial last knit purl facial back wall up end of row where was the purse still knit facial past purl we turn seamy side 1 shoot
  • 02:43: 2 knit the front of the rest knit purl while on the left spoke not will land if specialists began to bake the last but one knit facial last knit purl and so knit to the required width of the bow I I knit 14 rows now I will close
  • 03:18: loop 2 knit 2 face up together with 2 together facial and so on until the end of the row solution close the middle loop
  • 03:48: I close call thread the form for a bow at us is ready now
  • 04:21: these are older than the tip with a needle hide inside do our bow like this and wind it up so thread need contrasting colors can be the same color approximately showing like this he will
  • 04:51: further look like this bow chelsea make it like that and the same one just needs to tie the edges crochet crochet the blank for bow filed closed and not a row then last loop no no close its thread no we cut off we enter a hook here and we begin to tie the hook in this way
  • 05:25: grabbing a working thread and tying single crochet into each loop me hook number 3 on the turn we knit 2 many columns
  • 06:10: hook here knit 2 columns in one loop it will turn us on further also knit 5 water and knit each loop turn on turn 2 columns without sc in one loop of the sleeve sliced before turning here I see two columns without
  • 06:41: nakida in one loop and we finished it was a tail tail we put on our bow and tying it inside that is, we drive the hook like that lies grabbing the working thread and knit the tail stays inside so every loop
  • 07:13: if necessary dandruff can toss a little so knit before cornering as in usual 2 single crochet loop can be you knit up twisting webs and straightened even pulled up a bit so they pulled
  • 07:46: and cut the short tail cut so in the same loop another column knit left one side knit one pin in each loop nakida I tie a row to the end on I see another turn in one loop
  • 08:19: nakida column and then you need to take I ping connective since I would