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  • 00:00: I want to tell you about the simplest the solution that our grandfathers used now it is almost forgotten only by some villages all know this old people still use it and for example can it happens that in the winter we allow plan before the glen starts to fall off crumbles and touched her she touched
  • 00:32: on a little bit here she falls apart and often in such places in these places here these places fall off maybe we put the pot someone cooks on the stove constantly here sweat or sweat it because of this clay is destroyed it is necessary to gloss over in the winter with us for example we not prepared clay no on list
  • 01:02: admins what to do is rated than we will not use correctly but here is the solution who used our grandfathers our ancestors they he is very simple and free it needs room and water dickhead Russia and add boiled water there
  • 01:32: we can fill it with boiling water after that use the solution is obtained by stronger than clay but weaker than cement first you take off
  • 02:06: Now I find fallen he found i see always finds
  • 03:28: search and find fire mixture should be soaked on top
  • 04:10: you see such a life is not disturbing normally see year inside Immediately Osinovec lie down to clean [music]
  • 05:35: [music] [music] so it took 3 hours dried up on
  • 06:07: and what else is not there as well as did he became good such
  • 06:39: that's all ready