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ДЕСЕРТ, который готовится за 5 минут, а съедается еще быстрее! Рецепт вкусного десерта!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] welcome everyone to the channel are preparing find puppies today I want with you share a recipe for dessert which prepare in 5 minutes the dessert turns out very tasty and fragrant it can be served on festive table I highly recommend cooking ingredients for making dessert you see on screen and so cookies put the package and grind with a rolling pin do the same with walnuts
  • 00:33: capacity pour in chilled cream and condensed milk mix well with a mixer pour lemon juice and whip cream until elastic consistency cream bowl the first layer lay out ground cookies put the cream on top of the cookies and evenly distribute now lay out walnuts
  • 01:05: nuts and cover the second layer of cream decorate dessert with grated chocolate dessert you can eat immediately or send to 30 minutes in the fridge and serve chilled bon appetit subscribe to my channel don't forget
  • 01:35: click on the bell look and comment on my other videos and I wish you bon appetite and Have a good mood