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  • 00:00: finish knitting 6 rows 1 2 3 4 5 6 knit the penultimate and the last not tying the hook we take out insert hook under the pigtail after before after last loop between last and 1 the loop of the next row is captured loop and start it on the wrong side side and so now on the purl side note that the thread should stay at work not ahead a
  • 00:30: behind make one air loop tight turn over again to the front side Now here we insert the hook exactly in last loop last tick pulling the loop forward now take our wooden bottom insert the hook into one of the holes or there you see how your picture goes
  • 01:01: here it is if you have a seam right here you have to go to it so it’s necessary here to the side of the bag here is to arrange the picture so that later you didn't have this seam like this in front of the bag upstairs so he sideways gone or down so now paste so here is this loop pull ahead grab this loop here this the length of the loop is slightly slightly tightened and
  • 01:33: tying this loop through this It turns out that we have the first loop of 7 rows knit the seventh row with us here is 36 loops and here we have thirty four holes means we need to do so we make gains as it should now we have it go here here one two three four single knit double the same thing here
  • 02:03: make every hole goes one the loop we insert the hook into the holes and insert hook next loop here we have it here 1 loop straight exactly in a tick 12 3 four now we go further double
  • 02:37: so we do double 1 and in the same place again in the same Hole in the same thigh reserve do 2 double now continue here we go further 12345 single double here to us need to be careful preferably in this place to level This is the difference 3434 holes on 36 loops we are one in one hole on
  • 03:10: knit the bottom 2 loops We reduce them this difference but it is impossible confusing it with increments is not an increase we just got two loops from here and here we took one hole continue knit insert hook through hole through the loop we get here by the idea is now two two three 4 5
  • 03:41: 6 4 5 6 first loop is now ready now we knit look at the picture here with us should go now one two three four single one double
  • 04:13: at the beginning of the row we insert a hook in bedplate opening and wherein the loop is right under the hole this first loop 7 row knit as usual in tick 1 next again in the hole and here's a tick like 23 four
  • 04:54: now knit double in one hole we knit one loop first loop and here same knit second loop the next increase comes through five single 1 2 3 4 5 double but here we will knit her in four loops here are these five singles to us need to be divided into four loops to
  • 05:24: reduce the difference between 30 and 4 holes on the bottom and 36 loops we here we put the hook in one hole and in one loop and now insert hook again in the same hole here in the next loop here it is already tied now the next but this is not an increase and and not to be confused with the increase, we just customize
  • 05:54: number of holes for number of loops so on to the next hole the next loop and the last single y we actually get here with us it turns out that's two three 4 5 single here on the other side I'll be this 5 single and here looks like the double is actually single now we knit a double 1 and 2 that is, we take
  • 06:24: and one hole and one loop in them knit double the following increase we go again through five single 1 2 3 4 5 here we are also use 5 holes 5 single loops 5 holes on the bottom 1 23
  • 07:03: four 5 tied 5 single next knit double 1 two double on again 5 single one double 123 4 5 and 1 double 1
  • 07:50: one now here we do again 4 holes for 5 loops divide insert single hole hook one loop knit 1 insert the hook into one knitting holes and in one loop 2
  • 08:21: Now insert the hook in the same hole but next loop three now again give the next hole next loop now by one 45 single turns and one double
  • 08:57: single double it means in one hole 1 loop we knit two times 12 so now we have here what remains 1 2 3 4 5 here we knit a double 12345 all converge last exactly the same knit last
  • 09:33: increase for every hole we have have one loop because we have already reduced all the loops by hole rather we did not cut them on was from drove the amount released we are now 42 in this row should be 1 2 difficult here you have to take the time to check neat and if the mirror bottom it may even be unchecked
  • 10:04: knit in split that is under the bonnet so that the bottom does not accidentally break here here it turns out we knit double here tied double now we have 42 loop circles here with us
  • 10:35: it turns out below knitted circle on top we have a bottom and now we knit in a seamless way we now need close the row now do the seamless connection row insert hook under the hat between this and this loop is the last loop of the series is the first loop rows from the seamy side to the front thread stays at work seize
  • 11:06: loop we start it on the wrong side side turn over knitting insert the hook again tighten doing we turn over one air loop and now insert the hook in the loop which is under our place connections we like her now rounded loop here it is this last a loop
  • 11:38: 7 rows insert exactly in the middle checkmarks from the opposite side now Tass nod loop loop take out insert hook front loop is here in front, behind this little loop pull up and start this loop through this so this is our first loop 8 rows and now all the other rows how many
  • 12:10: rows we still need we knit with uplift in a row but in a seamless way then we get beautiful here drawing as well as in a baroque purse here it’s impossible to knit spirals