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  • 00:00: [music] as the season is cold here in russia and this cold lasts for a long time and we crowded in rooms then the question is how to properly wash nose we decided to dedicate this to our homemade body and show you what means today exist and how correctly choose them please us all necessary [music] [applause] [music]
  • 00:32: a variety of means for washing nose we have three questions how to choose how how to use and how to take care this tool is not an idle question because all these means we head to your nose first position 1 why you need to flush your nose it is proven today that it is the best infection control agent and
  • 01:03: infection prevention when i talk about infections i mean oerze and cold therefore, the whole idea of ​​washing itself should come into your life like washing your hands that's how you wash your hands so you should and flush your nose and now answer the first the question is how to choose these solutions and so that is, it is a solution that is this water with something inside dissolved water for example
  • 01:34: is it sea salt or straight to the right sea ​​water what is the difference between can be between one and the other solution either this isotonic salt solution i.e. concentration of 0.9 percent sodium chlorine then there is an avatar not influencing when hit on the mucous membrane and physiological dialogic solution either it is a hypertonic solution that is when sodium chloride or salt concentration it is higher than 0.9 percent and then it
  • 02:04: causes moisture to exit mucous cells to yourself two kinds and the third kind is when this solution contains itself still some additions like chamomile extracts and aloe and so on those that have some nadi septic on a whim died at the hands you're so cool here are the main types solutions that we can use in the prevention and treatment of diseases top let me just want to say that
  • 02:34: sea ​​water is hyper cyber janni does growth This is the first item there are different types solutions now inevitably we get up before asking how to use them what solution is there to choose firstly people with a predisposition to allergies or allergies solution which contain some herbs or additional additives should be applied with orderly because they or
  • 03:06: apply generally because it can cause extra swelling and allergic reaction is the first since there are no herbs for allergy sufferers at all with caution once isotonic solution allowed absolutely everyone and pregnant and he does not cause children and newborns no side effects therefore decide on the health of the newborn on not I will say this period but pregnant allowed it's all ok now sea ​​salt hypertonic solution
  • 03:38: water is good for prevention is good when you pray when there is a peel when there is a bunch and that hypertonic solution helps better bring it to dominate the next question of use this system of washing the nose it can to be different you can dial draw in and blow your nose you can use these kettles special which minus is washed like that tilted in one half
  • 04:10: enters through another comes out or you you can buy the solution itself together with a variety of systems Deliveries are what we need to know here. Andrei Petrovich here we need to know what are those which irrigates by type smothers eat those who have a jet so the emission system and the system can be continuous feed and intermittent feed The first thing I would like to warn is not
  • 04:42: I would like to have strong pressure hitting such a jet but let's just say the best means option bucket so that's irrigation here such are the soul and continuous rushi and continuous jet you see there is no liquid column but there is such irrigate which continuously pours leyte how many wanted very, very nice want say that you specially brought
  • 05:12: the solution that we liked it aqualor forte this sea water hypertonic solution all that tastes salty is hypertonic solution by yourself you know that sea water is beautiful in it wounds heal and so on so on enhanced formula for prevention and cure cold here in this ford solution and pay on this attention there are no herbs he too allowed during pregnancy because
  • 05:44: what is this local remedy so here's such a solution ford and aqua love photo during this period is good and the last question is we stayed german 6 how to care after all we put our nose all the time and there are microbes The first is a device for personal use. plums began to use this give birth minutes just yours and naturally after
  • 06:15: each use you must sanitize spout or special napkin or just to wipe antibacterial business here 's what we wanted to tell you today finish