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  • 00:00: hello my name is Julia you on the channel two loops and today I want you show how to set the elastic edge This is not an Italian set This is a set like Industrial gum fit that is same set like knitting machines for this us need 2 pairs of the same same sized needles
  • 00:30: but I think most knitters there is not one pair of identical specials so I think for many this is not make up no problem so let's get started first loop we just make an ordinary loop with sliding end this loop should be on the far knitting needle further all
  • 01:01: very simple we just do nakidy on needles every single coat is our future a loop if you need to score 100 loops it means for each knitting needles you must score 50 loops but initially odd the amount we start with the long spokes and
  • 01:33: finish on the far spokes so the way we recruit we need number of loops how much it will not matter but recruit you understand yourself there is no place easier we just make loops crosswise again
  • 02:08: middle again middle again these middle and so on I don't know now how many loops I've got here actually for me it doesn't have
  • 02:42: no value now in order to show you and so missing this here I don't know such amount see we again ended up at the farthest loop it on the far spokes loop now we pull this spoke out and start knit facial loops so that we have
  • 03:16: the loop turned out not twisted lower see she does not work for me twisted so we knit until the end all loops we add this row to all facial
  • 03:54: Next, we now swap needles we pull this one out and that which are going to bind we cut through now and move again to our knitting needles and now do the same thing u us our tip
  • 04:29: which can then be removed now we do the same with reverse from another country knit one and then important too so that all loops are knit without crossroads that is how we loop My face is lying and so I knit so that we have it here without intersection do the same thing on the second row and so
  • 05:02: we finished almost to the end here are our last loops are knitted we Petra turned crossroads now what are we doing both of us
  • 05:32: needles are inserted into our loops with us it should turn out like this in our the middle row that we recruited and one row we knit in a circle now here is this side where the purl loops she we must be inside
  • 06:06: then we come to work our still one sleeps so first loop we have a loop left here first loop we either take off either knitting for someone how convenient we are next knitting with knitting needles sense front building spokes
  • 06:38: we knit purl front Come together we knit the front with her knit knots purl with this we knit front with this purse well At first, it may of course be awkwardly uncomfortable to eat often nervous
  • 07:09: so it may not be very beautiful and cleverly comes out means it is with us turns forward and on the back purl to hook knitting facial here we hook up knit purl here we knit facial here we knit purl facial purl dress
  • 07:44: facial purl and again facial wrong side and so we knit to the end I wish for the night on my face
  • 08:25: of the last our loop purlat here we knit now I will knit more several rows and show you how it is looks more closely and so here i am literally knitted three rows and now we
  • 08:55: let's see how our region looks near Here is our rezinochka here and elastic edge everything is just beautiful enough