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  • 00:00: [Music] hello how about friends welcome to your canal puntillas maribel today we are going to share this pretty flower lace well hoping they are to your liking and then let's start well here I have fixed me to the web and now I make a two three four chains and fixed them to the cloth
  • 00:33: with half a point A) Yes I make one two three four chains one loop and here a massif three chains lazaga and a massif at the same point to form an audi
  • 01:03: a two three four chains did not fix the fabric with half a point Yeah come on 1 2 3 4 chains also half a point to the fabric one two three four loops chains and again a massif
  • 01:38: one two three chains in the same point a massif to form again the v well then this part is this where I started and follows the v as here then again 1 2 3 4 chains half a point to the cloth four chains
  • 02:09: half a point to the cloth four chains and here I will work the v and this way we're going to make all this work work first round on the cloth here I'm going to close the round here I am in the right now I do 1 2 3 4 chains and fixed them at the half point
  • 02:40: where I started with a slipped point I go in the middle of the arch A) Yes and I climb with 1 2 3 4 chains the 2 loops and I'm going to work double high points here inside the v then here 1-2-3 saccades two chains the two loops and again
  • 03:12: one two Three two chains here I already have 3 two chains two loops a high point double 4 two chains two loops a double high point
  • 03:44: 245 I need 12 chains 2 loops 1 double high point to complete 6 here I already have 1 2 3 4 5 6 four chains here in the arch point half four chains 2 loops and I go back to work
  • 04:14: six double high points inside the ub 12 chains 22 chains 3 two chains 4
  • 04:44: two chains 5 two chains and with this six double high points in the v and another four chains and I fix them here with half a point four chains
  • 05:14: and here I repeat the 6 points double highs and so we're going to work all this second round here I am going to close this second round and the last one in this color I make 4 chains and I fix them with slipped point short and so we will stay in the green color
  • 05:45: since I finished doing the two laps and that is re now with a second color now if you can start at any of these reasons because it is going to be cutting anyway, as we finish to work with the second color then my son here, see that there are 6 points double highs here in this first space I'm going to fix my thread
  • 06:16: A) Yes a loop or a house like a thread or a loop I enter here and halo in this way here I already have two linked tome 3
  • 06:47: the healthy 4 laced 5 lacing pass and 7 since I have the seven appointments lola strand through the middle of them to form 1 point bodoque or popcorn well a point slipped a string and again
  • 07:20: take a loop in the next space I find a house that I have a loop appointment two lazada little house 3 lazada the appointment 4 lazada appointment 5
  • 07:50: lazada casita 6 lazada and spend 7 that puts me in the middle of them like dot slipped a string and again this I will do in each of these spaces
  • 08:20: laced or not two 4 5 and 7 the point close together slipped a string and again with a little house
  • 08:57: two 3 4 5 6 and seven I close them all together point slipped a chain and again here one two
  • 09:29: 4 5 and 7 I close it all together a point of visa and I must have 5 points dust that is bulky seems to me also call one two three four or five like that I turn it
  • 10:01: and these are going to join here with the first where I start with half a point I turn around and now I'm going to move on to this first space here between point that and between the chair in the next and I step with half a point and I upload with 123 frame chains here with the
  • 10:33: nail and I make a two three chains and here in the third fixed with half a point to a second massif in the same space three chains and half a point to form the piquito
  • 11:03: right here another massif three chains half point to form a peck or whether this first space I must have three beds with piquito the hoe and in the next space I'm going to do a massif
  • 11:34: three chains half point past and in this same space a massif three chains half a knitted stitch I'm going to the next space and again a massif three chains half point the room here same
  • 12:06: a massif three strings half loop stitch I go to the next one that is already the one with the I'm going to finish and here I repeat as when I started a solid three chains half point right here a solid three strings half loop stitch and here
  • 12:36: same a massif three chains half point that is, see the x appreciate this is where to join the bulky points or popcorn and in the first space this is where the unite this space is where they are and here I will not work massifs but in this next one here looks better
  • 13:07: this is where the uni here do not work but it happens to me here since I do 3 3 massifs with small piquito in the following 2 in the next 2 and in the next 3 already to end then this I'm going to join the first 3 massifs what did I do with a slip stitch with a chain and short
  • 13:39: and so we will stay and in this way we will work on each one of the reasons in green and friends like that is over already is pretty little lace of flowers I do not know what little flowers are I thought they gave like little buttons but do not they also remind me of the little flowers these earrings hammers seems that that flower is called
  • 14:11: it also reminds me of that but well since I do not know what it's called as I already shared it with you d I hope it is to your liking that they apply it in their labors and if so, if they liked it they gave me like like please subscribe to the current channel share and see you in the next